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Holy crud! I have a "Person" page! See: Chris Bishop (added to wiki June 14, 2019) :)

And an interview! .Interview with a Viner: cbishop. (by Cloudguy)

I spend most of my time on the Fan-Fic forum, but have a much-neglected set of blogs and lists along with the Fan-Fic:


These may help if you're trying to figure out how to do certain things in your CV posts:

  1. ."How...?" The CV toolbar explained, Part 1.
  2. ."How...?" The CV toolbar explained, Part 2.
  3. ."How...?" The CV toolbar explained, Part 3.
  4. ."How...?" The CV toolbar explained, Part 4.

I have three accounts total- this one and two alts:

  1. cbishop. This account- my main account.
  2. BumpInTheNight. I use this mostly to buffer certain index pages, bump things when I've posted twice in a row as cbishop, and as "rough draft" space.
  3. FicOPedia. This account is for cataloguing the Fan-Fic forum so that story chapters are easier to find for everyone. I'm a freak.

My mom is a member here too:

  • GreenThumb. She's not on here very often, but sometimes she likes to vote for me in fan-fic competitions. She's cool like that. At the moment, she does not recall her password, but she will find it eventually.

I've been reading comics 45+ years now. My first three comics came in a Marvel three-pack, and thanks to CV, I finally figured out what the third one was (couldn't remember the cover).

The Mighty Atom cover on my profile is my "holy grail" comic search. It's something that my grandmother had given me, and I let it get away from me. I'd like to rectify that. UPDATE: I found one, but I'm still on the lookout for a better copy. :)

That's pretty much it. -cb