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CCC #134 - Voting Thread

The Villains
The Villains

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome, peeps! It is now time to vote on Character Creation Contest #134! This time around, we went a little complicated, but not really. There were word limits, plot outlines, and writers had to invent four characters- one human male or female to find an H-Dial from Dial H For Hero, and three heroes to fight three villains. Those villains were Brass Monkey, Lord of Fear, and Ogre- all three being Open Source Characters. Three entries this time, so let's get started!

The voting rules:

The stories:

Sundown89 - Dial H for Hero: The Rise of Triumvirate

Dial H for Hero: The Rise of Triumvirate

Part 1: Dial H for...

Jasmine Holland ran the metal detector over the bag of the man with cropped blonde hair dressed in a three-piece suit and tie. Security work was not where Jasmine thought she would end up, lithe and tanned and had the figure of an athlete, but she had originally sought out a research internship at the Central City Metropolitan Museum. She may have gotten the position too, if not for the death of Professor Bruce Gordon, the professor she had applied to assist, at the hands of the villain Eclipso. The only opening was for a security intern, and so Jasmine found herself dressed in the brown chinos and blue shirt of the museum security staff.


The metal detector picking up something wasn’t a shock, it was even commonplace, but every detection required a follow-up search.

"Sir, as per museum policy, I need to check your bag." Jasmine sighed as she put the detector down. "Is there anything that can poke me, shock me, stab me, or otherwise cause me harm in your bag?" She asked as she pulled on a thick pair of cut proof gloves.

The man whose bag she was searching grinned a wide and off-putting smile, one that caused Jasmine to shiver slightly before reaching in. There wasn’t much contained inside; an old watch, a faded notebook, two metal fountain pens, and a large scorekeeper, with letters replacing the typical numbers that would be found on such a device.

"I am sorry for the inconvenience." Jasmine stated before the acrid smell of ozone filled the air, the metal detector buzzing like crazy for a few seconds before it went silent. Looking at where the man had stood, Jasmine saw nothing, the figure with the creepy smile had bolted the moment she’d taken her eyes off him.

"Jacque, we have a potential security problem inside the museum." Jasmine announced as she radioed into the control room. "A man approximately in his late thirties dressed in a suit may have skipped through security, leaving the content of his bag behind. Can you pick him up on cameras, Over."

There was no response.

"Jacque, this is entrance security, please respond, Over."

Nothing. Henri Jacque was not a prankster, he was the most serious man Jasmine had ever met, one who almost seemed supernaturally devoted to the museum. If he wasn’t responding, it meant something was going down, likely something big.

Straining her ears, Jasmine suddenly realised that she couldn’t hear anything, it was almost as if sound itself had departed from the museum, plunging everything into an eerie silence.

"Hello." Jasmine said nervously, before believing a sigh of relief. She could at least hear herself, but as she picked up the metal detector and ran it over the dial and the pens, her eyes widened, The light that flickered on to accompany the alarm flashed red, but the sound was missing. Dropping the detector, she looked around, it was late in the day, half an hour before closing, and as such, the entrance was almost completely abandoned. The few people present were obviously talking to each other, seemingly responding to each other, it only seemed to be her who had gone deaf.

Looking down at the items, Jasmine went to sweep them into the man with the creepy smile’s face to clear her security position, only for the dial to not budge, seemingly far heavier than it had been when she had removed it from her bag.

The dial must be the cause of this ‘null sound’ effect, Jasmine mused as she looked at the letters on the dial face.


The word spelled didn’t mean anything, but reflexively she placed a finger on the ‘H’ and tried to turn it only to realise that it was now locked in place. Likewise, the ‘E’ also didn’t budge, but on touching the ‘Q’ Jasmine felt it rock slightly, and the letter unlocked. Spinning the ‘Q’ up to reveal an ‘R’ Jasmine felt the dial lock, and off to the right-hand side of the dials, a button, formally recessed into the device, popped up.

Placing a finger on the button, Jasmine felt the ground shake, a painful wave of sound washing over her as noise returned, one filled with the clatter of machine gun fire, clanging metal, and explosions. Wide eyed, Jasmine went to put the dial down and reach for her radio, only for her finger to rush against the button, and a blinding flash of light to engulf her body, rays of light permeating her form.

"I am..." Jasmine whispered.

"I am…" She reiterated as the light began to recede, her security uniform replaced with a purple bodysuit complete with glowing green circuitry, hard light wings sprouting from her back, and her long dark hair replaced with cropped pink hair partially hidden by a conical hat.


Seemingly shocked, Jasmine felt a strange pull around her body and watched as the metal detector drifted towards her, before being dragged back, as if it were caught in the ebb and flow of an invisible tide. Reaching out to try and grab the metal detector as it floated away, Jasmine saw an odd concentric beam of violet energy radiate out, dragging the device into the palm of her hand. Whoever Jasmine had become was beyond human, this Magnetar, this new persona, had an unusual power over metal, maybe even more.

As she looked at her hands, Magnetar heard heavy footfalls as a hulking simian robot, painted brass, some of it partially oxidised green, emerged from the museum interior, a spear clamped in its massive hands.

"Vacate my path, humanoid female." The simian robot buzzed as he looked down at Magnetar. "Failure to do so will result in termination by the Robopithicus designated as Brass Monkey."

Part 2: Dipoles and Drones

"I said vacate my path, humanoid female." The Brass Monkey buzzed as a pair of knuckle mounted barrels popped out from behind the bronze plate.

"It’s Magnetar, and I cannot." Magnetar replied as she looked up at the robotic ape, defiance spreading across her face. "I protect this museum and everything inside it."

"Then this structure will become your mausoleum." Brass Monkey buzzed as the barrels flashed and the chains concealed within the arm spun, propelling hundreds of rounds at the superheroine. Feeling the magnetic tides ebb and flow, Magnetar reached out, sending the rounds that had gone wide snapping to either side into the walls, while the bulk were caught in her magnetic field, fusing together into a copper-coloured ball.

"Increasing Lethal Force Directive." Brass Monkey buzzed, the sound echoing around the empty halls as a slot in the back of the robot’s shoulders opened and a missile arched up and then down towards Magnetar. Letting the magnetic tide ebb, Magnetar fired the ball of bullets at the missile, the projectile glowing pink as they collided into each other in a tooth rattling boom that momentarily stunned the combatants. Recovering faster, the Brass Monkey darted forward, ready to swing at the heroine, only for her to fling him away back into the atrium chamber, one that displayed a 19th century steam locomotive.

Strutting into the room, Magnetar looked around but didn’t look up as the Brass Monkey dropped from the ceiling, the shockwave sending Magnetar flying backwards, her magnetic powers doing just enough to avoid a life ending collision with the train. Running towards her before she had even fully recovered, the Brass Monkey was almost upon her when she once again lashed out with her powers. Whereas before the Robopithicus had been flung into another room, this time it was barely pushed backward, sparks hissing up from the friction of metal footplates rubbing against the marble floor.

"Oscillating Leg Unit Polarity." Brass Monkey buzzed as one of the arm panels lifted out, and a chain blade with barbed teeth could be seen accelerating to full speed. Watching as Magnetar raised her hand, the robotic ape discharged steam as multiple panels opened, this time negating the magnetically powered push. "Air resistance rate extrapolated to counter magnetic force," The Brass Monkey droned as it took a step forward, the leg units locking down hard and fast with every step. "Removing human processing units." It continued as it swung its arms at Magnetar as she finally got to her feet, the blade slashing through part of her body suit and causing a shallow cut on the skin below.

"You cut me?!" Magnetar gasped, part of the old Jasmine bubbling to the surface of the mental ocean she had found herself submerged in. The Magnetar part of the brain ignored her, reaching out with her powers, catching the chain, and reversing the direction. Shreds of brass armour plating and electrical equipment were shredded by the blade. "You really think a metal monster like you could stop me?" Magnetar asked the Brass Monkey, as it raised both its hands up to its head.

"Activating Mystical Sub-Routine." Brass Monkey replied as its hands glowed green, causing Magnetar to tense up. "See no evil!" The robotic simian commanded, the world tinting a verdant green in-front of Magnetar’s eyes before fading into darkness.

"I can’t…can’t see!" Jasmine gasped as she breached the surface of Magnetar’s consciousness, the loss of sight weakening the super heroine’s control of the body. As she gained control, a metal fist slammed into her chest, sending her doubling over in pain, before a hammer blow was delivered to her back, the vertebrae cracking under the impact. Screaming in pain, Jasmine felt magnetic energy course through her, something heavy hitting something even heavier with an almighty clang.

Jasmine, calm yourself. Magnetar’s voice whispered, "We may be blind, but he is a monkey made of metal, and we are the Mistress of the Magnetic Field. Feel the force run through you, when you do, he can never hide from you." She added in a reassuring voice. Taking a deep breath, Jasmine placed her finger in the air, her body suddenly overloaded by a metallic map of everything around her.

"It’s too much!" Jasmine gulped.

"It’s no more than what you would see with your eyes." Magnetar told her as the Brass Monkey ripped itself from the coal car of the steam engine, a massive coal shovel clamped in its hand.

"Okay…okay." Jasmine stated before taking a deep breath and reaching out again, the magnetic field blinking as the Brass Monkey moved through it.

"Now push." Magnetar ordered, as Jasmine reached out, the Brass Monkey glowing pink, even as the flaps and panels kept him from being pushed again. While the Robopithicus didn’t budge, the coal shovel did, flying at an incredible speed through the neck joint of the robot, sending the head rolling to the floor. Blinking, Jasmine and Magnetar saw the body surge forward, its last orders clear, the chain guns firing intermittently at the heroine.

"Fly with me." Magnetar stated as Jasmine felt something warm clutch her hand, before darting through the bullet storm, the copper rounds flying away from her before sliding under the Brass Monkey’s blow, the magnetic field causing the munitions held inside the robot to rip out of where they were stored before detonating, engulfing the metal ape’s body in flame.

"The spear!" Jasmine exclaimed as she reached out with the magnetic forces, dragging the weapon out by its head just before it was immolated. Catching it, Jasmine felt something heavy in her hand and looked down to see the dial. Almost instinctively, she reversed the word until it spelled OREH, her body changing in a flash.

"Whoa." Jasmine gasped as she looked back at her work uniform, her hair tickling the back of her neck. "What is this thing?" She asked, unaware of the Brass Monkey’s head glowing green, before teleporting out of the room.

Part 3: The Last Leap

Jasmine got back to her apartment and placed the dial down on the kitchen counter, the adrenaline from the fight still coursing through her body. Changing out of her work uniform she pulled on a workout uniform but paused as she looked at the dial. Shaking her head she walked to the door, partially opening it, before turning round and walking back to the counter.

"I am Magnetar." Jasmine whispered as she ran her hand over the dial, spinning the individual dials, rolling the first three until it read HERH.

"No." She whispered before placing the counter down before picking it back up, her finger spinning the last dial, the flash of light engulfing her.

"I am…"

"I am Sifaka." She stated as the flash faded to reveal a tall, dark-skinned woman, a white hood covering her head, a white veil over her face, and flowing robes covering her entire body. "Now let’s see what kind of trouble I can get into." She stated as she walked over to the big bay window, before leaping through it, her body phasing through the wall onto the fire escape outside. "They say to look before you leap." Sifaka stated as she sprinted up the fire escape until she reached the roof. "Now look as I leap." She purred as she took a run up and launched herself onto the roof, soaring across the gap, heading for the building adjacent.

Halfway across the gap, Jasmine started panicking. Sifaka may be confident, but the security guard’s fear of heights kicked in, and as the pair landed, Sifaka’s body collapsed to the floor, hyperventilating.

"How…why?" Jasmine gasped.

"Because we can, we leap and we land, in the air, nobody can see us, and nobody can stop us." Sifaka told her as she pushed Jasmine’s influence down and got back to her feet. "I can hear a whisper in the air, the Brass Monkey is loose and not that far away." She stated as she headed north, leaping from roof to roof.

"The Brass Monkey, but I stopped him, the police took his body away." Jasmine stated as she internally shuddered as she looked down during one of the leaps.

Well, then let’s see who’s beneath us." Sifaka answered as she landed on a roof with a skylight, before strutting over and looking down at the workbench directly beneath them, two men; one wearing ballistic armour and a mask over military fatigues, the other wearing a black trench coat, the latter working on the head of the Brass Monkey. Leaping onto the skylight, Sifaka phased through the glass and landed on a stack of packing containers.

"We need to get him back up and running, he’s the face of our triumvirate." The man in the trench coat announced, "Without him, we only have muscle and connections, his touch kept people in check."

"We don’t need him, we’re now a triumvirate that shares power between two parties." The military man replied as he reached for a grenade launcher next to the Brass Monkey’s head. "As for power, we have it!" He roared as he opened fire at the containers, sending Sifaka leaping off her perch. "I was expecting someone else, but now... I think maybe I’ve stumbled on something special."

"Special and about to leap down your throat." Sifaka replied as she leapt towards the man, the next grenade streaking through her. As she landed a kick, the man caught her by the leg, before slamming Sifaka into the workbench.

"I’m special too." The man grunted as his skin turned ashen grey, his body warping and bulging as he increased in size. "They call me the Ogre, not a name you will have to remember!" He roared as he went to deliver a hammer blow to Sifaka’s chest, only for his target to roll off the bench, crashing into the trenchcoat man. "You want to leap down my throat? Good, then I will eat you alive!" The Ogre boomed as he tore the workbench away with one hand.

Not answering, Sifaka got to her feet and sprinted towards the Ogre, leaping over his first blow, before delivering a flying knee to the giant’s face, only for her patella to crack, causing her to crash into the ground. Hobbled, Sifaka went to run, only for the Ogre to wrap his arms around her and squeeze, the pressure causing her bones to crack.

"Kill her!" The assistant snarled as he picked up the Brass Monkey’s head, only for the Ogre to stop squeezing and launch Sifaka up through the skylight, her body phasing through the glass before flopping on the roof.

"No. she has the Dial." The Ogre grunted as he cracked his knuckles. "Follow her; she will have a device with four dials. "Claim it, and then kill her." Looking at him, the assistant smiled and walked out of the warehouse.

Limbing away, Jasmine went to leap off the building, but fell short, phasing through a helicopter that was passing through the streets and landing on the street. Crying in pain, Sifaka’s grip on Jasmine loosened, and the security guard was able to gain control. Steeling herself from the pain and tapping into the adrenaline that was still coursing through her body, Jasmine walked away down the street, eventually arriving at the building that housed her apartment. Climbing the fire escape, Jasmine leapt through the window, phasing through the glass before slamming face first on the hardwood. Crawling to the counter while the dial was located, Jasmine spun the dial until it read OREH, the flash of light accompanied by a scream of pain.

"I am Jasmine Holland." Jasmine gasped as she convulsed in pain radiating from her back. Pulling herself up using the kitchen island, Jasmine limped to the fridge, looking for anything that could ease her pain.

Behind her at the window, the weather broke, torrential rain hammering down on the glass, eerie purple lighting illuminating the figure watching her from the shadows.

Part 4: Avenue of Tombs

Jasmine groaned as she placed an ice pack on her aching back before leaning back against her sofa, the dial clamped in her hand. The injury that she had taken from the battle with the Brass Monkey as Magnetar had healed, replaced by the back breaking blows of the Ogre she had received during her time as Sifaka.

"I need to lock you up." Jasmine stated as she got up from the sofa and walked past the large bay window, a crack of purple lighting illuminating the darkness. Pausing, she turned her head to see a figure silhouetted by the light, before a high-pitched whine emanated, shattering the glass and knocking Jasmine backwards. Stepping over the threshold, the Ogre’s assistant walked into the room, his eyes darting down to the dial in Jasmine’s hand.

"I’ll be taking that." The assistant sneered as he strode over towards Jasmine, slamming his foot down on her wrist, causing her to release the dial. "Finally, the real power, here in my hand." He continued as he spun the first of the dials. With a grunt in pain, Jasmine kicked out, hitting the man in the knee, causing him to drop the dial. With a grunt, the assistant spun the second dial, only for Jasmine, to shift, sending him crashing to the ground.

"It’s not for evil people like you, it's for heroes!" Jasmine snapped, as the third dial was spun, her hand grabbing the device, the dials reading DARH.

"It’s so much more." The assistant growled as he spun the last dial so it read DARK, a flash engulfing the pair of struggling combatants.

"I am," The assistant snarled.

"I am," Jasmine gulped as the flash died down to reveal her dressed in black body armour, a bandolier of grenades slung over her shoulder. "I am the Night Errant!"

"I am the Lord of Fear!" The assistant snarled as he stood up, his head covered in a pumpkin mask, his clothes replated with hunting leathers from the 1800s. "And fear eats away at everyone!" He sneered as an orb of darkness engulfed Night Errant, depositing her in an avenue of mausoleums, rain hammering down.

"You may be frightful." Night Errant stated as she stood up, her hand removing a grenade from her bandolier. "But I am a knight, gallantry and fearlessness made flesh in this new millennium." She continued as she stalked along the mausoleums. As she did, the Lord of Fear struck, firing dark lightning at her, The blast caused Night Errant to look down at the open sky she was falling through before hitting the ground hard.

"You are not alone, your host fears a fall." The Lord of Fear stated as he summoned up a scythe, its blade sparking with dark lightning. Looking down, he smirked as he saw Night Errant, sweating and panicking, get up from where she had fallen, the veins in her head tinted black. "Fear is a worm that burrows into your brain and eats and eats until nothing is left."

Looking around, Night Errant caught sight of the Lord of Fear and threw one of her grenades at him, the projectile detonating in a flash of light, forcing the villain to leap off his perch. As he descended from her, the Lord of Fear unleashed lightning at Night Errant, sending her flailing backwards, dropping back through the sky towards the earth. Gritting her teeth, Night Errant closed her eyes as she heard a voice screaming in her head.

Jasmine, get a hold of yourself." Night Errant yelled as she slammed into the ground, only for the ground to tilt, and her to begin falling again, this time through the air towards a palisade of limestone spikes.

"I’m falling, I... I can’t!" Jasmine gulped as, in the real world, dark veins began spreading and her eyes turned into dark pools of light.

"Fear is powerful, it keeps us alive, but you are letting it kill you." Night Errant told her as the Lord of Fear loomed over her, his scythe raised over his head. "Now stay alive, help me." She stopped, as in the mental projection she struck the limestone spires, blood pouring out of her wounds.

"No, no!" Jasmine cried as she looked down at Night Errant’s body. As the world turned dark, the pair shot into a celestial sky before falling once again. "Stay alive!" She stated through gritted teeth as she burst into flame as she entered re-entry, the fire burning the fear from her veins with an intensity that caused the Lord of Fear to recoil.

"You pervert fear’s true cause." Jasmine stated that as the Lord of Fear swung his scythe, his target ducking under the slash as she delivered a knife chop to his hand, causing him to drop the weapon.

"I am fear, I pervert what I want!" The Lord of Fear growled as he vomited dark lightning that engulfed Jasmine, only for her to slam a grenade into the pumpkin that formed his mask, the explosive detonating in light and his body sparking with lightning as his body imploded, dragging Jasmine out of the avenue of tombs back to her apartment.

Blinking Jasmine had just enough time to react as the Lord of Fear swung his scythe at her, her hands raised to grab the blade, the tip of the steel touching her nose.

"Fear this." Jasmine stated as she pulled the scythe down, embedding it into the floorboards, before grabbing the dial on the floor, reversing the letters to read KRAD, the bodies of the combatants beginning to flash. Before the Night Errant’s strength departed, Jasmine landed a punch on the assistant, knocking him unconscious.

Dropping the dial, Jasmine went to the phone mounted on the wall, and began to dial for the police only for lightning to crack, the bolt striking the dial, golden light seemingly vaporising the device leaving nothing behind but a burn mark where it had once been.

Notes and Prominence

The Ogre, Brass Monkey and Lord of Fear were all created by Nicholas Crenshaw as Open Source Characters. These open source characters, has been released to the Public Domain, and is available for use by anyone with only the following conditions: this paragraph must be included in any publication involving the character, in order that others may use this property as they wish, following the same rules as Public Domain properties. The main rule being that your version's story cannot be like the story of anyone else's version (meaning: you may not reference elements from the story you find the character in, because they belong to that story's author, and are not open source).

This story is 3953 words, with Part 1, 2, 3 and 4 being 964, 998, 997 and 994 words respectively.

Bruce Gordon, Eclipso and Central City are all owned by DC Comics.

Eclipso and Bruce Gordon are two halves of the same person, the abduction is likely a ploy by Eclipso to make his good half disappear so he can get up to all kinds of evils.

A Magnetar is a type of neutron star that emits a powerful magnetic field which emit gamma rays and X-Rays.

Robopithicus is a portmantua of robot and Austolopithicus

A sifaka (Propithecus species) is a species of lemur that are able to leap up to 10m in a single bound. Even when on the ground they move in a sideways hoping movement.

Night Errant is a twist on the term Knight Errant, a term for a knight wandering the countryside looking for adventures.

A Triumvirate, is an equal three member leadership body, but will always break down when the first member dies causing an imbalance with power, eventually leaving one party with everything.

Batkevin74 - Dial H for Hospital

Dial H for Hospital


Attending Physician: Dr. B Crenshaw

Patient: Kevin Burley

DoB: Redacted

Client Number: 616-007-911


Kevin was brought into Belle Reve after having a psychotic episode brought on by exposure to a paranormal device known as a H for Hero dialer. By using it, he swapped places/transformed (to be determined) with a being known as Moon Pants. Moon Pants is/was a super powered being who was glowing alabaster in colour and could shoot blasts of moonlight from his rectum. How or why, Kevin got a hold of a H dialer is unknown at this point and irrelevant. Moon Pants’ arrival in downtown San Las Casaville coincided with an attack on an armoured car by Brass Monkey (see below section)

Moon Pants and Brass Monkey fought causing massive damage to the city and inadvertently thwarted an attack on the 3rd National Bank of San Las Casaville by Ogre. Moon Pants turned the dial and transformed into Bashminton, a brutal sports themed hero who took on both villains with ballistic shuttlecocks. When that seemingly wasn’t working, the dial was turned again, and Wrench Wench took her mystically infused tool to them.

When that should’ve ended things, the Lord of Fear showed up attempting to take over the city. Wrench Wench beat the horror themed villain to within an inch of his life before the dialer lost connectivity and Kevin stood in the shoes of the Wench. Lord of Fear then unleashed a wave of fear-fog into Kevin which is why he’s lying in a puddle of his own urine, bound by a straitjacket and mouth held open with a ball gag to prevent tongue swallowing.

Until the fear-fog works its way out of Kevin’s system, a full examination is impossible but in previous cases of these swaps the subject is often addled due to the trauma of the transformational rearrangement. Compounded with Kevin’s previous psychological breakdowns I feel that he shall be within the hospital part of Belle Reve for some time.

Cbishop - The Monster Who Would Be Mayor!

The Monster Who Would Be Mayor!

Part 1: Patti Smith and What She Finds

1:32 a.m. - The alley behind the headquarters of the Justice Society of America:

Big bad superheroes...
Big bad superheroes...

Patti Smith is leaning halfway into the dumpster, digging for whatever she can find. "I can't believe people don't do this more often, Daisy," she says to her dog who sits watching her. "It's free, it's recycling, it's relaxing, and if you pick the right place, it's kind of a thrill. I love hitting the JSA's dumpster. Big bad superheroes fighting crime all the time, and here I am taking their trash." She stops, and looks down at Daisy. "You remember that time I found all those replicas from their museum? Green Lantern's ring and Doctor Fate's helmet brought a pretty penny on Ebay." Looking dubious, she says, "Still can't get rid of that Flash helmet though." Smirking, she adds, "You'd think that would have gone fast. Ha!"

Daisy cocks her head to one side.

Patti says, "Come on, that was a good one."

The dog whines.

"Hater," Patti says with a smile, and she leans back into the dumpster. A minute later, she says, "Whoa! Daisy, look at this!" She stands up, and is holding a pen and a watch. "Pen's kind of wild. It looks like the ink is... glowing?" She shakes it, and it seems to groan. "Ha! A novelty pen! I'll put it on my desk at home. And then this watch. Looks like it's gold. And analogue? Who even has these anymore?"

She tsks, and reaching for the watch face, she says, "It's a little dirty th-- What the heck?!" As her finger is about to touch the face, the clock fades, and reveals the letters H-E-R-O in white, recessed circles that are arranged around a gold "H" in the center. "What is this?" asks Patti, clearly happy with her find.

Daisy cranes her head forward, sniffing at the watch.

"I read once that a photographer for this newspaper in Metropolis had a signal watch that let him call Superman." She turns it over in her hand to look at the back, then back up to see that the watch face has reappeared. "You think this is something like that?"

The dog whuffs as it draws back from the watch.

...she spins the letters H-E-R-O...
...she spins the letters H-E-R-O...

Patti reaches for the watch face again, and it fades back to the H-Dial. It looks sort of like an old rotary phone dial. Could this thing really call superheroes? "I have to know what this does," she says as she dials the letters. As soon as she spins the letters H-E-R-O, she feels herself changing; transforming into someone else. "Wow!" she exclaims, "I'vebecomeMs.Quick,withthepowerofsuperspeed!Whattheheck?WhydoIsoundlikeachipmunkoncrack?!"

Seeing that Daisy had taken off running when she changed, and was nearly down the alley, Patti goes to run after her, and suddenly she is there holding Daisy's collar. "WHAT?" she exclaims. Superspeed- right! she thinks to herself.

Just then, there is a bright green glow from above. Panicking, she thinks, Oh, no! Green Lantern! Looking up, she sees someone that looks like a scarecrow with a jack-o-lantern for a head, green energy emanating from his hands, eyes, and mouth. Not Green Lantern, she thinks as the new arrival spots her.

Part 2: The Speed of Fear
You can be his first victim!
You can be his first victim!

Landing, the pumpkin-headed man says, "The Lord of Fear has come to destroy the Justice Society! You can be his first victim!" and the green energy washes down the entirety of the alley until it engulfs Ms. Quick and Daisy.

Completely overcome with sheer terror, Ms. Quick touches Daisy, imparting speed to the pooch, and screams, "RUN, DAISY!" The dog takes off in a blur of motion, and Ms. Quick is right behind her. They don't stop until they reach home.

Patti sits in her recliner, trying to tamp down the terror that she’s feeling. Daisy jumps up on the arm of the chair, and is still moving in a blur. Reaching out to the pup, she takes the speed back, and Daisy returns to normal. The dog then presses herself against Ms. Quick, whining.

“I know, girl. I know. It's okay. We left that thing way behind. The Justice Society will handle him!"

...she takes the speed back, and Daisy returns to normal.
...she takes the speed back, and Daisy returns to normal.

She pets Daisy a little, then looks at the costume she's wearing- light blue with red lightning bolts around the open ends of her gloves and boots, around the waist, and looking to a mirror she had on the wall, she sees a small red bolt on her forehead as well. There's a red "Q" on her chest, the typography tail also being a lightning bolt. "Crazy," Patti says to herself. Pulling the left glove off a little bit, she sees the watch is on her wrist. Did I...? she thinks. Then, No. Must have happened with the change. Speaking of... how do I change back?

In answer, the "O" flashes. Hesitantly, Ms. Quick dials it. The "R" flashes, and she dials again. The "E" and "H" follow, and she dials those. She finds herself changed back to Patti as quickly as she had turned into the hero. "Some hero," she says to Daisy. "I ran like..." She looked at the canine. "Like a whipped dog. No offense," she says, scratching Daisy's head.

Daisy whines, then whuffs, and lays down on the arm of the chair.

Overcome from the adrenaline of both moving at superspeed, and from the terror induced by Lord of Fear, Patti and Daisy both fell asleep in the recliner. Their sleep is fitful, and filled with nightmares.

Part 3: Ice and Brass

6:54 a.m. - The home of Patti Smith (and Daisy):

Waking with a start, Patti takes a few seconds to realize she is still at home. Thinking about the activity of a few hours before, she feels a twinge of guilt that she ran from the fight, and wonders how the JSA fared in the attack. Figuring that it would have made the news, she picks up the remote, and starts flipping channels.

"Good morning, Amer--"

"No," says Patti, hitting the channel button.

"Today's Famer's Almanac Forecast is calling fo--"


...zombie mayor Rudy Ghouliani made this statement...
...zombie mayor Rudy Ghouliani made this statement...

"...ociety has dis--"

"No." Then, realizing what she heard, she says, "Wait," and goes back to the channel.

"...ain, our top story this morning: the Justice Society has disappeared from their Battery Park mansion, and it is currently in flames! But these flames have a strange green tint to them. Unsure what has caused this; whether it's a chemical effect, or magic, or any number of possibilities, zombie mayor Rudy Ghouliani made this statement just an hour ago."

The scene changes from the newsroom to the podium outside of City Hall, and the mayor shuffles forward to the mic. With a bit of a growl in his voice, Ghouliani says, "Until we can ascertain the nature of the flames currently engulfing the JSA headquarters, we have no choice but to let it burn. We are awaiting the arrival of a DEO HAZMAT team, and representatives from the Justice League. In the interim, the fire department is working to protect the surrounding buildings from burning also."

Back in the newsroom, the reporter says, "That's the statement of zombie mayor Rudy Ghouli--"

Patti mutes the television, waiting to see if they show the JSA headquarters again. "Oh, no," she says. "Daisy, the JSA must have ran from Lord of Fear just like we did! They're gone, and I didn't do anything! I should have tried to help!"

Daisy whines.

...making its way towards City Hall.
...making its way towards City Hall.

Just then, the scene changes on the television, and Patti gasps, unmuting the report. "This just in: with the Justice Society missing in action, the city is now besieged by a giant robot in the shape of a gorilla. The Beastie Boys song, 'Brass Monkey,' is playing from a speaker in the robot, seemingly announcing its name. However, it has not broadcast a purpose for the attack, but it does seem to be making its way towards City Hall."

Patti jumps up. "Stay here, Daisy! With the JSA gone, I have to help this time! I might be the only person who can!"

Daisy yips excitedly as Patti heads for the door, bouncing after her as she runs, begging to go.

"No, Daisy, you have to stay!" When the dog slinks back to the living room, looking dejected, Patti says, "Good girl." As she exits and closes the door, she says to herself, "She is so going to poop on my floor."

Running to the treeline of the woods near her home, Patti goes in far enough that she won't be seen, and once again dials H-E-R-O. As she changes, she grows to a massive eighteen meters tall, her body completely covered in a blueish ice. "Wow!" booms her voice. "I've become Frost Giantess! And I think I have just the power to stop Brass Monkey!"

She goes to run forward, and kicks something. She looks down, and sees that her change has destroyed a small section of trees. "Whoops," she says. Looking around the neighborhood, she sees various people in their yards, pointing and craning their necks skyward. "Sorry," she says, and then, "I have to stop Brass Monkey!" Forming an ice slide to propel her, she heads for downtown to stop the giant robot.

Downtown, thirty minutes later:

Bringing her ice slide to a stop in front of City Hall, Frost Giantess sees the giant gorilla robot just three blocks down. "Brass Monkey! Frost Giantess commands you to STOP!" she shouts. Corny, but I hope it works, she thinks to herself.

The robot registers her, and swings a massive arm in a backhanded sweep, taking out a section of the building it is next to. Debris and people go flying.

"NO!" screamed Giantess, and she sent a giant mound of slushy snow to break their falls. "Sorry, folks! Best I could do!" she booms.

Just then, Brass Monkey picks up a red Volkswagen Beetle, and throws it overhanded at Frost Giantess. She hits the Bug with an ice blast, shatters it with a punch, and catches the driver in her hand. She sets the blonde haired woman down, and says, "Run!" just as a cab hits the hero in the back of the head. Turning to face her attacker, she says, "That's it! I have had enough!"

With a snarl, she charges the robot, and Brass Monkey charges back. They clash, Frost Giantess catching each of the robot's arms in her great hands. As they struggle, ice begins to creep down the robot's arms, rapidly spreading across its body until it is completely encased in ice. When it finally comes to a stop, she hauls back and punches the frozen form with all of her might. Like the Volkswagen before it, Brass Monkey shatters into several large pieces.

Fools! You think you've stopped the attack?
Fools! You think you've stopped the attack?

Mayor Ghouliani comes out to the steps of City Hall, and calls out, "Frost Giantess! Thank you for stopping that menace!"

Before she can answer, tinny laughter comes from the nearby head of Brass Monkey. "Fools! You think you've stopped the attack?" The laughter continues as a portal opens up. Out of it comes Lord of Fear, and another.

Remembering the terror from her previous encounter with the villain, Frost Giantess says, "Oh, no." Just then, she feels the change back starting to happen. "Mayor, I'm sorry, I can't stay."

"What?" says the mayor, a bit panicked.

"I'm sorry!" she says, and she uses an ice slide to get to the park where she can hide, and conceal her change.

Part 4: The Capture of City Hall

Fifty-Five minutes later:

I've become Starfall!
I've become Starfall!

Patti stands in an electronics store not far from the park, watching the news on a big screen television. "...Hall right now, as a villain named Ogre has launched an apparent coup for mayor. The pumpkin-headed Lord of Fear is keeping police and bystanders at bay while the giant robot, Brass Monkey, previously defeated by the hero Frost Giantess before she inexplicably disappeared, has reformed itself, providing further defense of the beleaguered government building. How long Ogre can keep up this defense, and what he plans to do afterwards, is anyone's guess.

"There's still no word from the JSA at this time. The National Guard has been called, but won't arri--"

This is terrible! Patti thinks to herself as she leaves the store. What's wrong with this dial? Could it have picked a worse time for me to change back? And now, I can't get it to work! I've been dialing this stupid thing for close to an hour! Come on! Come on! I have to change into anoth--

Just then, the dial responds, and Patti is changed once again. "YES!" she hollers. "I've become Starfall!" Looking to the ebony sword that has appeared in her hand, she says, "And this is Godslayer! Yes, I know what I'm going to do now." She takes to the air, and flies to City Hall.

Ten minutes later:

As Starfall comes diving down upon the villains, Brass Monkey throws a black SUV at her, but she cuts it in half with her sword. Flipping her body around so she can land on her feet, she holds her sword in both hands for a downward stab. As she reaches Brass Monkey, she plunges the sword into the robot's head, and rides the sword's momentum down the full length of the body, splitting the robot in half. The halves fall to the ground as she lands across the street from the building.

...take care of that, would you?
...take care of that, would you?

She calls, "Ogre! Give up City Hall, or face the wrath of the Godslayer!"

Ogre stands at the top of the steps, legs apart, arms out by his sides, and he looks only slightly amused. "Hmph. 'Godslayer.' Lord of Fear- take care of that, would you?"

"My pleasure," says Lord of Fear. As his green energy flows towards the heroine, he says to her, "But it won't be yours."

Starfall stands her ground, her sword pointing up, gripping it in front of her with both hands. She says nothing as the energy reaches the sword, and is swallowed by it like a black hole swallowing light. When Lord of Fear sees his power having no effect, he blasts even harder. Starfall puts one foot back to brace herself, and leans forward a bit. The sword continues to drink the energy in.

She concentrates, commanding the sword to transform the energy, then wills it to release a blast towards the hulking halves of Brass Monkey that have already started to knit themselves back together. On contact, the robot starts to disintegrate. It shudders, explodes, and nothing but dust rains down on the area.

The jack-o-lantern-faced villain roars with anger, and dives from the top of the steps straight towards Starfall, his hands glowing bright green, blasting right at her. The sword continues to drink the power in until she suddenly swings the sword around in a wide arc, and lops off the head of the Lord of Fear. His body falls to the ground, and the pumpkin rolls out into the street and comes to a stop, the green light in its eyes and mouth slowly fading to nothing.

His protection now gone, Ogre growls, and yanks the mayor in front of him. "You can't beat me, hero! This is what awaits you!" he screams, and then bites into Mayor Ghouliani's neck. His massive mouth bites almost all the way through. Having severed the spine, the mayor falls limp, and Ogre throws him aside. "If I can't be 'The Monster Mayor,' then neither can he!" His smile was terrible, and wicked.

Cameron Chase: DEO.
Cameron Chase: DEO.

He leaps at Starfall, and she stands her ground, only moving to thrust her sword upwards when he gets close. It goes in through his chin, and exits through the top of his head. Ogre's momentum carries him into the heroine, and they fall roughly to the ground. She manages to roll with it, and kicks him over her head before rolling to her own feet.

As she stands, she hears, "Cameron Chase: DEO. I need you to answer some questions before you take off."

"We have some questions of our own, Agent Chase," comes a voice from above.

Looking up, Chase and Starfall both see The JSA descending towards them.

"Green Lantern!" calls Starfall.

"Miss. Thank you for taking care of things in our absence, but who are you?"

Feeling that she was about to change back she said, "I'd like to tell you, but right now I have to go." Then she leapt to the sky, and flew over the nearest building.

Chase looked at Lantern, and said, "Is she serious?"

That sword... secure storage.
That sword... secure storage.

"I'll check on her," said Lantern, a green aura surrounding him as she lifted into the sky.

The agent watched the hero rise for a moment, then looked around at the scene. "Agent Stanley!" she called out to the nearest DEO man.

"Yes, Agent Chase?"

"That sword in Ogre's head? Photograph it, contain it, transport it, catalogue it, and get it into secure storage."

"Yes ma'am," said Stanley, heading towards Ogre.

Two hours later - the Smith home:

Patti sits, petting Daisy's head. "Well, girl, I may have failed at first, but I finally got it right. And I got to talk to Green Lantern!" she said excitedly. Then she sighed. "He made me give the watch back though."

So cool.
So cool.

Daisy looks up at her master.

Smiling, Patti holds up the pen, saying, "But I've still got this!" Looking at the pink energy coursing through it, she says, “So cool."



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  • Volkswagen Beetle/Bug (red)


  • Patti Smith is named after my roommate, and Daisy really is her dog. Both used with permission.
  • Daisy's "super speed blur" head is the actual Daisy- she moved her head as the picture was taking.
  • Ms. Quick was one of my earliest OC's, way back when I was tracing Mighty Men & Monster Maker bodies as a kid. The only reason I used her was so I could work in Daisy's blurred-head photo, because I think it's funny. It didn't occur to me until I was done that Ms. Quick is kind of close to Jesse Quick. Oh, well.
  • Mayor Rudy Ghouliani ("The Monster Mayor") was done on a whim. It's not a commentary on the real guy- I just thought it was funny. ...It was also because I couldn't spell the real guy's last name without looking it up lol.
  • For the Ghouliani pic, I just Google searched "zombie behind a podium," and that came up in the search. It's Ronald Reagan that for some reason looks zombified. I changed "LIVE" to "1 HOUR AGO," and changed the presidential seal to the seal of the mayor of New York.


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