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Spider-Man: The Assassin Nation Plot
Spider-Man: The Assassin Nation Plot

OOPS!!! Thanks to SinestroPrime420, who let me know that there is already a TPB of The Assassin Nation plot out there. I had looked on Mile High Comics and didn't find it, when I was doing this blog. A Google search found it on mycomicshop.com, after SP420's comment brought it to my attention. Spider-Man: The Assassin Nation Plot was published in 1992, with a cover price of $14.95. However, I don't know if that TPB is still in print. For the cover, they used an original design, but Silver Sable looks like she was photoshopped and tilted from the cover of ASM #321. I had said in the comments of the WUBI blog that I would delete it if someone could show me that it was already in print, but since I'm about ten WUBI's past this now, I'm going to leave it alone. Thanks for the heads up, SinestroPrime420. -cb :)

7/11/12 Update: Added a wiki page for the Spider-Man: The Assassin Nation Plot TPB (my first wiki edit!). :)

Did U Buy It? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.

9/2/14 Update: Moved this blog from the story arc page to the page I created for the TPB on 7-11-12. Best to keep this mistake all in one place I suppose. ;}

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Please Note: This was originally written 01/25/11. The different date at the top of the blog is due to this being a recycled blog page. Sorry there's no room for comments here- for some reason they won't load on this blog. That also seems to be blocking it from being seen on the forum, although it has been attached to one. Who really wants to talk about their mistakes anyway? ;)
#0: Spider-Man: The Assassin Nation Plot
#0: Spider-Man: The Assassin Nation Plot

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