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Hey, folks! I've been perusing the Artist Show-Off forum for a few days, and have really enjoyed the Amalgam Contests. There is an anchored thread, showing the winners of all of the Amalgam Contests, but I wanted to be able to look at all of the entries (not just the winners), without scrolling through pages and pages to find them. So I made an index of the voting threads - way too much time on my hands, where I should almost certainly be doing something else. Anyway, enjoy the links, and I have really enjoyed everyone's art. :)

Just for fun, since the index is here, post your late votes and thoughts on the entries. There is some great work there to be seen. Maybe start your post with "LATE VOTE" or something like that.

Note: if somebody can point me to #5 & #11, I can add them - I didn't see the voting threads (but I didn't look past the page that #1 was on). I'll be happy to update this as other voting threads are added to the Artist Show-Off (ASO) forum.

Note to Readers: This blog was locked, because the staff have now included the voting links in the winner's threads of all contests. :)

Amalgam Contest Voting Threads: (from last to first)


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