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Character Creation Contest #96 - The One Yellow Ring

Sinestro's Ring
Sinestro's Ring

The original yellow ring- the only one of its kind. It wasn't powered by fear- just the evil will of Sinestro. Forged in the anti-matter universe on the planet Qward, this ring can do anything a green power ring can do, but with one exception- it has no weakness to yellow.

The Green Lantern Corps was 3,600 members strong, but Sinestro was considered Enemy #1 because of this fearsome weapon. When Sinestro died, Guy Gardner (with the help of Lobo) managed to obtain the ring for himself. Having been "held back" by the Guardians and their nitpicky rules when he was a Green Lantern, he now had their level of power, but none of their restrictions. Although he continued in his arrogant, brash ways, he still remained a hero.

Guy Gardner
Guy Gardner

But now, what will your Original Character do with the one yellow ring?

The starting point: Sinestro is dead. Hal Jordan has destroyed the GL Corps, drained the Central Power Battery to become Parallax, and blown up Oa. All GL rings have been rendered useless, there was no ring to give to Kyle Rayner, and the only green ring to survive all of this was Alan Scot's (because I always thought it was stupid that his ring was destroyed). Hal has been defeated, but in the process, Guy Gardner has lost the yellow ring (rather than it having been absorbed by Hal).

Your Original Character (OC) has found the ring. Now what? Do they become a hero or a villain? Write it up, and let us know!

The rules:

  • After the starting point, your story can be in or out of DC continuity, but whichever way you go, there is one major point: there is no "emotional spectrum" powering rings- just willpower- and there is no rainbow corps of rings- just Green (belonging to Alan Scot), and Yellow (belonging to your OC).
  • Name your character. What do they call themselves? No normal Jen or Kyle with a ring, because BORING! Give them a super hero/villain name.
  • No word limit.
  • Deadline is Sunday, March 8, 2020, @11:59PM New York time (click the link if you're unsure).
  • Winner will get to pick the theme for CCC #97, approximately a month from now.

I look forward to your entries. Have fun, and see you in about two weeks.

Remember: deadline is Sunday, March 8, 2020, @11:59PM New York time!

I'm glad you're here! Please join us for the fun, and enter your story! -cb