Newbie Looking For the End of "The Supergirl Saga"

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Hey, all. "The Supergirl Saga," part 1, ran in Superman #21 (Sept. '88) and part 2 ran in Adventures of Superman #444 (Sept. '88). I thought the storyline was longer than that, but after checking out Action, S: Man of Steel and S: Man of Tomorrow (Steel & Tomorrow started too late to have included that storyline) I don't see any other issues. Does anyone know if Adventures #444 was the last part to that storyline? Or did the story continue in Superman and Adventures without the "Supergirl Saga" banner? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Plot summaries are missing from those pages, and I don't have the issues to fill them in myself. That's why I'm looking for them - I want to read the story arc.

EDIT: (7-30-10) I just realized, looking at a single issue page, that story arc titles are searchable here. Sheesh, all I had to do was type in "Supergirl Saga," and there's the page for it. Thanks for your help anyway, Sonofjorel. I'll learn this site yet.

EDIT: (10-10-10) Sheesh, I didn't even associate this with a page. It took me a bit to get the hang of CV. Thanks to all those who have helped me out along the way. I would just delete this blog, but it's got some ideas I like in the comments, and Sonofjorel was a big help, so I hate to just wipe that out..

EDIT: (10/09/12) I hadn't figured out links either, at this point, so all the links here were added today, when I started editing blogs to fit my new format.


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