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Character Creation Contest #5

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12/26/12CCC#5Character Creation Contest #5EDisclaimer

What's that I see? Another Character Creation Contest? Yep! Round 5!

Alright, folks, @wildvine won last time, but decided to bow out, because she couldn't be here to present the next contest (but she will be back in time to defend her title). So as winner by default, here I am, bringing you the next contest.

I think this contest has gotten pretty cool - each time, you guys and gals flex your muscles, come out swinging, and blow me away with the quality of your work, and it only improves from round to round. You've shown that you can take a general subject and turn it into something of your own - you all rock at that. So here's my challenge: can you take something a little more specific, and still hit a home run? Here's what I'm thinking:

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General consensus seems to be that Batman has eclipsed Superman in popularity, because Batman just has way cooler villains, and I think Supergirl suffers from the same problem. So what've you got, writers? Can you come up with a villain to challenge Superman and/or Supergirl?


#0) YOUR CHARACTER MUST BE PRESENTED IN A STORY! A character description is a fun teaser, but won't be counted as an entry!

1) Yes, this is the fan-fic forum, but for this contest, I want you to write a character that could legitimately show up in the DC Universe to challenge Superman or Supergirl. If we're writing characters with plausible roots in the DCU, we need to make peace now with the possibility that DC may come up with something similar in the future. Coincidence happens, people. So let it go and create your character. ;) Then put them in a story against Superman and/or Supergirl.

2) Your character has to be new. We are creating characters, not reformatting existing ones. However, that does not mean that your new character has no history with existing characters. That's okay.

3) Your character must have a name. If you can make Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong into an interesting character that's great, but name him Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong, so we all know who he is.

4) No alternate Earths Superman/Supergirl - it has to be the main DC Universe. Pre-New 52 is okay, because frankly, I'm not familiar with the New 52 Supes.

5) No evil twins. No enemy Kal or Kara from another universe, xerox ray, or whatever other silly way you could clone them.

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6) Nothing and nobody goes to H'el. The character is too new, and we don't know enough about him. To connect a new character to H'el would mean too much speculation on the history and motivation of the H'el character. It would distract from your character, and make it near danged impossible to judge the quality of the idea.

7) Standard disclaimer: we have no claim on anything owned by DC Comics, and we're not making a claim here. We are writing fan-fic, having fun with exploring an idea, and that's it.

8) Word count: 1,100 words maximum (because someone had trouble with the 1,000 word limit last time). No minimum.

9) Deadline: January 16th. That's 3 weeks, instead of the standard 2, but I figure this coming week is going to be crazy for a lot of people, with New Year's and all, so extra week. Plus, that'll allow 1 week for the voting thread, and 1 week for the next contest to get posted, to get us to the end of January.

10) Edit your work. Your first post does not have to be your final post. You've got 3 weeks. If you post the first day, you have the rest of that time to tweak your piece however you see fit. Make use of it.

11) If I miss anyone, please invite them. I don't know a ton of people in the fan-fic forum (I went through previous contests to get most of those below).

@Irishlad @poze @joshmightbe @Time_Phantom @ekrolo @ThePoet @batkevin74 @wildvine @Ravager4 @CapFanboy @Omniscience @lykopis @The Impersonator @TheCannon @Joygirl @Pyrogram @WhiteSGPlayer @VyseCarma @wr3h @Mattersuit @Necrotic_Lycanthrope @The Poet @3ds24 @tomdickharry1984 @Project_Worm @Strafe Prower @RazzaTazz @evilvegeta74 @BlackArmor @tea8765 @minigunman123 @Rogan2112 @thespideyguy @AgeofHurricane @JonSmith @Jonny_Anonymous @jsav777 @Sorceror_Swift @Liberty @mrdecepticonleader @Rabbitearsblog @4donkeyjohnson @xxxddd

12) @The Poet - if you would please pin this, sir.

13) Your work may not be in Kryptonese. ;)

Wanna see how it came out? Check out the CCC #5 - VOTING PAGE!

.Thanks for stopping in, and thanks for participating! :^D