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I've been doing two series of lists showcasing ads in comic books. One is Hostess Ads, and the other is Comic Ads. Hostess Ads is dedicated to those one page ads of our heroes defeating badguys with Hostess snack products. Comic Ads features other ads that were set up in comic panels, that aren't the Hostess Ads.

There's another ad I've been keeping track of as I run across them though, and that's Ad Heroes. This is where superheroes are created specifically for a certain ad, outside of the comics medium. Some are just eye candy, some are funny, and some are just weird. As I run across them, I'll make a blog to showcase them.

Cabin Air Filter Man
Cabin Air Filter Man

Our first Ad Hero is going to be Cabin Air Filter Man. I don't know if this character was used company-wide, or if he was just created for the Southern Nevada Toyota Service Centers, but there he is- a Toyota cabin air filter with a head, arms, legs, spandex, cape and a Toyota symbol securing the cape around his neck. The color scheme is very much like Mighty Mouse.

"What's a cabin air filter," you might ask? Simply put, it's an air filter made to filter the air inside the cabin of your vehicle. It makes the air in your car cleaner, and I've found that it even filters out skunk smells, once you change the air flow from outside air to inside air.

What's pretty cool about this particular ad is that they didn't stop with the hero. They gave us the suggestion of a story. They show us The Johnsons, whom Cabin Air Filter Man protected from an entire rogues gallery: Road Kill, Restricted Air Flow, Pollen and Dust! Check it out below.

Click to enlarge pictures:

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And here's the actual ad:

Yes, I edited my former mailing address out of the picture. Protect your identity, kids!
Yes, I edited my former mailing address out of the picture. Protect your identity, kids!

I hope you enjoyed it. See you when I spot the next Ad Hero. As always, thanks for reading.

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