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Character Creation Contest #136: YOU DIE WHEN I DIE


Welcome, writers! If the title wasn't too ominous, and now you're here reading this, then perhaps you are intrigued enough to enter CCC #136! As you can see from the pic, someone has found or received a threatening note! "YOU DIE WHEN I DIE"

Who wrote the message? Who's reading it? THAT is up to you! Simple idea this time: there is a "you" and an "I" in this story- name them, and write the story!

The rules:

Who is welcome to write in this contest? EVERYONE! Yes, that means you! Join us, and let's have some fun. Once we reach the deadline, we spend two weeks voting on the entries. The winner gets to pick the next contest! Cheers.

Remember: deadline is Sunday, October 8th, @11:59PM New York time (click the link if you're unsure) [4:59AM, Oct 8th, London time, or 1:59PM, Oct 9th, Sydney, Australia time]. I'm glad you're here!

Remember: ANYONE can enter! So, join us! In the meantime, stay safe, be good to each other, and I'll see you in two weeks! :^D


Be the Pencil #6: The Story of How I Created Psi-Force

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09/21/23The Story of How I Created Psi-Force(Blog) (Forum)Psi-ForceDisclaimer
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EPersonal thoughts on writing. Suitable for everyone..And now a few words from Isaac Asimov...
I have told this story several times over the years- a few of them on Facebook. I told it on FB again today, and decided that it needs a proper retelling. So, without further ado, let's get to it. -cb
The MM&MM debuted in 1978.
The MM&MM debuted in 1978.

First of all: I want you to have fun reading this, so let me head off the naysayers with this: Walter Simonson and Archie Goodwin created the New Universe title Psi-Force, and it was written and drawn by a great group of comic talent. But this is the very weird story of how I created Psi-Force too.

When I was a kid, I made characters all the time. Always costumed characters. Never worried about their secret identities; just their costumed looks, and what their powers were. This was mostly due to the fact that I traced the bodies from designs made with the Tomy toy, the Mighty Men & Monster Maker. That only offered superheroes and monsters, not ordinary people.

Firstarter debuted May 11, 1984.
Firstarter debuted May 11, 1984.

When I got to high school in 1985, I started thinking about heroes beyond their spandex, and I thought it would be a novel idea to create a group of characters that didn't have costumes. I went to the World Book Encyclopedia set in my home, and compiled a list of psychic abilities- telekinesis, clairvoyance, precognition, empathy, and telepathy, with an idea to maybe add pyrokinesis later, because I loved the movie Firestarter from the year before.

For the non-costumed characters' names, I mix-n-matched the first and last names of people on my track team. Easy enough. It gave me a jump on what their characterizations would be like too.

I brainstormed a bunch of different "psychic" + "team" terms for the group name, and after much agonizing self-debate, landed on "Psi-Force."

Team America debuted June, 1982.
Team America debuted June, 1982.

Where I got stuck was when I was trying to come up with a central, composite being that they could create by focusing their powers together. And while it may seem that I was copying Captain Planet, he wouldn't come out for another five years yet (September 15, 1990). I actually got the idea from Marvel's Team America- which had only come out a few years before- about a team of six bikers that could create a composite being called the Black Marauder. But I was really stuck on what to call my group's composite being.

Before I solved that problem, late 1986 hit, and there on the 7-11 magazine rack was the New Universe title Psi-Force - a comic about a group of non-costumed kids with various psychic abilities that could focus their powers into a composite being called the Psi-Hawk. I bought it, took it home, and read through it thoroughly.

I was dumbfounded. My idea wasn't finished yet, so I hadn't told anybody about it. The Internet wasn't a thing for another seven years (technically it was "born" in 1983, but I didn't even get online (or a computer) until like 1996- three years after its public boom in 1993). This duplication was completely and truly a coincidence.

Psi-Force debuted November, 1986.
Psi-Force debuted November, 1986.

...A coincidence where three people who didn't know each other, and lived in different places, both created a team of non-costumed teenagers with pyschic powers...

It freaked me out so bad that I quit collecting comics for a year! ...But when I came back to the hobby, I went back and filled in the Psi-Force back issues. It makes me smile whenever I see the first issue, because this is absolutely one of the weirdest, most amazing things that has ever happened to me. I cannot tell you how many times I've sat back and thought, "Is there some guy out there reading my mind?" Jokingly, but... maybe not?

With today's perspective, I am left in awe. I had the same idea as Walter Simonson and Archie Goodwin- the same guys behind Manhunter (which debuted November, 1973, since I've been putting dates on everything). That... that really makes me feel pretty cool. The only thing that would make this cooler is if I told them this one day, and they said, "Oh, yeah, we wondered who the guy on our wavelength was." And then, cue The Twilight Zone theme.

It's one of the things that encourages me to be the pencil, and just write. -cb

Next Issue: ?
Please let me know what you think, and thanks! -cb

Be the Pencil, and all text content, except for quoted material, is owned by Chris Bishop. Copyright Chris Bishop 2023. Pictures will be cited in the first comment box.


Kid Dracula, by Cain McCulloch

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09/14/23Kid Dracula, by Cain McCulloch(Blog) (Forum)Disclaimer
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Kid Dracula

Kid Dracula, created by Cain McCulloch.
Kid Dracula, created by Cain McCulloch.

Posted to the FB group, Open Source Characters:

Cain's Description from Facebook:


  • Real Name: David Drake
  • Occupation: Adventurer
  • Group Affiliation: The Skeleton Crew
  • Ht: 5'9"
  • Wt: 175 lbs
  • Eyes: Blue (Red without irises when powers are active)
  • Hair: Black

Strength Level: David Drake possesses the strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise. After ingesting the Renfield Variation Serum he acquired superhuman strength enabling him to lift (press) five tons from the period between sunset and sunrise.

Known Superhuman Powers: David Drake gained several stereotypical vampiric abilities, notably without most of the usual weaknesses (i.e., garlic, holy artifacts, etc.). These powers activate at sunset (specific to his location) and deactivate at sunrise.

In addition to superhuman strength, Drake's speed, reaction time, and durability have been considerably improved. He can move at incredible speeds for short distances, almost giving the appearance of teleportation within a limited area. His reflexes are approximately three times that of a normal man of his age. His fortified structure enables him to take direct blows from superhuman opponents like the Promethean without appreciable damage.

When dusk falls, small, vestigial, bat-like wings sprout from his scapulas. Drake gains the power of flight, seemingly of psionic propulsion and navigation. He's been witnessed flying at up to 70 mph at a maximum ceiling of 240 feet.

Drake's canine teeth and fingernails lengthen. (It should be noted that he has no need or desire to ingest blood but does become considerably more aggressive in his powered form.) His fingernails are durable enough to rend concrete with no appreciable damage.

Drake's senses become remarkably acute upon transformation. He can hear at levels up to 25 khz at distances up to ten miles. He can differentiate an individual by scent at up to 300 yards. In absolute darkness, his eyes adjust to the infrared portion of the spectrum.

Weaknesses: While David Drake is not damaged by sunlight, he loses his powers at exposure to it and can even become uncomfortable in the presence of strong ultraviolet light.

Distinctive features: Upon activation of his powers, David Drake's eyes become red without visible irises. His skin also becomes chalk white and he gains prominent canine teeth and fingernails. Small, vestigial bat-like wings sprout from his shoulder blades.

Please include this paragraph anywhere you use this OSC:

Note: See "About 'The Paragraph' " in the third comment box to understand why this should be important to all creators. -cb

Please include the paragraph below anywhere you use the character:

The open source character of Kid Dracula, created by Cain McCulloch, has been released to the Public Domain, and is available for use by anyone with only the following conditions: this paragraph must be included in any publication involving the character, in order that others may use this property as they wish, following the same rules as Public Domain properties. The main rule being that your version's story cannot be like the story of anyone else's version (meaning: you may not reference elements from the story you find the character in, because they belong to that story's author, and are not open source).


Broken Soul #22: Fifty-Two Pick-Up

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09/11/23Fifty-Two Pick-Up(Blog) (Forum).Chris Bishop.
Today is 9/11.
Today is 9/11.

Today is 9/11. As I usually do on this day, I went to Facebook this morning, and changed my profile picture to a pic of the World Trade Center towers, and my cover photo to the giant spotlight memorial that was placed at Ground Zero for a time. Just something that has become a 9/11 ritual for me.

Another ritual I followed is that I came here to Comic Vine, and read .Where I Was On 9/11, and .I've Always Known They Were Heroes. The first is self-explanatory, and I didn't re-share it to Facebook today. I tried to convey the national anger felt at that time, and y'know... I just didn't want to be angry today. So, I went with the second choice.

"I've Always Known They Were Heroes" was originally written for my dad's birthday in 2001. It's about the perception of first responders after 9/11, and my perception of my dad- a first responder himself. I re-read it, then re-shared it to Facebook. Something was different this time though.

I was fully struck by the realization that in 2001, when I wrote "I've Always Known...," my dad was fifty-two years old, and here in 2023, I am fifty-two years old. It gave me a whole new appreciation for what all he had accomplished by that age. It both put me in a new kind of awe, and gave me a new kind of shame.

Dad has done it all.
Dad has done it all.

Compared to my dad, I feel like a complete failure at life. I mean, by fifty-two, my dad was officially retired, but still worked because he wanted to. He had been a policeman, a deputy, a fireman, and an EMT. A NASCAR official, a trucking dispatcher, a firing range instructor, a Red Cross instructor, and owned his own driving school. He was a drummer, was in the Air Force, and was on his second marriage (still going on that last thing).

I say I've "been everything from janitor to manager," and while "janitor" and "manager" are both true, I've never really landed a career. I certainly have no retirement built up. I've been out of work for two-plus years now. To be really honest, I'm basically starting over like a teenager with nothing, and periodically wonder why God still has me on this planet, because I feel kind of worthless.

I'm living with a friend who can afford to let me live there for free, because I cannot afford rent right now, but they're planning on moving away when their lease is up... on Christmas Day! <sigh> Currently, my mom is out of state, so I'm sitting in her house typing this.

Last night, the stress of no job, no money, no prospects, no idea what the heck to do, all just piled on suddenly, and I literally dropped to the couch, wailing. I cried out to God, "WHY AM I STILL HERE?" (among other things) over-and-over. I don't blame God for where I'm at in life. I just feel so useless and unaccomplished that I wonder why he continues to let me live. Why not just take me home?

Christmas Day? Who does that?
Christmas Day? Who does that?

I know this sounds bleak. I'm not killing myself or anything. Just desparing a bit.

I'm not collecting unemployment. I did finally apply for EBT (food stamps), because hey, I have to eat. Otherwise, I've been scraping by on my monthly bills by donating plasma. For the last month or better though, I've had some weird breakout on my arms, and they won't allow me to donate with that there. Some kind of bug-bites, but only on my arms. They have to completely heal before they'll allow me to donate again. That makes zero sense to me, because I don't see what one has to do with the other, but well, rules are rules.

So, I've been going through my books, trying to sell whatever graphic novels and such that I can. I'm barely staying ahead, although I have a phone bill due in a couple of days, and don't have that yet. I'm really hoping some books sell today or tomorrow.

This is not meant to be a pity party. Just giving a frank assessment of where I'm at right now. And... I'm nowhere near where my dad was at this point in his life. And that gives me pause. And shame. And... I really don't know what to do.

Somewhere... there's this.
Somewhere... there's this.

I've spent so much time trying to assess what I'm good at. Writing and organizing are at the top of that list, but the organizing is things like when I set up the FicOPedia, RPGame Preserve, and ArtGallery here on CV. I'm good at that kind of thing- I even find it relaxing- but I just don't know how to apply it to a career. And yes, I'd love that. Data entry is my jam. I know... it's not glamorous, but we all have to be good at something.

Everything else I've done is just... I dunno... basic? A lot of it is physical labor type stuff that I'm not even sure I'm in shape enough to do anymore. The rest... I seem to be hitting an age barrier. I know I'll find something, but I have no idea what it will be.

I need to find something that will let me get my own place again. Sitting here in my mom's house the last few days, I've really come to the conclusion that I want a house again at some point. So much quieter than apartment living, and it doesn't smell like pot from the neighbors. I don't know how I'll ever afford a house again, unless I luck into another good-paying job like I had when I lived in Vegas, but... it's something I'd like to have.

52 struggling like I'm 25.
52 struggling like I'm 25.

This struggling to pay bills sucks. I've dropped my life insurance and my personal renters insurance, and just have my car insurance. I pay for a mailbox every two months, and a storage shed every month. I cannot tell you the number of times I've stressed on whether this will be the month I lose my stuff that's in storage, or if I'll be late on my mailbox, and have to start paying three months at a time.

The only thing I can say to all this is: God keeps coming through. I keep getting money one way or the other (plasma, books, etc.) and I'm able to pay the bills. I really want to work so I can start paying for a life, but at least there's that for now.

So... yeah... "Fifty-Two Pick-Up;" picking up the broken pieces of my life at fifty-two years old. It's not fun, but it has to be done. ...I didn't mean for that to rhyme, but it happens all the time.

My stepmother loves to tell me how well my stepbrothers are doing. One is an engineer on a NASCAR team, and makes over $120K a year. The other is in charge of his fleet station at FedEx, but is also landlord to several rental properties- sitting on easily over a million dollars in property. I'm really happy for them. I am. But where I'm at in life right now, I get really sick of hearing about it. I don't begrudge them their successes- they've worked their asses off for it. Just... do I have to hear about it every time I go over to visit?


I just cannot seem to find that same sort of opportunity. Too many wrong turns in life I guess. Don't get me wrong- that's almost all my doing. I have been dealt a few really cruddy hands by a few people in my life, and while I've tried to forgive them, I also find myself hoping that I get to see their comeuppance at some point. But... yeah... most of it was my doing. Not bad, criminal choices, mind you. Just... wrong choices; things that didn't work out.

It's time though. I have to find something pretty much immediately. I just have to.

It's so odd though.

I have a friend in Australia who has floated the idea of me moving there. Not that I have the money to move even locally, but I'm not opposed to the idea, except that my parents are here. I really don't think I'd feel right moving far away from them again. I have no idea what I'd do in Australia either, but heck... why not? ...I believe and try to live by "never say never," but that's probably just speculation.

Another thing I cried out to God last night was, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!" over-and-over, and after this writing, I still don't... except that I have to do something.

And I will.

Life keeps moving whether we do or not.,


CCC #135 - Voting Thread - Villain For Blade

Blade - The Daywalker
Blade - The Daywalker

It's time to vote once again! The criteria for CCC #135 was simply: "make a villain for Blade." There are five stories to read this time, so let's get right to it!

The voting rules:

The stories:

The Impersonator - Attack of the Asgardian Vampires

Attack of the Asgardian Vampires

It had been days and nights that the lonely streets of Brooklyn, New York City were been infested with vampires. The vampire hunter did everything by the book. He made sure that these evil things of the supernatural were vanquished off on a daily basis, and knew too well that he could bring them down with the tip of his sword. Blade.

Yes, his name was Eric Brooks, also known as Blade and in due time, he would face a lot of vampire enemies in the days to come, and the ones not so much important to this day. Perhaps this is what Blade had intended to do, from the time he fought Deacon Frost. If he had a choice to become human again, what would have happened? It was not most likely that Abraham Whistler would have agreed upon. Therefore Blade didn't make that choice. Only Deacon had made it for him. A bad choice, indeed. But it was only a matter of time when the hunger that grew within Blade, could tear his soul apart, and thus make him into one of a kind.

And not to mention, there were other kinds of vampires lurking behind these dark shadows that no other vampire hunter could detect, except Blade, other than the ones that he could easily kill. Daylight vampires, vampires who could shapeshift into anyone or anything they desired, or showed off their various magical powers. Even child vampires. Yes, Blade had to kill them as well. At first, he hesitated to do so. Why, vampire children are much older than they seemed to be, and they grew wiser by each day and night, and make their own plans to kill the Daywalker himself. But he managed alright. He managed it very well.

After tonight's killing, Blade had just walked into his apartment. Taking rest and pumping the blue juice into his veins, which kept his wild hunger at bay. If anything he could desire at this point that Blade might have been completely human, if taking the antidote by free will. Anything. But the cost was too high, and this is what Whistler had warned him about. "Blade, if you become human, there's no way for you to kill those damn things. Trust me. You don't want to do it."

The old man was right. Blade needed his half-vampire abilities the most. In fact, he would use them wisely, and add that to his skills of using a variety of weapons from his secret closet, he could triple kill these damned things in one go.

Second shot and he was done. He never gave himself more than one. Not like the last time though, but the hunger was growing again. Damn it, Blade thought. Damn this motherf***a. And then a flash of lightning appeared in the sky. Blade looked at it and thought, It's probably gonna rain. Need to get some shut eye before I kill those bloody f***ers again. Yes, he would. But out of all this tiredness of fighting the undead, there was someone else who needed his help. Someone who came down from above. Someone like...


"WHAT THE F***!" Windows shattered everywhere around the room, and the shards of glass sprinkled like water on the floor. Blade sighed and thought of what he would say to the tenant of this building. But most likely it wouldn't matter, because he had been caught in a similar situation, such as this one. It was nothing new, and now that someone had just broken those newly-made windows, Blade quickly raised his blade (no pun intended) high, while a dark figure appeared before him, hovering in the air. Blade said, "Who the hell are you?"

"My name is Thor, the son of Odin. And I have come from..."

"Wait a minute. Did you just say Thor? You, the God of Thunder?"

"Um... yes. That is who I am. And I have come here to..."

"Why the hell didn't you just knock the door?"

Thor looked at it and said, "I am sorry, Blade. But I have come to you in a matter of urgency. You see..."

"Just cut to the chase, Thor. What the hell do you want anyway?"

Thor looked at him and thought, This man had said the word, "hell" three times already. I wonder if Father was right about him.

"Listen, Blade," Thor tried again. "You must help me for I don't know how to defeat such an evil being. I have faced countless enemies in the past, which I'm sure you don't care much about. But you must..."

Blade sighed. "Okay, motherf***a. I'll listen to you for one thing. If it has anything to do with vampires, I'm on it."

"Um... mother what?"

"Never mind about that. Just tell me what you came here for."

This is madness, Thor thought. Perhaps I made a mistake in coming here. But then he knew that this Blade was the right person for the job. After all, he was one of the greatest vampire hunters ever to live in Midgard itself. Thor sighed. "Alright. But you must hear me out, Blade. I have to say this, but there is an Asgardian vampire on the loose."

"An @$$gardian vampire?"

"Um... No. It is pronounced, Asgardian. Not the one which you speak your language in bad terms."

"Oh, okay. Just get on with it."

"Yes... This thing is strong and has drained the blood from one of my people. And I know him well enough that I could not defeat the likes of him. No matter how I have tried, I..."

"You could have used your hammer to crush his head. Why do you want my help anyway?"

Thor sighed again. This is not going to work. Perhaps I must go back and deal with the current situation. But I will try again for the last time. "You are right, Blade. I could have crushed him, even with my own bare hands. But something has happened to him greatly. He has been bitten by a vampire, when he and I came down to Midgard to face our enemy, Skurge the Executioner. I had that chance to kill my friend when he was turned into one of those things, but I could not do it myself. He..." Thor paused, and thought of what his dear friend had become. It was unbearable. And further the damage, the realm of Asgard would soon be attacked by thousands like him.

"Hmm... okay then. So just where I can find this friend of yours?"

"He's still in Asgard, so to speak. But I can take you to him. It will be a long ride ahead of us."

"A long ride? Are we going in some kind of horse or something?"

"No, Blade. We're traveling in Bifrost."

The vampire hunter was about to say, What the hell is that? but thought better of it. Besides, he had heard enough for one day.


Two weeks ago...

In Midgard, it was everything that Skurge the Executioner had hoped for. He just escaped from the likes of Thor and his great warrior friend named Turak, whose reputation of being an Asgardian warrior had earned himself countless applause in saving Asgard from such enemies like Skurge. However, Skurge used to be one of them, protecting the realm in their mightiest of need. And now a criminal who had just escaped from the deepest halls of the Asgardian prison, where all villains whom Thor had fought, were been kept alone in the dark, each cell of them. Skurge often wondered how anyone would try to escape from such a place as that. He even laughed about it.

But thanks to Loki's magic, Skurge was able to enter Midgard illegally, without the use of Bifrost. He never felt so much happier to see that smile, wiped off from Thor's face. Not to mention, Turak.

Now that he was here, he planned to hide himself in the city of Brooklyn. At first, he didn't know where he was. In the modern age of Midgard, technology had been vastly superior and unknown to him. He even saw the crowded cars and buses honking at each other, and some of their drivers yelling out, "Get the f*** outta here. I'm in a hurry." The other one said, "My wife is having a baby. We need to get to the hospital. Quick!" And some random kid said, "Mommy, are we there yet?" All these wild noises seemed strange to an Asgardian warrior. Skurge thought, I must somehow blend in, for my appearance shall question the likes of them. Yes, that would most likely arouse much attention, due to his size and appearance, and he often wondered if anyone that he had fought before in his realm, would recognize him. For instance, Thor's friends were the Avengers, and he wished he wouldn't stumble upon them, if given by any chance.

So he walked toward the darkest alleys of the city. He winced at the stinking piss of some homeless guy, who tried to get a good day sleep. But Skurge ignored this, and stopped. He noticed a couple of ragged clothes, which got left behind in one of the garbage cans. Yes, this was the moment he realized that he could cover himself with it, no matter how bad it smelled. But it would have to do.

And not to mention his huge double-bladed axe. Yes... I must hide it as well. Skurge grabbed the dirty clothes and wrapped himself up. In the name of Asgard, this stinks! But no matter. I can handle it. Yes, he could handle anything, this Executioner.

As he walked out of the alleyway, a plane could be seen flying in the sky. And then a group of men were fighting off each other across the street, until a police siren sounded off like an alarm. The car stopped, and the two officers of law enforcement got out and yelled, "Alright, freeze! Put your hands up where we can see them!" And then the next thing Skurge knew a series of gunshots exploded over his ears. He too winced at the sound of them. What weapons are they using?Is that... Yes, he remembered them all right when Loki had mentioned of these strange weapons on Midgard. Guns, my friend. That is what these Midgardians had called them. Guns.

Skurge again ignored the scene and tried to figure out where he could safely hide. There were these tall buildings that he still couldn't make of. A strange structure unlike the city of Asgard I have ever seen before. Strange, indeed. But Skurge had no time to be fascinated by the likes of them. He would have to stay hidden in this noisy city until... until what? He didn't know. What is my purpose of coming here? He asked himself in thought, now that he realized it. Like something important that he had to do here, other than escaping from the rotting cells of Asgardian prison?

I am free, that's what it counts. Yes... But then as he about to step further, he noticed two men looking for something to eat. They were too covered in ragged clothes. Skurge thought, It must be those men who have no homes. Yes, that's what it looks like. And so when Skurge almost passed them, the man grabbed his arm firmly.

What? Skurge turned around and saw whose hand it was. And then... Could it be? When the man revealed himself, it was Thor, the God of Thunder and his accomplice, the other "homeless guy" who had turned out to be Turak.

No! Skurge quickly removed his hand away from Thor's grip with great strength and then stepped back. "How did you find me?"

"By magic," Turak replied.

"Magic?" Skurge was confused. Then he thought, Did Loki really help them? After all, he was Loki and there were times that he could not be trusted.

"It's not that important, Skurge," Thor said. "You shall come with us."

"Never!" Skurge removed his dirty clothes away and then raised his axe. "I am Skurge the Executioner and I shall..."

Thor raised his hammer and struck lightning at him. Skurge managed to slip away from it, but the lightning traveled to and fro, thus making the bald warrior stunned and electrocuted at the same time.

Skurge screamed in pain, but he did not give up. He raised his voice, "I shall kill you, Thor! And you, Turak!" But Turak already raised his own weapon, a sword like no other that the Executioner had seen before. Two weapons clashed each other, and that Turak winced at the great pressure upon him. He said, "Did you really think you can get away from us, Skurge?"

"I shall not allow you to put me back in that rotten prison of yours, for I am Skurge the Executioner!" He stepped back again and when Turak was about to strike him, a hungry figure appeared out of the dark alley, and then grabbed him from behind.

What... Thor saw the thing, which had just bit Turak's arm. He cried out in pain as the thing got away while Thor immediately vanquished it, with a stroke of lightning.

When Skurge saw this, he quickly ran without looking back. But Thor didn't come after him. Instead, he looked at his dear friend. "Turak... Are you alright?"

"Damn... that thing bit me." He got up and then asked, "What in the name of Asgard was that thing?"

Thor looked at the ashes. "I do not know. But he must be one of Skurge's men."

"Yes," Turak said, feeling a bit weary. "But Thor... Skurge is gone. We must find him at once!"

When Thor looked back at his dear friend, he looked concerned. "Are you sure you're alright? You don't look..."

"I'm fine, Thor. It's just a scratch. Nothing more." Thor nodded and they both went to search for Skurge the Executioner.


A long ride ahead for these two travelers. For Blade, he was the first vampire hunter to enter Asgard. But it didn't seem a long journey for him. In fact, the Bifrost just took them in a wide variety of colors, a rainbow to be exact. Blade was amazed by them, but hadn't said a word to Thor, the God of Thunder. It was strange for a vampire hunter to experience these sensations. And the hunger?

Not a damn thing, Blade thought. Strange...

Once they arrived, they met Heimdall, the tall and strongest warrior who just stood there, staring at both Thor and Blade. He said, "Welcome to Asgard, Blade. My name is Heimdall, the God of Vigilance, Protection, and Light. I, who guard the rainbow bridge that connects all the nine realms."

The vampire hunter raised his eyebrow. Even with his cool shades on, he certainly didn't take them off to get a better look at this Heimdall person. But then he said nothing. Blade just walked off in order to get the job done. But he was stopped by such a force that he couldn't even move.

"What the hell?" Blade looked sideways and noticed that Heimdall raised his right hand.

Thor smiled a little, but was serious at the way that Heimdall stopped him. "He wants to say more, Blade."

"Like what?"

Heimdall said, "I have grave news to tell you. Asgard is overrun by those things you call... vampires."

"What?" Both Thor and Blade said in unison. Even the God of Thunder couldn't believe it. No... I am too late.

As if Heimdall read his mind, he nodded. "Yes, I am afraid that you..."

"Okay, motherf***a," Blade interrupted him. "Just let me go, and I'll deal with the situation."

"Let me finish!"

Blade felt silent all of a sudden and then sighed. He waited for Heimdall to speak more of what he had to say.

"I am afraid that you are both late. Turak has turned everyone into those things." Then he looked at the God of Thunder. "I fear you must kill him, Thor. If you would have done this beforehand..."

"Yes, I know," Thor said. "I am sorry for that."

There was no more to be said. And this, Heimdall released Blade from the force grip.


Asgard was almost in ruins. The Asgardian warriors had tried everything to fend off these things with great frustration. The Warriors Three did the same thing, for they kept coming and growing... These things who drain the blood out of everyone in the city of Asgard, felt like a nightmare. Fandral the Dashing used his sword to attack them and despite they were his people, he had to do it. So he cut off their heads, the only way to end their miserable existence. For these Asgardian vampires had no weakness such as sunlight. Even such ordinary weapons couldn't strike their hearts.

"Fall back!" An Asgardian warrior yelled out to the other men.

"We cannot retreat!" the other warrior yelled back.

"He is right," Volstagg the Valiant said, as he cut off the vampire's head. "We must protect Asgard at all costs. FOR ASGARD!"

"FOR ASGARD!" Everyone cried out in unison, except for the warrior who wanted to retreat from battle. This is madness, he thought. How could we possibly...

"Look!" Hogun the Grim said, pointing out toward the incoming figures. "It is them."

"Who?" Fandral said, while trying to see whom his silent friend was referring to.

"It... Yes, it's them all right. They have come for us!"

Volstagg sighed. "Oh, for crying out loud, Hogun. Just say who it is!"

"It's..." He stopped when he got stumbled upon by the Asgardian vampires. Then he swung his mace at their heads. Most of them fell backwards while the other one stood on its ground, probably wincing at the pain, which was caused by the weapon's impact. But luckily Hogun smashed his head off while the vampire had the chance to bite him.

"It's Thor!" An Asgardian warrior finally said. "And... Who in Odin's name is that?"

The vampire hunter said, "Call me Blade." Then he attacked the creatures viciously on all sides, with his signature weapon. Thor struck lightning, stunning them when all the rest of the warriors fell back. And when he realized that did not affect them, he threw his Mjolnir, hitting every single head. And when Blade stabbed one of their hearts, it didn't stop nor turned to ash.

Damn, Blade thought. This vampire thing is different. Must be the Asgardian blood, running in their veins. He stepped back and pondered on how best to kill them. Okay, heart-stabbing ain't good. Then there's the sun. Silver? He loaded his shotgun and fired several rounds across the air. But none of them worked.

Damn it! Blade put the shotgun away at his back and rolled over, slashing every single vampire with his blade. But when Fandral saw this, he called out, "Cut off their heads!"

Blade looked at the dashing warrior and then nodded. He eventually did that, but it was a hard task to be performed in such a battle. Volstagg had managed quite well in fighting these vampires, for he had used his glowing sword, the Brandrheid Undrsigr. By using this magic weapon, he sliced every vampire in half. But he was too slow to swing it down, due to his sheer size. When Blade saw him struggling, he said, "Hey fatso! Gimme that sword."

The fat warrior looked at Blade, seriously during the fight. "My name is Volstagg!"

"Okay! Mind if I borrow your sword?"

"It is called Brandrheid Undrsigr."

Blade looked at him. "Just gimme the damn sword."

"Humph! Alright." Volstagg threw his favorite weapon towards him, until Blade got it.


"You're welcome. But in Odin's name, you must give it back. Do you hear me?"

"Yeah, motherf***a. I hear you." When Blade went off to resume the battle, Volstagg said, "What? What did you just say?"

Of course, Blade ignored him because he didn't have time to explain his ill-manners of Midgardian style.

Blade ran quickly as he could and cut off their heads while slicing their bodies in half, all at the same time, thanks to his years of training. He almost felt like something new and thought, This place... is magical. The old man wouldn't believe this.

And when all was done, everyone looked at each other and then the bodies of the Asgardian vampires. Thor said, "Blade, we must find Turak."

Blade nodded. And then he turned towards Volstagg the Valiant. "I'll bring your... sword back. I promise."

Volstagg sighed.


In the Asgardian castle, every warrior had befallen. Turak the Damned looked at them, and thought of how it all began when he and Thor found Skurge in Brooklyn. He was also put in prison, for the crime that he hadn't meant to do, but couldn't help himself. But what Thor didn't know was the infection had spread everywhere in two weeks time. Turak thought if he could increase it further, Asgard might be his, and possibly the other realms.

Yes... he thought. But then Odin even tried to stop him, for he had been weary at battle. Due to the fact that he was bitten as well. But as it turned out Odin didn't become like him, because he was a god. Instead his blood was drained out and it made him so weak, that Odin could barely stand and fight.

Still lying on the ground, the King of Asgard looked at his best warrior of years past. "Turak... You must stop this madness at once!"

Turak laughed. His skin was so pale that Odin couldn't believe that one of his best warriors in Asgard had been transformed by a Midgardian vampire. And that wild laughter actually sent the shivers through him. A god like him, shouldn't be afraid of Turak the Damned. But no, this was not it. Thor's former friend had made his plan clear. First, he was going to claim Asgard as his own kingdom.

And when the laughter died down, Turak looked at him. "You are a good king, Odin. But fear not, you shall become one with the dead. Valhalla awaits you."

Odin tried to get up, but then fell down. It is no use. He has drained more of my blood. He is strong now. Stronger than ever. My son... Where are you?

And as if that prayer was answered, Thor came crashing down into the throne room. And Blade was there with him. When Thor looked at his father, he cried out, "FATHER!"

Odin said, "I... shall be fine, Thor. Just... kill him."

"The Mighty Thor is back," Turak scoffed. Then he turned towards the vampire hunter. "Who in Asgard are you?"

"The name's Blade." Then he raised Volstagg's glowing sword. "See this? I'm going to cut you down, just like the others."

"No, Blade," Thor said. "I must act on this, alone."

Blade looked at him. "Well, you didn't have to bring me here, if you thought of that way. But since you were his friend, I can respect that."

Turak laughed. "You cannot defeat me, Thor. I am Turak the Damned!"

"We shall see about that," Thor countered. Then he raised his voice, "FOR ASGARD!" He struck the lightning again at his dear friend. It was that moment that Thor could have crushed his head two weeks ago, when he had the chance. But emotions had prevented him from doing so. Therefore, Thor had failed Asgard, again.

Heimdall was right, Thor regretted in thought. I let the emotions cloud my judgement for one man, and look what hashappened!

He eventually unleashed another strike of lightning. But Turak the Damned still wasn't affected. After all, he had drained Odin's blood.

Thor couldn't believe it. This... This cannot be happening.

Turak smiled. "Your father's blood lies within me, Thor. Mark my words, I shall do the same to you. But don't worry. You cannot be turned like me." Then he lifted his sword and rushed towards him, like a single flash of lightning. Thor felt several blows from front to back. Even Blade couldn't see him.

Damn, this motherf***a is fast. Gotta do something about it. He looked carefully for a few more minutes and then finally caught him. There! Then he threw the Brandrheid Undrsigr in the air.

Turak screamed in pain, as he felt the glowing sword, pierced towards his heart. When Thor saw this, he raised his Mjolnir high in the air while unleashing its full lightning force.

"So long, my dear friend," Thor said. Turak was about to say something when the God of Thunder smashed his head with a single stroke.

And it was over. Turak the Damned was no more.


Two weeks later...

It was that time again. Blade was back in business in Midgard, and that the hunger still grew within him. More blue shots and the vampire hunting continued. There were times he thought of going back to Asgard, even while he fought the damned things. Damn, that place seemed nice. At least it kept my hunger in check. He came across a mutant vampire whose hunger drove him crazy enough, that he used his powers to wreck the city. This time he was aiding the X-Men to fight Magneto. And when Wolverine joined him, he said, "Must be tough, beatin' the hell outta these guys, eh?"

"You're telling me."

"Hmm..." He looked across the building, where Magneto just stopped and was about to fight the X-Men. "I heard that you were in Asgard, bub. What happened up there?"

Blade looked at him and smiled. "That place is magical, Logan. You should try it some time."

Mrmonster - Blade: Fall of Stormcloud

Blade: Fall of Stormcloud

By mrmonster

I walked in and sat down at the bar.

“Can I help you?” The bartender asked.

“Whiskey, neat.” I answered.

“What kind? We got…”

“Surprise me.” I said.

While he poured my drink, I said “You know, I was told I could find someone here. A fellow who goes by Gervase.”

“That would be me.” Someone said from the other end of the room. I didn’t even notice him when I skimmed the room, it’s as if he appeared out of nowhere.

He put down his pint glass and walked over to sit just a few feet down the bar from me. “Can I help you?”

“I’ve heard you work with a sister who goes by Stormcloud.” I said. “Mind answering a few of my…”

He then sprinted towards me, thinking he could kill me before I could fight back. But I was faster; in one fluid, almost instantaneous motion, I got up, sidestepped, and watched him land headfirst into the bar.

I then threw a shuriken at his hand. It had silver tipped points, so it must have hurt real bad.

The bartender tried to run off, but I drew my pistol and fired towards him, missing his head (on purpose) by just a few inches.

"I'll speak to you later." I said. I turned my attention back to Gervase and said "Stormcloud; tell me where I can find her or I’ll…”

He then came back at me, flailing his claws wildly, hoping to get a kill. But then, I simply put a silver bullet between his eyes, and that was that.

“Well damn.” I said, knowing that my only lead on Stormcloud was now good as dead.

I walked up to the bartender, and he said “I swear, I had no idea he…”

“Don’t bother lying, I know he was using this place to find and lure victims.” I said. “Just keep better company.”


I went back to my hotel, and before even entering my room, I knew something was up. I could faintly smell the odor of vampire in my room; a vampire could disguise their scent from humans with enough cologne and/or perfume (maybe even body spray for the young ones), but they’d need to clear out an entire perfume shop to hide their smell from me.

I drew my sword, and smelled again. Upon smelling a little closer, I could tell that it was a lingering smell, the vampire must have long left.

I then looked around; on my nightstand, I found a note. Without even reading it, I could tell just by the smell that it had been written in blood.

“I heard you’re looking for me. I’m flattered. Tomorrow, at midnight, me at Corner, a restaurant downtown.”



I then began calling some of my closest allies, but many were busy. Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, even Morbius; all were too busy dealing with their own crap. It got to the point where I had to call my old frenemy, Elsa Bloodstone.

“Blade, always a pleasure.” He sarcastically said as he picked up the phone. “What’s the trouble this time?”

“I’ve finally caught up to Stormcloud.” I said. “But instead of running, she’s…invited me to dinner.”

“Blade, man, you gotta know this is a trap.” He explained.

“Damn right I do.” I said. “But this is also the first lead I’ve had on her in the six months I’ve been tracking. I’ve gone through three states and seven cities looking for her.”

“Who is she again?”

“She is Stormcloud. If the legends among the vampire community are true, she is one of the oldest, most powerful vampires on the planet. Some claim she’s powerful enough to create storms that wipe entire city blocks away in a matter of minutes.”

“Blade, there’s no telling what you might encounter at that restaurant. But if you’re dead set on this, I’ll pack an overnight bag, I should be there in about six hours.”


The next night, I got my good shirt on (my only good shirt) and went out for dinner. To the surprise of me and Elsa, there was only one occupied table, despite the restaurant being in the middle of downtown, and fully staffed. But the stench of vampires was almost overpowering, so at least we knew we were in the right place.

“You must be the guests of honor the owner was expecting.” The host said.

“The owner?” I said, surprised. “Yeah, I guess we are.”

“This way, sir, ma’am.” He said as he escorted us to the table, and we sat down with Stormcloud.

“Can I start you off with anything to drink?” a waiter asked.

“Water.” I said.

“Water for me as well.” Elsa said.

“Glass of rose.” Stormcloud answered. “And I already know what I want; rare steak. Bloody as the chef will serve.”

I took a quick glance at the menu and said “I’ll just have the chicken.”

“Same.” Elsa replied.

When the waiter left, I said “So, you own the place?”

“Yes, I do.” She said. “And I told the staff to not allow any reservations tonight.

As the waiter came back with our drinks, she said “Why are you so tense? I just wanted to have dinner with a handsome young man.”

“What are you planning for this city?” I asked.

She chuckled and said “To rule it. It’s been hundreds of years since I had a city to call my own. But I have a plan; I’ve installed crooked, spineless politicians and bureaucrats in the local government, and the corporate boardrooms, and the union meetings, and anywhere else I felt would help me consolidate power. Within a year, this city will be my new kingdom.”

“And all I have to do is create an event that will begin the domino fall. Like, say, a devastating storm that will create lots of fear and reliance on just a handful of people.”

The waiter brought out her steak. But immediately after he put it down in front of her, he took out a knife and stabbed me in the torso before I could even react.

Moments later, Elsa simply shot him in the face, and I pulled the knife out. Luckily, none of my vitals were injured.

Elsa then tried to shoot Stormcloud, but she evaded each shot. “Boys, time to get the day walker.”

And then, the kitchen staff, all vampires, poured out of the restaurant, way too many for Elsa and I to take on all at once.

“To the streets, we can fight them better out in the open.” I said as we made a mad dash for the door.

As we got out, two particularly tall, strong vampires appeared right in front of us, knocked us down, and held us in place.

“Good job, Inguss, Jolanta.” Stormcloud said to her vampire compatriots. “I knew stationing two at the door would pay off, in case our guests tried to leave early.”

I thought Elsa and I were done for. But then, a moon shaped dagger hit Inguss in the face. And a flaming chain tore right through Jolanta, separating her chest from her waist.

And then, Michael Morbius leapt down to strike Stormcloud in the face.

“Who are these guys?” Elsa asked.

“Some friends I called in.” I answered as Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, and Morbius came to help me in my moment of need. “But I didn’t think they were coming.”

There were about eight of Stormcloud’s vampire mercenaries left. We quickly made short work of them and then moved on to Stormcloud.

“Hold her back!” Ghost Rider explained as the rest of us ran to restrain her.

“Enjoy a taste of your own suffering.” He said before giving her the penance stare.

“Ah, ah, AAAHHH!” she shouted in agony, which, for a moment, made me think we were winning. But then, she simply started laughing.

“I gave up my soul a longtime ago.” She said. She then pulled her right arm free from Hannibal and I, and freed her other from Moon Knight and Morbius as well.

She then flew off the ground, and began summoning a thunderstorm.

“You really thought that you, a bunch of little boys in ridiculous costumes, could stop me.” She said as thunder started rolling around her. “I will…”

Before she could finish her thought, Moon Knight threw a dagger at her face. It temporarily disoriented her, which gave Morbius time to leapt up there and knock her back down to Earth.

“Don’t let up, fight until she’s finished.” I said as I ran up to her, and slashed her across the torso with my sword.

Ghost Rider struck her in the face with a flaming chain. Elsa put three silver bullets in her. Moon Knight flew into the air and kicked from her above.

And then, all it took was one perfectly timed thrust from one of my stakes to put her down for good, and stop her lengthy reign of terror.

Cbishop - Yateveo


I've been on the trail of Count Wolfenstein for the better part of two months. He's the quadfecta of monsters. He started as a cursed mummy that was blown to pieces, then reassembled by a mad scientist. Only, she didn't use all of his parts. Some of them were werewolf, and some of them were vampire. Now, he has the looks and strength of Frankenstein's monster, plus the abilities of a werewolf and vampire.

I just want to make him a ghost.

Wolfenstein's been uniting the werewolf and vampire communities in the city, and since he's a little bit of both of them, they're drinking the Kool-Aid. The mummy part of him just wants to be pharaoh again. That's not going to be good for anybody.

I've managed to track him to this warehouse where the monster nations are meeting to hear his latest rallying cry. There's a stage, speakers, mic, podium, lights- the whole setup. I'm crouched in the shadowed rafters watching a sea of werewolves and vampires mingle with trepidation as they wait for the mix-n-match monster to make his appearance.

At last, he steps out on stage, and the monsters are actually cheering for him. He raises his hands, drinks in their adulation, and they fall silent. "My friends," he starts, his voice surprisingly deep and smooth. He must have gotten the voice box of a radio announcer. "This is the beginning of a new day. With the alliances made between vampire and werewolf, we have only become stronger. And soon, this very city will tremble beneath our onslaught!"

"Right. I've heard enough," I mutter to myself as I stand. I draw my sword, step off the rafter beam, and drop right on top of a werewolf, my blade piercing through his back as I land in a crouch. As I stand fully, the wolf's body disintegrates from the silver of my weapon. "That's new," I say to no one in particular. That disappearing act is usually reserved for vampires. If the wolves are doing it now too, then they must be more united than I thought. This is very bad.

I take in the room, looking at the monsters that surround me. The fangs on the werewolves elongate, and the vampires start growing fur. This is very, very bad. "Wolfenstein," I shout without looking at the stage, "You and I have business."

"Business? You're not 'business,' Blade," he says with amusement in his tone. "At best, Daywalker, you're a business lunch." The mirth leaves his voice as he says, "Someone bring me his head. Or just his shades."

The first few leap at me, and I make my cuts with a single arc of the sword, watching them disintegrate. Before the next wave can make their move, a woman in a light-green-and-dark-pink bodysuit with a matching hood and cloak drops from the rafters, landing back-to-back with me. "Surprised?" she asks as she takes up a fighting stance.

Yes. "No," I tell her. "I knew you were up there." I did not know she was up there. "I was just waiting for you to make your move."

"Well, here I am," she says, a faint accent putting an exotic lilt to her voice.

"Hope you're ready," I tell her.

And then the next wave leaps. I slice, they disintegrate. She fights them hand-to-hand, and she's holding her own. I'm surprised again when she starts choke-slamming vamp-wolves, and ripping their hearts out with clawed fingers. She looks up at me with a predatory smile. I raise an eyebrow, and nod my appreciation at her power. We continue to fight, and the monsters back us against a wall.

"I don't know about you," she says, "but I'm having a lot of fun."

I look at her over my sunglasses like she's crazy. "Oh, yeah. This is a real cut-up," I say as I disintegrate another wolf.

"You're bored?" she asks as she swipes her own claws through a vampire's throat.

"Just ready for the fight to be done," I say as I behead a vamp, and stab the wolf that jumps in while the vamp disintegrates. The wolf disintegrates in like fashion.

"Why didn't you say so?" she asks, stepping in front of me. Throwing her hood off, and holding her cloak open, her entire body opens up- from the top of her head, right down to her crotch- just opens like... well, like the giant Venus flytrap that she appears to be. Complete with teeth up one side and down the other.

It gives the vamp-wolves pause. Long enough for me to ask, "Lady, who... or what the hell are you?"

"My name is Nepenthes," she answers, although I'm not sure how in that state. "But you may call me what these monsters will call me. And they will call me: YATEVEO!" As she yells her name, a tangle of appendages shoot out of her body, looking like a mix of plant and human tissue. They grab the closest six or seven monsters, and draw them in all at once, her body slamming shut on them. Any pieces that weren't fully inside of her chop off and go flying. One 'vine' remains, trailing the length of her body, wiping away gore from her feet all the way up, and pushing towards her mouth. She licks the tip of the vine, and as two long, green, stem-like fangs protrude from her upper gums, she says, "That's... delicious."

She smiles, takes a step forward, and all of the vamp-wolves turn to run.

Laughing, her body springs open again, and there's surprisingly no trace of her former victims. The vines shoot out again, grabbing twice as many as before, and draws them in. Her body slams shut, she rolls her neck from one side to the other, and then she goes back for thirds. And fourths. And fifths.

When she's on her ninth helping, I remember that I'm supposed to be fighting too, and I run after some stragglers. I give them the easier death of disintegration by silver strike. When it's all done, I face her warily.

She smiles at me and winks, vines reaching out from beneath her cloak, and picking up all of the pieces that her attacks left behind. Then they withdraw beneath the cloak where vines and body parts alike disappear. She inhales deeply, as one does after a satisfying meal, and then turns her gaze towards the stage.

" 'Wolfenstein,' was it?" she asks the monster man.

"My dear," he says smoothly, "you are a delightful creature. What can I do for you?"

"You can spare me your attempts at gaining my confidence," she tells him, all traces of her former playfulness gone. "I have none for you. You are as much an abomination as these monsters you helped make."

"Says the human flytrap," counters the Count.

She takes a step forward. "My name," she starts, taking another step, "is Yateveo," she adds on the third step.

With the same rhythmic pace, she makes her way to the stage saying, "I am the vengeance of the plant world that has been systematically shoved aside to make way for... creatures... like you." Now at the stage, vines reach down from beneath her cloak, and push against the floor. Raising her body up, she steps lightly onto the platform. As the vines recede, she continues walking until she is face-to-face with Wolfenstein, who is unmoved.

"I will remove your kind from the face of this Earth, that my kind may flourish once again."

I don't like the sound of that, I think to myself.

"I don't like the sound of that," echoes the Count. With a lightning-quick move, he grabs Yateveo by the throat. "I simply can't allow it."

Yateveo chuckles. Her body springs open again, breaking Wolfenstein's hold. Vines shoot out, entangling him. The monster roars as his body grows a bit larger, and becomes covered in fur. His strength is great enough that he resists being pulled in. As they struggle, he slashes vines loose, and others stab into him. It only takes a minute for him to growl savagely, and turn to mist to escape her hold. As the mist flows out of a warehouse window, Yateveo withdraws her vines, and literally puts herself back together.

Then she turns to me. I stand near an exit, holding my sword out to my side, tip resting on the warehouse floor. "So, what now?" I ask her.

"Just what I said," she answers. "I remove the monsters from this world... and then the humans."

"I'm a part of both of those worlds," I tell her as I draw the tip of my sword along the floor in front of me. "Looks like you are too."

"And that's the only reason you get a pass," she says. "For now." Vines snake down to the floor again, and raise her up once more. As she backs towards an exit on the opposite side of the warehouse, she says, "Though like me, Blade, eventually you'll have to choose a side."

"Already have," I tell her as she reaches the door.

"Then we'll meet again," she warns as she slides through an open loading dock door.

"No doubt," I say to the air, and then leave through a door on my side of the building. I'd go after her now, but I'm going to need some phosphorous grenades, and maybe a flamethrower. Time to find Whistler.


Story and original characters (OC's) owned by Chris Bishop, copyright 2023.

OC's: Yateveo (Nepenthis); Count Wolfenstein; unnamed vamp-wolves; and unnamed mad scientist.

Marvel: Blade; Whistler.

Trivia: Yateveo inspired by Sundown89's latest Oddity Ark entry: .Oddity Ark #65 (245) Fanged Pitcher Plant.

Batkevin74 - Night of the Living Crisps

Night of the Living Crisps

Blade slammed the vampire thrall up against the wall. "You got nine seconds to tell me where Roadkill is!"

"I dunno" stammered the emaciated young man. Blade looked at the bite marks on his neck and sneered, this kid was being drained regularly.

"Wrong answer!" Blade's large forearm thumped the windpipe and drove upwards.

"I...swear..." he wheezed.


Blade peered over his sunglasses at the woman in green and black hovering down from the rooftop.

"Wait your turn," Blade laughed and pressed harder on the man's throat. Suddenly the wind picked up and a hail of chips slammed into the Daywalker, some actually piercing the skin and stinging due to the salt that laced them.

"Did you just throw a bag of chips at me?" Blade tossed the thrall into the nearby dumpster to face the woman.

"I am the Chipinator**!" she declared.

"Margot?" The thrall stuck his head up from the bin, banana peel on head and used bandaid dangling from his lips.

**Editors note: Margot Dunbar was carrying a bag of shopping for her daughters fifteenth birthday party when she was struck by lightning and fell backwards into an open sewer that the government had been illegally disposing of toxic waste into. Between the chips, lightning, toxic waste, and latent mutant gene, Margot became the Chipinator, the Mistress of Chips. This all happened in Marvel BS Team Up Vol: 4 Issue 265 True believer!

"Woman, I'm going to burst your packet if you don't leave me alone. I'm hunting vampires not savoury snacks."

"Savour this!" The Chipinator let loose a barrage of Flaming Hot Puffs. Blade drew his katana and spun it with incredible speed turning them into a fine powder. Blade flashed his fangs and dive rolled forward, swinging his sword to impale the annoying woman when a massive crinkle cut shield blocked the blow.

"What the..." Blade remarked as the Chipinator hurled a volley of razor sharp corn chips at him. He spun and raised his trenchcoat, the orange triangles pockmarking the fine leather.

"Leave my brother alone and I'll let you live."

"Your brother is a feedbag for bloodsuckers, if he tells me where Roadkill is you can keep his sorry white ass!"

Blade swung his sword again but Chipinator flew over him in erratic fashion, flight more based on good luck and air currents like a plastic bag in an updraft than sustained super flight. "Grab my hand, Todd."

Todd reached up for his sister but Blade hurled a silver stake that impaled the wrist clean through. "You ain't going anywhere...Todd."

"TODD!" The Chipinator screamed. "YOU BASTARD!" She increased in size, her face going red then purple and then she exploded with a KRAK-A-BOOM! Blade flew backwards. When the dust settled and the ringing in his ears stopped Blade saw that both his lead and the chip based menace were gone.

"Chipinator...you'll keep" Blade sheathed his sword and wandered back into the night.

***Editors note: This issue occurs before Blade's appearance in the Infinity Conundrum Complex but after his cameo in the Dark Avengers Vs Alpha Flight Vs Power Pack Giant Sized Special for those who love their continuity. Excelsior!!

Oscuro - Family Ties

Family Ties

Wolvesburg. A once prosperous mining town in the mountains of Pennsylvania, now partially submerged unders hundreds of feet of water. The derelict mine itself is shrouded in overgrown plant life, while the headframe and coaling tower in the distance loom overhead like the corpses of fallen giants. The network of tunnels below, house a family in the midst of a dispute.

A woman strides down a tunnel, the torchlight giving her jet black hair an eerie glow. A teenage boy sits atop a makeshift throne, twirling a knife in his hand. She snatches the weapon and begins chastising him.

"Your incompetence has put us in jeopardy, Micah. What were you thinking?"

"All of this hiding underground was making me stir crazy. So i decided to get some fresh air."

"Our kind have been put to the sword for merely existing . Do you think it wise to butcher women for sport and leave their bodies to be discovered?

"The police won't know who to search for. I took a different form each time."

Her expression changes to one of indignation. Micah lowers his head and says nothing else.

"Perhaps I've coddled you for too long. Did too much of the hunting for you. Made you feel like I'd always fix your mistakes."

"The only one who gets coddled is Tessa. She's ashamed of what she is."

The woman raises her hand. Micah falls silent again.

"Do not involve your sister. She's not the problem, you are!"

"I'm sorry, Mother."

"Discretion, child, is the only thing keeping us alive. "

"I'll do better."

"Not better. Your best."

He simply nods.

"Retire to your quarters for now. Do not leave them until I send for you, understood?"


"Do not try my patience boy or I will put you to the sword myself."


A series of grisly murders involving pregnant women has gotten the attention of Blade. On the surface, it appears to be the work of a serial killer, but The Daywalker has suspicions that something more sinister might be involved. Investigating the most recent crime scene, his heightened sense of smell picks up the scent of blood and also coal. He crouches down to inspect the pavement as a young red haired woman, tall and slender, approaches. He speaks without looking up.


Elsa Bloodstone was an acquaintance of Blade's who specialized in monster hunting. He knew this was no ordinary string of killings now.

"Shouldn't you be staking out a graveyard somewhere, Blade?"

"Obviously not, if you're here. What do you think we're after?"

"We aren't after anything. I'm not sure, yet. Possibly a lamia"

"I was thinking vitala, personally."

"It really is always about vampires with you, isn't?"

Blade ignores her remark and stands up.

"Whatever it is, it's smart enough to keep near the railways for a quick escape."

"I've extrapolated an area where potential lairs could within a hundred mile radius."

"Cross reference that with coal mines, active or abandoned. Bastard reeks."


"I've got a freight train to catch. You coming?


Despite Elsa's initial objection to working together, Blade managed to convince that they'd put a stop to the killings far quicker as a team. The initial few locations bore no fruit, but the duo soon found themselves in the woods near Wolvesburg. Immediately Blade could sense something amiss.

"There's a subtle level of dark magic here. Nothing as strong as a barrier, but this definitely is or was the place we needed to find."

"We should check whatever structures aren't underwater first. I doubt you brought any scuba gear with you."

They approach the dilapidated old buildings, leaping over a crumbled section of stone wall. A tiny spider notices the two and scurries to a web covered bush. The arachnid sends some sort of alert signal through a series of webs deep into the tunnels below.

A spider lowers itself from the ceiling, landing on the raven haired woman's shoulder. She lifts her gaze to the unseen trespassers above ground. A man in his 20s and a pre-teen young girl rush into the room.

"Mother, should I go take care of it?" the man says pointing upwards.

"Yes. Take your brother with you."

"Of course."

She beckons the girl to come close to her.

"Do not fear, my child. We will be fine."


Blade and Elsa press onward, being careful not to tread on unstable structures. They within several feet of a tunnel entrance when a large piece of concrete smashes against the wall nearby. Blade curses to himself he rushes behind cover. Elsa readies her rifle and takes aim at their attackers, two seemingly normal young men.

"Don't be shy boys. Come a little closer."

Firing off shot after shot, she just barely misses. Their opponents moving with unnatural speed, being able to avoid the skiller hunter's shots. Blade moves around to flank them, catching the younger boy by surprise as he shoots him in the leg. The boy screams in pain, but manages to flee out of sight.

Elsa cautiously patrols around the room, gun at the ready.

"We're kinda boxed in right now, but we can't let them escape. What do you think, Blade?"

"The tunnels will give them less room to run. We should press forward."


Their would be attackers seemed to have vanished as quickly as they came, with Elsa and Blade venturing deeper underground.

Blade picks up the scent of blood and motions for Elsa to follow.

They soon find themselves in a large cavern with a blood soaked altar in the middle. A raven haired woman stands atop the altar chanting in an unknown language.

Blade and Elsa open fire, but a wall of semi solid red liquid stops their bullets from connecting. Blade unsheathes his sword and closes the distance in an instant with Elsa close behind. His sword finds it mark, but not the intended target.

Jacob!! The woman screams as she sees her sons nearly split in half from his neck to his groin.

Jacob gushes blood everywhere as he falls dead on the ground.

Micah blindside tackles Blade to the ground as he attempts to pummel the vampire hunter.


A single shot rips through his skull, splattering his brain matter onto the cave wall. Blade toss his corpse aside, gun trained on the woman again.

With a pained wail she sends a spell towards the ceiling, causing a cave in. Blade and Elsa struggle to breathe as they find themselves nearly buried alive......to be continued...maybe 🤷🏿‍♂️

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See you in a couple of weeks! In the meantime, be safe, and I'm glad you're. Cheers. :^)


The Harlem Tiger, by Corey Grant

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09/03/23The Harlem Tiger, by Corey Grant(Blog) (Forum)Disclaimer
RatingRating explanation

The Harlem Tiger

The Harlem Tiger, created by Corey Grant.
The Harlem Tiger, created by Corey Grant.

Posted to the FB group, Open Source Characters:

Corey's Description from Facebook:
Note: Corey gave no info besides the pic and the name.
Other Images:
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Sep 13, 2023: Nicholas Crenshaw posts to Facebook:

"My version of Harlem Tiger"

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Coldfront, by Nicholas Crenshaw

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08/26/23Coldfront, by Nicholas Crenshaw(Blog) (Forum)Disclaimer
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Coldfront, created by Nicholas Crenshaw.
Coldfront, created by Nicholas Crenshaw.

Posted to DeviantArt:

Posted to the FB group, Open Source Characters:

Nicholas' Description from Facebook:

Express Villain: Coldfront.

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Butane, by Nicholas Crenshaw

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08/26/23Butane, by Nicholas Crenshaw(Blog) (Forum)Disclaimer
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Butane, created by Nicholas Crenshaw.
Butane, created by Nicholas Crenshaw.

Posted to DeviantArt:

Posted to the FB group, Open Source Characters:

Nicholas' Description from DeviantArt:

Butane (M): (blaster) A power armored pyro.

Midnight Sentinel villain [Note: Nicholas states elsewhere that he's an Express villain.]

Armor from .ztyran.

Helmet from .Omniferis.

Other Images:
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Express vs. Butane.
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JSA: The Monster Who Would Be Mayor! Part 4: The Capture of City Hall


DateJSA: The Monster Who Would Be Mayor!ViewRead the...
08/25/23Part 4: The Capture of City Hall(Blog) (Forum)Disclaimer
RatingRating explanationLast Issue:
TAn Ogre, the death(?) of a zombie, and a stabbing..Part 3.
Part 4: The Capture of City Hall
Part 4: The Capture of City Hall

Ten minutes later, at City Hall:

As Starfall comes diving down upon the villains, Brass Monkey throws a black SUV at her, but she cuts it in half with her sword. Flipping her body around so she can land on her feet, she holds her sword in both hands for a downward stab. As she reaches Brass Monkey, she plunges the sword into the robot's head, and rides the sword's momentum down the full length of the body, splitting the robot in half. The halves fall to the ground as she lands across the street from the building.

...take care of that, would you?
...take care of that, would you?

She calls, "Ogre! Give up City Hall, or face the wrath of the Godslayer!"

Ogre stands at the top of the steps, legs apart, arms out by his sides, and he looks only slightly amused. "Hmph. 'Godslayer.' Lord of Fear- take care of that, would you?"

"My pleasure," says Lord of Fear. As his green energy flows towards the heroine, he says to her, "But it won't be yours."

Starfall stands her ground, her sword pointing up, gripping it in front of her with both hands. She says nothing as the energy reaches the sword, and is swallowed by it like a black hole swallowing light. When Lord of Fear sees his power having no effect, he blasts even harder. Starfall puts one foot back to brace herself, and leans forward a bit. The sword continues to drink the energy in.

She concentrates, commanding the sword to transform the energy, then wills it to release a blast towards the hulking halves of Brass Monkey that have already started to knit themselves back together. On contact, the robot starts to disintegrate. It shudders, explodes, and nothing but dust rains down on the area.

The jack-o-lantern-faced villain roars with anger, and dives from the top of the steps straight towards Starfall, his hands glowing bright green, blasting right at her. The sword continues to drink the power in until she suddenly swings the sword around in a wide arc, and lops off the head of the Lord of Fear. His body falls to the ground, and the pumpkin rolls out into the street and comes to a stop, the green light in its eyes and mouth slowly fading to nothing.

His protection now gone, Ogre screams in anger, and yanks the mayor in front of him. "You can't beat me, hero! This is what awaits you!" he growls, and then chomps into Mayor Ghouliani's neck. His massive mouth bites almost all the way through. Having severed the spine, the mayor falls limp, and Ogre throws him aside. "If I can't be 'The Monster Mayor,' then neither can he!" His smile was terrible, and wicked.

Cameron Chase: DEO.
Cameron Chase: DEO.

He leaps at Starfall, and she stands her ground, only moving to thrust her sword upwards when he gets close. It goes through his shoulder, making him roar in pain. Ogre's momentum carries him into the heroine, and they fall roughly to the ground. She manages to roll with it, and kicks him over her head before rolling to her own feet.

As she stands, she hears, "Cameron Chase: DEO. I need you to answer some questions before you take off."

"We have some questions of our own, Agent Chase," comes a voice from above.

Looking up, Chase and Starfall both see The JSA descending towards them.

"Green Lantern!" calls Starfall.

"Miss. Thank you for taking care of things in our absence, but who are you?"

Feeling that she was about to change back she said, "I'd like to tell you, but right now I have to go." Then she leaps to the sky, and flies over the nearest building.

Chase looks at Lantern, and says, "Is she serious?"

...then get it into secure storage at an ARGUS facility.
...then get it into secure storage at an ARGUS facility.

"I'll check on her," says Lantern, a green aura surrounding him as he lifts into the sky.

The agent watches the hero rise for a moment, then looks around at the scene. "Agent Stanley!" she calls out to the nearest DEO man.

"Yes, Agent Chase?"

"Ogre, and that sword in his shoulder? Photograph him, contain him, and send him to Belle Reve. Photograph the sword, contain it, transport it to S.T.A.R. Labs, catalogue it, and then get it into secure storage at an ARGUS facility."

"Yes ma'am," said Stanley, heading towards Ogre.

On a building high above:

Miss! Stop, please!
Miss! Stop, please!

"Miss! Stop, please!" calls Green Lantern.

Patti was trying desperately to open the access door so she could get off the roof. When she hears the hero call after her, she spins around, flattening herself against the door. "I didn't do anything!" she shouts defensively.

Alan chuckles. "Are you sure? A heroine named Starfall just flew up here, and now I find you."

Patti couldn't help feeling nervous as she watched the hero walk closer. She reaches for the watch in desperation, but even though the watchface fades to reveal the dial, spinning the letters H-E-R-O does nothing.

"I thought I spied that before you flew away," says Lantern. "I don't know how you got that, miss--"

"--It was in the dumpster!" Patti blurts out. "I just dumpster dive to find things I might sell, and this watch was in there, only it wasn't a watch, it was this dial that turns me into heroes, and I used it a few times, but it keeps breaking, only I didn't break it, but I don't know how to fix it either, and I'm sor--"

A giant green hand appears before her, making a stop motion. "Miss! It's alright! You used it well, and you literally saved the city when the Justice Society couldn't. But I'm afraid I do have to ask for the dial back. I don't know what it was doing in..." Green Lantern looks confused for a moment. "You said it was in the dumpster?"

...they might like it back. May I have it, please?
...they might like it back. May I have it, please?

Patti nods.

"Well, I'm not sure what it was doing there, but it belongs to one of my teammates, and they might like it back. May I have it, please?" Alan asks, with his hand extended.

"Um, sure," Patti says, unclasping the watch from her wrist, and laying it across Green Lantern's palm.

"May I ask what your name is?" he asks.

"It's Patti. Patti Smith," she answers.

Alan speaks into his ring, and says, "Roxy, did you get that?"

The A.I.'s voice broadcasts over the ring, "Check, G.L. She's clean. No record, and she was even a police dispatcher for a time."

"I see," Alan smiles. "Thank you, Roxy."

"Your... your ring is named Roxy? And talks?" asks Patti.

"No. It's even stranger than that," laughs Alan.

"Hey!" comes Roxy's voice from the ring.

"Roxy! We've told you about eavesdropping!" he chides. "Green Lantern out!" Looking back to Patti, he says, "Miss Smith, I believe we can trust you, and I thank you for that, but the JSA doesn't want to expose your identity. So, when the press comes around asking who the new heroine with the team was, what do we tell them?"

"Well," says Patti, "you keep calling me 'Miss,' and my powers came from that dial, so how about Miss Dial?"

Are you afraid of heights?
Are you afraid of heights?

"Ha!" Alan laughs, giving a genuine smile. "Miss Dial it is. Perhaps we'll see you again," he says, starting to rise off the roof.

"Wait!" calls Patti.

Green Lantern turns back her way.

"Um... that's a lot of stairs," Patti says meekly. "Do you think you can help me down from here?"

Smiling, G.L. uses his ring to form a sphere around Patti, and as they rise, he asks, "Are you afraid of heights?"

"Insanely," she confesses.

"I'll take you to the mansion," says Lantern, "and we'll get you home without being seen from there, okay?" Then he turns the sphere opaque so Patti can't see how high up they are.

Inside, the sphere glows, illuminating the near-total darkness. Patti slides down the edge of the sphere into a sitting position, and just says, "Wow."

Two hours later - the Smith home:

Patti sits, petting Daisy's head. "Well, girl, I may have failed at first, but I finally got it right. And I got to talk to Green Lantern! And he asked Liberty Belle to run me home at super speed!" she said excitedly. Then she sighed. "He made me give the watch back though."

So cool.
So cool.

Daisy looks up at her master.

Smiling, Patti holds up the pen, saying, "But I've still got this!" Looking at the pink energy coursing through it, she says, “So cool."


Please let me know what you think, and thanks! -cbOriginally presented in: .CCC #134.

Story and original characters copyright Chris Bishop 2023.

DC characters owned and copyrighted by DC, and are listed in the first comment box.


JSA: The Monster Who Would Be Mayor! Part 3: Ice and Brass


DateJSA: The Monster Who Would Be Mayor!ViewRead the...
08/25/23Part 3: Ice and Brass(Blog) (Forum)Disclaimer
RatingRating explanationLast Issue:
TA zombie mayor, a giant robot gorilla, and more transformations!.Part 2.
Part 3: Ice and Brass
Part 3: Ice and Brass

6:54 a.m. - The home of Patti Smith (and Daisy):

Waking with a start, Patti takes a few seconds to realize she is still at home. Thinking about the activity of a few hours before, she feels a twinge of guilt that she ran from the fight, and wonders how the JSA fared in the attack. Figuring that it would have made the news, she picks up the remote, and starts flipping channels.

"Good morning, Amer--"

"No," says Patti, hitting the channel button.

"Today's Famer's Almanac Forecast is calling fo--"


...zombie mayor Rudy Ghouliani made this statement...
...zombie mayor Rudy Ghouliani made this statement...

"...ociety has dis--"

"No." Then, realizing what she heard, she says, "Wait," and goes back to the channel.

"...ain, our top story this morning: the Justice Society has disappeared from their Battery Park mansion, and it is currently in flames! But these flames have a strange green tint to them. Unsure what has caused this; whether it's a chemical effect, or magic, or any number of possibilities, zombie mayor Rudy Ghouliani made this statement just an hour ago."

The scene changes from the newsroom to the podium outside of City Hall, and the mayor shuffles forward to the mic. With a bit of a growl in his voice, Ghouliani says, "Until we can ascertain the nature of the flames currently engulfing the JSA headquarters, we have no choice but to let it burn. We are awaiting the arrival of a DEO HAZMAT team, and representatives from the Justice League. In the interim, the fire department is working to protect the surrounding buildings from burning also."

Back in the newsroom, the reporter says, "That's the statement of zombie mayor Rudy Ghouli--"

Patti mutes the television, waiting to see if they show the JSA headquarters again. "Oh, no," she says. "Daisy, the JSA must have ran from Lord of Fear just like we did! They're gone, and I didn't do anything! I should have tried to help!"

Daisy whines.

...making its way towards City Hall.
...making its way towards City Hall.

Just then, the scene changes on the television, and Patti gasps, unmuting the report. "This just in: with the Justice Society missing in action, the city is now besieged by a giant robot in the shape of a gorilla. The Beastie Boys song, 'Brass Monkey,' is playing from a speaker in the robot, seemingly announcing its name. However, it has not broadcast a purpose for the attack, but it does seem to be making its way towards City Hall."

Patti jumps up. "Stay here, Daisy! With the JSA gone, I have to help this time! I might be the only person who can!"

Daisy yips excitedly as Patti heads for the door, bouncing after her as she runs, begging to go.

"No, Daisy, you have to stay!" When the dog slinks back to the living room, looking dejected, Patti says, "Good girl." As she exits and closes the door, she says to herself, "She is so going to poop on my floor."

Running to the treeline of the woods near her home, Patti goes in far enough that she won't be seen, and once again dials H-E-R-O. As she changes, she grows to a massive eighteen meters tall, her body completely covered in a blueish ice. "Wow!" booms her voice. "I've become Frost Giantess! And I think I have just the power to stop Brass Monkey!"

She goes to run forward, and kicks something. She looks down, and sees that her change has destroyed a small section of trees. "Whoops," she says. Looking around the neighborhood, she sees various people in their yards, pointing and craning their necks skyward. "Sorry," she says, and then, "I have to stop Brass Monkey!" Forming an ice slide to propel her, she heads for downtown to stop the giant robot.

Downtown, thirty minutes later:

Bringing her ice slide to a stop in front of City Hall, Frost Giantess sees the giant gorilla robot just three blocks down. "Brass Monkey! Frost Giantess commands you to STOP!" she shouts. Corny, but I hope it works, she thinks to herself.

Doiby Dickles III is moving to Poughkeepsie!
Doiby Dickles III is moving to Poughkeepsie!

The robot registers her, and swings a massive arm in a backhanded sweep, taking out a section of the building it is next to. Debris and people go flying.

"NO!" screams Giantess, and she sends a giant mound of slushy snow to break their falls. "Sorry, folks! Best I could do!" she booms.

Just then, Brass Monkey picks up a red Volkswagen Beetle, and throws it overhanded at Frost Giantess. She hits the Bug with an ice blast, shatters it with a punch, and catches the driver in her hand. She sets the blonde haired woman down, and says, "Run!" just as a cab hits the hero in the back of the head.

As the cab settles, the driver scrambles out of it, and runs, screaming, "Forget this! First some nutjob talking to his necklace wants me to take him to the Hall of Justice! Now this! Doiby Dickles III is moving to Poughkeepsie!"

Turning to face her attacker, Frost Giant seethes, "That's it! I have had enough!" With a snarl, she charges the robot, and Brass Monkey charges back. They clash, Frost Giantess catching each of the robot's arms in her great hands. As they struggle, ice begins to creep down the robot's arms, rapidly spreading across its body until it is completely encased in ice. When it finally comes to a stop, she hauls back and punches the frozen form with all of her might. Like the Volkswagen before it, Brass Monkey shatters into several large pieces.

Mayor Ghouliani comes out to the steps of City Hall, and calls out, "Frost Giantess! Thank you for stopping that menace!"

Fools! You think you've stopped the attack?
Fools! You think you've stopped the attack?

Before she can answer, tinny laughter comes from the nearby head of Brass Monkey. "Fools! You think you've stopped the attack?" The laughter continues as a portal opens up. Out of it comes Lord of Fear, and another.

Remembering the terror from her previous encounter with the villain, Frost Giantess says, "Oh, no." Just then, she feels the change back starting to happen. "Mayor, I'm sorry, I can't stay."

"What?" says the mayor, a bit panicked.

"I'm sorry!" she says, and she uses an ice slide to get to the park where she can hide, and conceal her change.

Fifty-Five minutes later:

I've become Starfall!
I've become Starfall!

Patti stands in an electronics store not far from the park, watching the news on a big screen television. "...Hall right now, as a villain named Ogre has launched an apparent coup for mayor. The pumpkin-headed Lord of Fear is keeping police and bystanders at bay while the giant robot, Brass Monkey, previously defeated by the hero Frost Giantess before she inexplicably disappeared, has reformed itself, providing further defense of the beleaguered government building. How long Ogre can keep up this defense, and what he plans to do afterwards, is anyone's guess.

"There's still no word from the JSA at this time. The National Guard has been called, but won't arri--"

This is terrible! Patti thinks to herself as she leaves the store. What's wrong with this dial? Could it have picked a worse time for me to change back? And now, I can't get it to work! I've been dialing this stupid thing for close to an hour! Come on! Come on! I have to change into anoth--

Just then, the dial responds, and Patti is changed once again. "YES!" she hollers. "I've become Starfall!" Looking to the ebony sword that has appeared in her hand, she says, "And this is Godslayer! Yes, I know what I'm going to do now." She takes to the air, and flies to City Hall.

Next Issue: Part 4: The Capture of City Hall.-
Please let me know what you think, and thanks! -cbOriginally presented in: .CCC #134.

Story and original characters copyright Chris Bishop 2023.

DC characters owned and copyrighted by DC, and are listed in the first comment box.