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Ad Heroes are superheroes that are created specifically for a certain ad, outside of the comics medium. Some are just eye candy, some are funny, and some are just weird. As I run across them, I'll make a blog to showcase them.

Max Action
Max Action

Max Action was created for The City of North Las Vegas Parks & Recreation Department, as something to appeal to kids. As with most of this kind of pablum, it appears to have gone the way of the dodo, because I couldn't find any reference to it on the Internet.

In 2009 though, Max Action appeared on the cover of the Activity Schedule magazine for The CNLV P&R Department (seen left). He had one picture inside, and a short comic. I have no clue if he appeared in any other issues of the Schedule.

According to the comic, Max Action is thirteen years old, and he doesn't appear to have been given any powers. He seems like little more than an eye catching device to get kids to pay attention to the city's attempts to get them interested in physical activity. ...Maybe if they had put him in a game for the Wii.

Coming to a game system near you! MAX ACTION! Use your controller to kick the soccer ball!

Hm...maybe not. But hey pictures!

Click to enlarge:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

And here's that comic I mentioned:

By the way, if you've never seen 3 year olds play soccer, it's pretty much like that last frame.
By the way, if you've never seen 3 year olds play soccer, it's pretty much like that last frame.

I'm not sure why he refers to his mom in the last panel, or why the artist felt the need to show the audio/visual plugs on the back of the TV, but it's a short bit of fun that you haven't seen in the comics.

I hope you enjoyed it. See you when I spot the next Ad Hero. As always, thanks for reading.

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