Digesting The Truth

Fareeha Island, Daytonville

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In the last couple of days, the atmosphere in her apartment transitioned from solitary confinement into a venue of innate creativity and self-establishment. In the aftermath of the West Cape fiasco Cat's life was consumed by the care of Tassi and her then comatose father.

The move to Daytonville brought more unforeseen variables like Sophia or So-So; as they called her, and Cat's biological daughter, Maricela. Now? for the time being she was by herself; Tassi moved to the United States with their awakened father, Maya was off doing what people of her immense power oft did. Sophia and Maricela were off at school during the weekdays so now it was just her.

The former Mazoi Princess took a few steps back to marvel at her first portrait; it was a painting of the family now--the future. Tassi, Star, Cat (Imperfect), Leonel, Maya, Alexis, Mari, and So-So; the omission of her mother and Selene happened by design. She didn't know Selene, and she didn't care enough about her mother to place her in the portrait.

Taking out her phone she snapped a quick picture and sent it to her girlfriend Zoe with a caption 'Boom Bitch.' Pacing from her living room to the bathroom, she dipped her oily hands in the sink to rinse the paint residue off, and that's when she heard such a familiar voice on the television.

Trust me I'd know
Trust me I'd know

"When I first saw the battle on television, I immediately thought yea' that could be Ziccarra, but then I took the time to look at the clips and you can tell this person is a novice. There's hesitation in her steps no real conviction; she didn't give me the warlord vibe that history has known Ziccarra to be. Clone, Android, Shapeshifter whatever it is it's not the woman who ran Spain into the ground. Trust me I'd know. It was Ashley, her mother's former fiance; apparently, some footage from the battle of Daytonville made it off the island and now some of the world leaders were calling for Cat's apprehension.

"What is she, some Ziccarra historian?." Cat scoffed before moving to turn off the T.V, but that's when the idea hit her; Ashley could train her! Ashley inadvertently played a pivotal role at shaping the Liafador family into what it eventually became; she spent years as a Bounty Hunter/Assassin for a group known as the Bravehearts, a group created by Cat's genetic father, Kane. Ashley fell in love with Ziccarra, helped her break the mind control Kane, and the Bravehearts had on her, and ultimately paved the way for Ziccarra to become the family Matriarch. She also saved a ten-year-old Cat from being murdered by Ziccarra's Red Cardinals during that same time frame. Ashley was perfect; she just needed to find her.

Union City, New Jersey


After the news special aired, Cat had to be specific about where she went especially in public. Instead of using standard means of transportation she had to teleport and use pretty crappy hotels--crappy even for New Jersey.

The first couple of hours were spent researching Ashley. The Last Braveheart settled down and became an author detailing her life as a bounty hunter; she divulged secrets from both sides of Pre-Liafador history including the "Indoctrination Process" and the Liafador Conspiracy.

It was pretty dicey, to release that kind of information, information she got from Ziccarra no doubt. There was a couple of pages dedicated to Catalina; it detailed how Ziccarra tried to have the ten-year-old child killed.

Cat used the number provided for Ashley's publisher; she knew now that the book was released media venues would be swarming to get the first-hand experience from anyone with the last name Liafador. She needed to get to Ashley; she figured maybe she could get the Sound Bender to direct her words toward the old family--maybe save those that didn't have a part some anguish.

"Yes, My name is Amia Liafador; I have some more information regarding the Bravehearts and the Red Cardinals. If you get in touch with her, you can tell her to meet me at the Blue Moon Motel on Normandy Ave. I'm only in town for a couple of days. Thank you."

Now the waiting game.

Later that night.

Cat returned kind of pissed off, the last time she was in the United States the Wendy's were still selling Spicy Nuggets, they didn't anymore, which made her travel to this country a lot worse.

"Stupid Americans, always changing the damn menu. And they only gave me one sauce!"

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Cat stopped in her tracks as the pistol sat pointed toward her face, and a familiar face sat at the desk threatening to end her life.

"Oh...yeah sure make yourself at home..." Cat responded sarcastically before using her telekinetic powers to remove the weapon from Ashley forcefully.

"Relax, I didn't call you here to hurt you" Cat explained taking a seat on her uncomfortable bed. Ashley hadn't changed a bit since the last time they saw each other.

"Cut the shit, who are you." She asked not amused at all by Cat's sense of humor. Ashley's ability to manipulate sound meant she could dispose of Cat before any offense could be mounted.

"Ashley wait, It's me Catalina" Ash's eyes dart toward the Ziccarra clone with caution. There was a brief silence between them before Ashley's shoulders relax.

"What the hell happened to you?" The Bronze Beauty asked folding her hands and pressing back against the chair.

"I'm not just a genetic clone of Ziccarra; but the real fricken deal. What's with the book?"

Ashley's relaxed nature allowed Cat to eat, but she was genuinely interested in the reasoning behind its creation.

"I don't know what made me create it, and I guess I looked back on my life and realized I gave my best years to an engine of destruction. I killed people no questions asked, and by the time I started to ask questions, it was too late.

"Mmm" Cat replied dipping her chicken nugget in 'sweet and sour' sauce before dapping at her mouth with a napkin.

"Well, I guess I probably should keep to myself that you're inadvertently the cause for all of this."

Cat's accusation drew a narrowed brow from the Sound Bender; she pulled so much interest that Ashley sat up in her seat.

"You fell so madly in love with my mother that you used a curse on her; a curse that made her see the world for what it was. She then turned on the Bravehearts, became the Liafador Family Matriarch, and you pretty much know what happened afterward. Not only did you do that, but you saved me in Columbia from her Cardinals; I didn't want to sound ungrateful, but had you let them kill me what happened in Malaga wouldn't have happened. Since I'm honest? All you did with this book is place another target on my family's back; people will now be actively looking for me; because they think Ziccarra is running through the world unchecked. I can handle myself no doubt, but In the long term, I'm thinking about the members of my family who have nothing to do with all this that will be affected. Cat's initial concerns went toward Chance, So-So, Tassi and Maricela the family

We have to destroy it. Now
We have to destroy it. Now

wronged them in more ways than one; the thought of them facing backlash because of the secrets divulged in Ashley's book was at the forefront of her mind.

Initially, Ashley rolled her eyes, but as she glances upon Cat's olive toned face she could see the problematic girl that destroyed Malaga was gone--Cat really did care.

"Well, I guess you're right to some degree. But regardless of if I saved you or not, the Liafadors were going to get what they wanted eventually. Either out of another clone or indoctrinating your younger sister.

Cat stopped sipping her drink; there was something in Ashley's response that causes Cat to perk up.

"Isadora was knee deep in the OSC there's no way they would've allowed my family to get close to her. I killed Anne and Jaime, and very few people knew Isis even exist at that time. What do you mean another clone?

By now the Last Braveheart stood up moving from the desk to steal a fry from Catalina. The 5'11 Liafador beauty allowed it only because she was curious in Ashley's answer. (Cat hated sharing food)

"Catalina, you weren't the first experiment. There were hundreds of tries to clone Ziccarra; you were just the only one that lived. I forget where the facility is I read it in one of Kane's reports, but yeah you were the only one that survived. And I wasn't referring to any of them I was talking about Kristina Huntington. Wait, All of this is new to you?"

It was almost as if the many revelations cause Cat to lose her appetite, and this went against everything she knew. There was an entire facility dedicated to creating Ziccarra clones that she assumed was still standing. Not to mention learning that Olympic Athlete Kristina Huntington was her sister! She met Kristina before, but to now know that they were related was mind-blowing.

"Oh...fork...I think I'm getting a headache" Cat said dramatically grabbing her head as if she'd developed a migraine.

"I know this is all overwhelming, but I'm assuming you didn't call me here to chat," Ashley said stealing another one of Cat's fries.

"Oh, yeah that's right. As you pointed out in your interview, I suck at everything. If I'm going to do this whole Goddess thing. I need you to train me. Teach me how to fight. But first, we have to destroy that facility, and we have to destroy it now. If you know anything about me; it was that I wasn't a very nice clone."


The Franchise #2: The Legend of Faore

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It seemed as if we'd been at war for years, but it wasn't always like that. A couple of years ago the King of Bristol a being we thought to be immortal was poisoned by his wife, Queen Rose. She took control of the royal guards and formed Bristol's first military, initially we were all horrified paralyzed by fear but once we saw what Bristol was becoming we rushed to defend the only world we ever knew. In a time period before man discovered the benefits of fire the Kingdom of Bristol was engaged in a lengthy war, blessed with talents no man at the time could comprehend, we fought Queen Rose until we tricked her into concealment. Two powerful blades forged in one of Asgards Nine Realms--The Black Rose Blade and The Green Dragon Blade. Before her death, Queen Rose enacted a curse Asgardian in nature one that changed our world for the worse. The people of Bristol begin to murder and kill one another, famine spread out across our land. We never knew such death was an option for we were immortal, but the reality of it became real once my two brother and parents died. Immortals kill other immortals. Fearful that the curse would begin to affect us, my older sister Shira took us to the edge of our expanse where humans had made a small civilization amongst themselves. They were ignorant, putrid and fickle creatures and it seemed as if the curse affect them too. That's where our lives changed. We brought the war to them.

I will protect you
I will protect you

"Faore, why are the humans killing each other?" Tesla asked somewhat confused. Since their arrival, a couple of years before the humans lived in peace with one another; but now like the kingdom of Bristol they attacked one another like savages, stole and murdered. Tesla loved the humans she used to spend hours on the market enlightening them on the Nine Realms and everything composed of it. "The Goddess of Knowledge and Virtue" that's what they called her.

They used to have a good relationship with humans, they often expressed happiness with offerings of fruit and textiles, but recently that stopped. Faore never helped without some sort of reward, her powers were hers to use; not when some human requested them. However lately, the humans were requesting her more and more to deal with problems only known by the gods.

"I have to go meet with Shira, we will discuss what's been happening to the humans I promise we will fix it. I will protect you." Faore made her departure en route to the forest, this forest was the baby of her youngest sister Nayru "The Goddess of Life and Fertility" as the humans called her.

Faore was typically associated with vanity, but they never gave her a name like they did Tesla and Nayru. Shira was positioned at the forest opening, such was the way--only people with pure hearts could enter Nayru's forests.

"She hasn't come out yet?" Faore asked standing shoulder to shoulder with her oldest sister, but Shira said nothing. Many days had gone past as Shira said nothing, she became shrouded in mystery over the last could of years seemingly enjoying the humans' self-destruction.

"Nayru, will not be coming out. I've locked her in that forest" Shira finally murmured her gaze falling on Faore.

War Goddess
War Goddess

Faore took a step back trying to process what Shira was telling her. "W-wait...you locked her in there why would...you..."

It should've been apparent the moment the humans starting killing each other, the Curse of the Queen; Shira brought it here.

"War Goddess..." Shira immediately constructs a containment spell, but the Faore was wise and well versed in magic, she was able to stop the spell in its tracks. She honestly didn't know if she wanted to fight or run, she couldn't leave Nayru like this, but also she had to protect Tesla.

"Y-you were supposed to protect us..." She gasps still in shock that their eldest sister had seemingly turned on them. With Naryu locked in the forest, it couldn't be helped she had to protect Tesla, her body erupted in a ray of light and Faore was gone off to find Tesla.

She was gone, Shira got to her before I could, her spirit permanently banished overseeing the oceans and various bodies of water. In the years afterward, I fought Shira many times, each time I grew stronger and stronger. It was only in my preparation for what I assumed was our final encounter that I realized what she wanted. Power, she wanted these humans to be her servants; and herself to master them as a single Goddess. This curse made people see the world as it actually was, Shira was a "War Goddess" in their eyes and because of it, they killed each other in her honor. Queen Rose's curse taught the Earth evil. I developed my own curse of sorts or freedom should I say. I've discovered a way to free my sisters from their prisons only temporarily, by encasing our spirits in the physical make up of these humans. The χ-gene as I've called it will allow them to harness the powers of Myself, Tesla and Nayru and only if the soul is right...Shira.

The Prize Fighter
The Prize Fighter

They'd summoned her by courier to this location where the War Goddess herself was supposed to have been. "Humans if you trust me, you will drink this without hesitation" She commanded, she only had a handful of vials people rushed each other to drink her concoction not questioning what it was, it was extremely rare that Faore came bearing gifts.

Physically Faore was no match for the might of the War Goddess; however, she made up for that attribute with power. A small group of humans immune to the effects of the curse stood behind her, they'd perish if they stayed once the blows began. For these "Goddess" look like them but came from an age that pre-date their Adam and Eve, their knowledge of the Nine Realms and the people in them made them pre-date the Earth itself. There was no one alive who could attribute what these women were, save for them.

Coming to a stop in the middle of the square, Shira in front of her, the evil energy permeating off her Goddess Armor. Faore could see, this wasn't the woman that helped defeat Queen Rose many years ago. In fact, she wasn't entirely sure if through some strange magic, that this wasn't Queen Rose.

"I can't believe it's come to this. You were supposed to be our protector, give us a second chance at life. Instead, you betrayed us and brought the mortals into our quarrels." Faore hissed her hands crackling with electricity.

"I've received a vision from on high, you think these mortals won't end up killing each other in the end? I'm offering them peace, balance!" Shira hissed back shrouded in corrupted energies. Faore took off in a blitz toward her malevolent sister, dropping to one knee shield in front of her Shira pushed upward shield bashing Faore stopping the assault dead cold.

"Heh...I could do this all day" The War Goddess gloated kicking Faore in her ribs breaking two. She was so much stronger, an attack head-on was never going to work. Which is why she needed Shira close.

With the War Goddess in close proximity, the Prizefighter summoned a powerful lightning bolt, too fast for Shira to actually defend against. The lightning slammed into Shira leaving her body flaling in a massive crater.

Struggling to breathe, the Prize Fighter rose to her feet waving off the humans that stayed to watch the outcome.

"Is...this...what..you wanted..." Faore struggled to limp toward the crater where Shira lay. "For...us to...fight...!" Her hazel eyes peered into the crater but the War Goddess wasn't there.

"No." Shira's voice boomed having teleported to the side of Faore her strong fist, a fist that could dent mountains slammed into her sisters' jaw causing ringing in the ears, blurred vision and most certainly a concussion.

Faore's body buckled from the force causing her to tumble on the ground a few times before rolling to a stop.

"What storybook do you live in, sister? I was created to fight, bred for it. You? you're supposed to be someone's housewife." Shira insulted still disrespectfully kicking Faore in the side as she struggled to gain her bearings.

"I-I didn't want to do this..." Faore whispered trying to focus on the many Shira's the punch conjured. Focusing on Shira's movements as much as she could Faore summoned psionic tendrils to trap Shira where she stood.

"N-n....ow...humans....ask...the Goddess' for strength" Faore passed out the might of the Modern Day Athena too much, but where the humans stood two massive lightning bolts, hit two of the stubborn woman that stayed.

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From the lightning bolts emerged Tesla and Nayru, having latched on to the two humans. They summoned their Earth power to constrict Shira to Nayru's forbidden forest. Faore watched as the War Goddess screamed as the circle of flames encompassed her banishing her spirit for the time being.

"Sister, you're injured" They screamed rushing to her side. They no longer look like Tesla and Nayru, but she knew it was them.

"My time on Earth is limited. Listen..." She grunted her face damaged beyond repair, uncontrollable blood leaking from her mouth. "I have tied our spirits to these humans, only the strong carrying the χ-Gene will have the power to summon us. I fear that is not the last this Earth will see of Shira.

Fort Sumter, South Carolina 1861

I wish I could say I wasn't going to enjoy this.
I wish I could say I wasn't going to enjoy this.

She forced him off of her, and for that he said she was 'disobedient" now he had to make an example out of her to let all the rest of them know he was not to be trifled with.

The atmosphere surrounding America in the 19th century wasn't her doing, she only had the power to subtly influence people, whisper ideas of war or revolution, but she was getting stronger. In order for someone to control the War Goddess, they needed compensate for what she lacked--intellect, otherwise she'd run wild.

He pulled his whip back to strike her but there was a crack before his whip snap. Lightning hit the ground startling him, his wife and all of the forced spectators.

"Oh sister...we meet again."

"The Prize Fighter"


The Franchise #1: The Prize Fighter

The Franchise #0

"Sister, I still don't understand why you have forsaken young Catalina. Her Mother and Father are gone, She has shown that she can bear the burden of the Goddess. She's going to need your help soon."

There is a great deal of turmoil in the Soul of "The Child that was not meant to be." She has yet to come to terms with her unnatural past, and now with her child in her life, I don't want to bestow power upon her. It's too risky.

Too risky, we gave the power of war to her mother, in hopes that she would use that power for good. But as we both know she did not, A lot of it was her own doing, but there were plenty of foreign parties that could share that blame. I say all that to say this. We will need to see what drives her before we can cast judgment.

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She'd been at it for hours, emulating videos on her mother's footwork, learning sword and shield techniques. Like Ziccarra, Cat could learn anything after seeing it once, but the one thing the Liafador Leader could not emulate was the time spent as a battle-hardened tactician. She was inexperienced with both a sword and shield, but she hoped studied her mother's footwork would at least improve balance and allow her control over spatial positioning.

With each swipe of her mother's blade, she saw an obstacle fall. She'd built up such a mental focus everything around her blurred, that is until she felt the gaze of a sixteen-year-old burning through her soul.

"...Hnn...What" She asked feeling the presence of Maricela flanked by both Tassi and "No Name" as they'd come to call her.

"I know you're a bit new to this mother thing, but you have three mouths to feed." Mari sassed. Finally, Cat's sword stopped swinging. Mari was right. She'd been so wrapped up in trying to master the sword and shield, she'd forgotten to spend time with the family. Cat's eyes immediately dart toward the visible eyesore, Maricela dressed in all black like some sort of goth girl.

"Whoa what the hell happened to you, you look like a Self-Harm survivor." She jested while trying to make sure this was actually her daughter.

"How are you going to judge me, when you've been wearing black almost your entire life?" Mari retort with her hands folded across her bosom.

"Yeah...I was on a lot of drugs too, what's your excuse?" She could tell the persistent questions about Mari's new...personality quickly became an issue, so she dropped it for the time being.

"Tassi, No Name. You two go wash your hands. You guys are going to help me cook." The two girls marched off with Tassi leading the way, No Name at heart was an assassin; this family lifestyle appeared to be harder than any challenge she'd faced before.

You don't have any powers.
You don't have any powers.

"You're really trying your hardest not to be like her huh?" Maricela asked eying the weapons previously placed down.

"I'm not trying. At the core, Your Grandmother and I are two very different people. She was a naturally kind person, but she found love and love is the one emotion that can make a Goddess act like a human." Cat explained making awkward eye-contact before brushing past Maricela.

"And what about you?"

"I was created to be the exact opposite." Cat replied before disappearing through the threshold. In a way, she achieved her purpose; Cat murdered thousands, killed her mother once before and was the original host for Y-Intercept. Now, she was free and making her own choices.

Dinner came and went, Tassi and Raysh's estranged assassin had settled in front of the television before Maricela could force them to go to bed. The De Facto Liafador leader sat on a chair beside her comatose father speaking to him like she usually did, but he and Maya were now one so she had to talk to her too--Maya could answer back.

Through the subtle vibrations in the floor, she could make out the faint arrival of Mari behind her holding an old book. "What's that," Cat asked nodding to the book.

"It's a book abuela was using to maintain Liafador International's finances, but there's something I think you should see here.

The young woman flipped to the back of the page, where the financial statements ended, suddenly she was reading what appeared to be a diary left by a very young Ziccarra Liafador.

"La Orden me ha ordenado enmarcar Quintus Knightfall y comenzar el Acta de Registro Superhumano. Nunca antes había conocido a Quintus Knightfall, pero me he reunido con sus familiares en varias ocasiones. Son poderosos, tendré que usar harness el poder de la piedra que encontré si quiero tener éxito. No entiendo sus poderes, pero me ha dado la capacidad de usar mi mente como un arma. Hasta que pueda aprovechar estas habilidades sin la piedra, lo mantendré. cerca de mi corazón ".

"So...uh...what's it say?" Mari asked peering over Cat's shoulder curiously.

"You'd know if you ever went to Spanish class, but your grandmother had been commanded by the Order?" Cat paused it was the first time in any of her mother's old text that "The Order" had been mentioned.

"She was ordered to frame the Knightfalls for the SHRA, and she was concerned on how she'd do it. She said she would have to harness the power of the stone...what stone?" Cat's eyes continued to scan the pages before coming to the last sentence.

"Close to my heart..." She whispered before looking at Alexis; nothing stood out until she remembers. "The Liafador Family Matriarch necklace," Mari said with a hint of irritation.

"The same necklace that you threw...in the Daytonville bay." She continued this time shaking her preparing to exit.

"Where are you going?" Cat asked pulling back Mari. "Mom, look. We can't just have that thing sitting at the bottom of the bay. What if someone else finds it? I'm the only person in this house that can get it. You don't have any powers...remember." Maricela disappeared through the threshold, prompting Cat to gather her things, but she couldn't leave Tassi and No Name here by themselves.

Sister, I know you sense the evil that moves on the family. You have to empower Catalina. Bestow the power of the Goddess upon her. Awaken the Prize Fighter.

Cat moved to the living room to join the two young girls watching television, but the sound of thunder rumbling in the heavens cause her to halt. "Crap. Sounds like it's going to rain. Girls go make sure all the windows are closed." She commanded before wincing in curiosity, she could hear it crackling through the skies.

Plowing a massive hole through the room, the enormous bolt of lightning slammed into Catalina finally using "The Goddess" to a Liafador once more.

"Maricela is in trouble...we must move fast! The Lavaliere has been detected"

Return of the Prize Fighter
Return of the Prize Fighter

TBC in the Daytonville Thread


Rite of Passage

"It's time we establish a new order. My Order"

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Catalina Liafador

Real Name: Catalina Liafador

Aliases: The Black Cardinal, The Queen of Darkness. The Tenekentic Siren. The Goddess

Height: 5'7

Weight: 126 Ponds

Age: 27

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Green

Species: Genetically Modified Human/Goddess

Alignment: Morally Ambiguous

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Belize

Relationship Status: Single

Powers and Abilities

No Caption Provided

Tenekinesis- Through the use of her Dark Force, Catalina can blanket an entire city in darkness, she also can cancel out light based attacks. She can move as a person's shadow or simply exist as her own. She can use darkness tendrills or manifest portals and attack via the portal. She can construct shields, walls, and weapons from her darkness. She can also create a pocket dimension to store a person in.

Shadow Form Catalina's Shadow form is essentially her Shadow that trails from her with each strike she throws, in it; she knows all of the core Cardinal Skills as well as a few of her own. She can actually transform herself into this shadow form; which allows her to use her Shadow and Biokinesis simultaneously.

Biokinesis- Cat can control life on a cellular level, including but not limited to, genetic alterations and physical distortion and/or augmentations of biological functions. They can cause cells to augment to induce advanced or declined biological healing, induce diseases like cancer, induce appearance alteration, manipulate pheromones, and even increase physiological maturity. She can alter her entire DNA to completely mimic, the powers and skills of any organic lifeform

Core Cardinals Skills.

Mind-Set - is a form of hypnotism that requires extreme concentration and focuses. It is perhaps the most powerful and dangerous of the Cardinal secrets, granting a warrior unshakable resolve and tenacity. The Mind-Set will cause a warrior to ignore pain and fear and has proven capable of casting off the effects of brainwashing.

Cloak of the Chameleon - using extreme physical control, the Cloak of the Chameleon alters breathing and circulatory patterns, in order to perfectly mimic the sounds of another person.

The Ear That Sees - is an exercise that concentrates hearing, to compensate for the loss of sight and allows a warrior to identify a foe through sound alone, with cues such as heartbeat, the sound of cloth against cloth, and the patterns of breathing and other movements.

The Sleeping Phoenix - technique mimics death, by exerting extreme physical control over involuntary bodily processes. It has proven valuable in fooling enemies, and in extending survival, such as when a Cardinal grandmaster used the technique to preserve his life, after the being stabbed by a Ronin shinobi.

The Blind Sword - a lesser sword fighting technique that allows the practitioner to defend them self in no visibility conditions, consisting in, just extending the sword using its scabbard for touch and compensate the loss of sight.

The Goddess

No Caption Provided

Much like her mother, Ziccarra; was blessed by the Warrior Goddess Shira; Catalina has been blessed by Shira's sister Faore. Because of this, Catalina's physical attributes are enhanced considerably. It is important to note that Cat cannot use her "Mutant" powers with Goddess form enacted. Though she can still use her Cardinal Abilities.

Agility – Catalina's coordination and balance are far beyond that of an Olympic level athlete. As is her agility. She’s fast enough to detect and evade bullets fired from long range.

Durability – Much like her mother, so long as Cat is wearing her Cardinal bangles, she has Durability. She possesses a high resistance to damage. Bullets are virtually ineffective at long range. Catalina's bangles can be nullified by magic attacks.

Speed - Peak or Enhanced. Cat can think, react and move at superhuman speeds. Cat's Max speed in Goddess form is about 45MPH

Stamina – 5) Superhuman; Able to sustain for a while. Her muscles produce no lactic acids, allowing her to fight without tiring.

Strength-6) Superhuman-Above 75 tons up to 100 tons. Cat is stronger than most beings, she’s on par with Hercules as far as raw strength, but she has to have already worked her muscles. From a stationary position, she can only lift 25 tons. Her strength can be nullified by any form of magic attack.



Black Rose Blade
Black Rose Blade

The Black Rose Blade is a Legendary Weapon that once belong to Chinese Warlord, Xiao Zing (Y-Intercept) it's a demonic blade that's said to be one of the two keys to lock away the spirit of Y-intercept on Earth. The Blade Rose Blade is a blade crafted to inflict poisonous strikes on an enemy.



The Fear of God II

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The safe location just happened to be a ferry from here, Chance and Cat were to cross the Mediterranean into Morrocco, the birthplace of Sabella Liafador.

The mental bondage Ziccarra had over Chance finally begin to subside, allowing her to think for her own. Dropping her older cousin unceremoniously on the ground the younger Liafador tried to make some sense as to how she got here.

"C-Catalina...what'r...what are we....what's going on?" Cat couldn't respond, the number of drugs Zeon used to sedate her had taken its toll. "Catalina, what's wrong?" she asked again, instead Cat's faraway gaze suggest Chance was in this on her own.

Just over Malaga's skyline, their battle could be heard, Zeon vs Ziccarra; the battle of the Matriarchs and suddenly Chance's involvement in this escapade became clearer--she was nothing more than a pawn.

No...I'm not...
No...I'm not...

"Killing my mother just wasn't enough, but now I'm just a pawn in your...your little game of thrones. You're all sick! you're supposed to be family, but you lie, you cheat, you steal, and you kill each other!"

Dropping to her knee before her sedated cousin, the anger, the rage, the heartbreak it fueled the usually docile Liafador.

"I-I-I should just push you into this bay right now! I should just kill you. Because that's what we do to each other. We just kill!" She continued, drawing a blink from the sedated doppelganger of her aunt.

"Y-you're not a killer..." Cat managed to whisper which admittedly scared Chance. Cat's body finally begin to metabolize the anesthesia, and now she was coming too. Moving stiffly to her feet, she winces in pain at the blistering light hitting her lids.

"You're right Chance, that's all we do. My mother, My grandmother, and even our generation that's all we do. But you haven't killed. You haven't allowed yourself to be wrapped up in our curse".

"You weren't born with our illness to strike down each other. Or the illness that makes us lose our minds. The moment you kill, you will be just like us. Don't ever embrace being a Goddess...fear it with all your heart. Otherwise, you'll spend your entire life trying to get back to normal."

"No...I'm not a killer...but some days I wish to God I were." Chance responded, even though her face actively fought what Cat was saying, she knew it to be true. The moment she became like them, was the moment she would never recover from.

The battle between Chance's sister and Cat's mother in the distance momentarily snagged their attention. "Should we go stop that?" Her eyes fix on Cat knowing she could interfere in some degree.

"No, what's happening over there is for the best of the family. Either my mother will win. Or it will be Zeon. Either way that chapter of our lives will be over." As she spoke directly to her youngest cousin, Cat's focus begins to wane in and out.

Instead of Chance, she saw Zedora. Instead of Zedora, she saw Ziccarra. Without her medicine, the dark Catalina...the young girl who simply couldn't trust anyone would emerge.

Trust me, you won't like what happens next
Trust me, you won't like what happens next

To make matters worse someone pinpointed Catalina down here with Chance, being a Liafador in Spain was nearly a death sentence. "Chance...you must..." go Cat said struggling to maintain focus on her cousin.

"But Cat, I'm not leaving you"

Extending her hands outward, Cat constructs a portal of darkness that would transport Chance back to London.

"Trust me, you won't like what happens next"

Chance disappeared right on time, the Lunatic Fringe begin to leak into Cat's psyche. Zeon neglected to keep Cat's medicine intake up to date. The young Liafador's eyes cackled a shrilling black before greeting the would be assassins in vintage Cat fashion.

No Caption Provided

Without warning hundreds of tendrils shot from her back impaling them as they came.


The Fear of God

No Caption Provided

This place was perfect, unlike anywhere outside the Arbiter’s Grounds; the air here carried a certain freshness that’d fool the idle mind. However to Catalina, this place was nothing more than a beautiful penitentiary. Though the people of the Kwazulu Alcazar; and those rescued from her mother’s raid on the “Architect’s” compounds enjoyed the benefits of safe haven, Cat couldn’t shake the fact that they were hiding from their past.

“What the hell is wrong with you, aren’t you supposed to be teaching self-defense class?” Her younger sister’s voice boomed before her lithe model-like frame came into view. “What’s the point, we teach the same classes everyday; but for what everyone who knows this place exist lives here?” She replied lethargically with her head still press on the tabletop.

“That’s not the point Cat, mom gave us duties.” Maya continued this time taking a seat across from the 2nd Mazoi Princess. Though she was right; Cat couldn’t help but scoff at the notion—duties, what did that even mean anymore. “Yet she’s our mother and she’d not here; neither is our father, nor our grandmother.” When angered, there was really no talking to Cat; especially when the person was someone like Maya—a bleeding heart.

“We’re supposed to be out in the world dealing with what we created. The Cardinals, Zeon…remember them? But not, instead we’re cooped up behind these walks pretending to be royalty.” She continued pushing away from the table smacking Maya’s apple from her fingers in frustration.

“Ayah! You little whore, what was that for!” Maya’s hands push forward releasing the ornate hexing energies; trapping her sister in a stasis field. “Little whore? That’s funny coming from a woman who literally made millions walking around half-naked.” Cat quickly clapback.

“Yes, but still only one of us has a sex tape” Maya retort viciously; but released her hold in order to try an understand Cat’s frustration. “Cat you know why we’re here. We’ve done so much wrong in our lives. We need to lay low. Everything a Liafador lays a finger on begins to wither.”

It was fitting that someone like Maya eventually gave up, she was always the good one; she always saw the best in people. The only time she did anything wrong wasn’t even her fault. As her older sister, Cat could see those events scared her younger sister, and rightfully so. “Maya I understand, you’ve never consciously made a mistake, but people like me? Like Mom, Like Isis, Like Zeon—we have.”

Unlike Maya, Cat was charismatically arrogant; she could become blood lusted and vengeful, Thanks to Leonel these were traits she now knew how to redirect; but they never truly left her.

Both sisters stood shoulder-to-shoulder eying the boundaries past the cape. “You don’t think I can handle the pressures of my last name.” The younger Liafador said with a small sigh.

“I don’t think you can handle the pressures of being a Goddess. You’re content with living in a fabricated world. You’re content with being Daddies little princess. I’ve willingly killed people Maya—both evil and a lot of them good. But you? You’re far to naïve and impressionable to do what needs to be done. You need to live here; a place like this to me is a prison, a way to keep me out of the way. I can’t live here.”

A small parted them, in some ways Maya believed what Cat was saying to her, she did give up; she was too much of a daddies girl to “do what needed to be done” whereas Cat could accomplish her goals regardless of her image.

“It all started when you died. I couldn’t save you; but I can alter reality. Mark Antony died, and I couldn’t save him. What’s the point in having all this power, but not being able to do anything.”

Goodbye Maya
Goodbye Maya

“What’s the point in having all these powers and NOT doing anything.” Cat quickly retort running her hands through Maya’s straight locks. “Take care of Tassi, get married to a beautiful wife; or else I’ll talk about her—but really…just give this life up. I’m going to pack my things; I’m not staying here anymore."


The Pit Reflections: Catalina Liafador

No Caption Provided

Before my mother, women in my family were defined by their looks. Those deemed beautiful enough to survive the harsh expectations of being a Liafador were welcomed into this..this cult, the unfortunate were thrown to the wolves. Forgotten until the Spanish winter killed them off.

I'm fairly certain the accepted believed they were lucky--oh how far from the truth that was. We were slaves, second class sex citizens within our own familes. We were tools to be used by the men to push forth some sort of occult agenda. We didn't get to speak our minds, in fact those who had a mind were often drugged or indoctrinated.

The atrocites against women in my family grew to the point where they stopped allowing natrual births--Me. I'm the first product of an unnatrual birth. My genes are composed of my father, and my mothers--but my mother and father are also brother and sister. "The Perfect Liafador" that's what thos fckers called me. Perfect, perfectly insane; I see things I never experienced. I get cravings to kill; not to mention I have a disease that prevents me from ever fully trusting anyone.

My family should've been wiped off the map after the crusades. Instead we exist as false gods, most of it has to do with my mother; but alot of it has to do with HER parents. Grand Cardinalism is a religion that glorifies the horrors that Sabella and Ramon exposed us too, and they acended to godhood because of us, because they ensured that a little bit of them went into each of their children's offspring.

I never understood the pit, I knew my mother was the first person to complete it, Quintus, Zeon and Isis all came behind her; but I thought it was just a way our family developed powers. It's not. Because here I am in the Pit with my baby sister, powerless after already having powers. It's only now that I'm here, surrounded by the stomach churning growl of hellhounds that I realize we enter here for something different.

We enter to expunge the weaker elements of the Old Patriarchy, we come in here to become the people we were meant to be; and if we don't make it out, the shield of family was never meant to protect you.

For three days I've been dehydrated; giving any and all water I've come across to Tassi to keep her in good spirits. She knows I'm dying, she isn't as enthusiastic; but she knows I'm trying. For three days, I've had an infected wound on my shoulder. The wounds has been festering in the sweltering heat; I know I'm dying because I can literally smell it.

No Caption Provided

But I keep myself in good spirits listening to Tassi explain how Star likes to dig his bones in different locations because they taste different, or something along those lines.

I'm dying, and even though I am; I feel like I'm still going to make it. I mentioned before I am the genetic replica of Ziccarra Liafador, the Pit's first champion-- I refuse to let it beat me. I refuse to die a machine meant only to serve those who created me. I refuse to be a tool, but most importantly I refuse to allow my sister to become like us. Us, Maya, Myself and Selene. Tassi will be married, she will live a fruitful life--even if this damn cavern drives me crazy.

This endeavor has taught me a few things, I'm alot more resilent than I thought. 2, Tassi is really good at shadow figures. We eat days old hound, I'm not sure if it's healthy, but who cares in a place like this. Learning how to light a fire with rocks was probably easier than actually killing the damn thing, but once I did both I knew I could feed us for a few days. The hellhounds have three heads, like Cerberus, but like the Hydra went you cut one head off it grows back. Fcked me up when I first saw it, so I cut out it's heart--and I ate it. Today? Tassi can't tell the difference between the hellhound and duck. It's oily dark meat with a bit of a sour twag, but It could be based off what the thing has already eaten.

I watch as she drinks the last of her water, and I know it's time to find some more. I have not consumed one ounce of water since we've been in here. I have the unflattering task of drinking my sister's piss for survival.

No Caption Provided

We carry a small bottle in Tassi's Dora the explorer backpack. I have to tell her to go "Tee-Tee" she doesn't understand why but she's keeping me alive. We sleep close, because for some reason at what I think is night the temperature drops dangerously low, also because I'm so dehydrated I hear things. Not like beast or anything...but victims.

I heard the people I've killed, their moans bellow through the walls while we sleep. I feel the vibrations of their bodies flailing into ash on my spine. I am a Liafador made assassin and I've killed people, but I'm here to stop it all.

I don't want to be a murderous whore anymore. I want to be Catalina Liafador. Whoever she was meant to be. TBC.

Start the Conversation

"The Satisfaction of Bloody Orgasms"

Cat sat with her legs overlapped, watching intimately, as each of the captured rebels were prepped for execution. Her head scanned from left to right; her eyes met only briefly with those of the damned, but in those final moments she was able to access the passion in their hearts. The guy sitting on the end, praying zealously to the heavens for a savior; was once a carpenter. He lost his wife in the purge following the nuke, with nothing left to fight for; he joined the rebellion to give the future a chance.

“You are indeed the type of person Eden needed, but for your rebellious acts. You are hereby sentenced to death.” On her word, a Katana was jabbed into the soft tissue of the neck. Blood pushed through his wound like a geyser, his limp body hit the cold floor; sending a paralyzing feeling of fear into the eyes of the other prisoners.

Little did these lowly prisoners know, they were lucky. In the world that would soon follow; free will, free thought and even free pregnancies would be abolished. “You all will have the privilege of dying here today as citizens of Venezuela, and not Eden.”

She stopped briskly in front of the next man, his eyes were pomegranate red; probably from the countless nights he spent lying to the rebellion. He pledged allegiance to the cause, but raped and murdered the daughters and sons of the real fighters.

Cat didn’t both to say anything to him, the moment she passed him a sword removed his head. She kicked it out of the way, as she marched towards the final prisoner. A 17 year old, black hair; just like Cats’. She ran her hand across the child’s shoulder; the resemblance in them both was uncanny.

What was she guilty of? Aiding the rebellion, she got caught; but the rebellion left her to be captured. “You are but a child, a virgin child at that.” Cat whispered, her voice was low; but her breaths were heightened. She saw them again, the faces of the men that stole her virginity; the faces of those that matured her before her time.

Placing her hand over her face, she stumbled backwards towards her seat. This child was Catalina, not physically but the semblance was there. Still trying to recover from her panic attack the *Malika’s stare soon turned sinister.

“You two take her to the bedroom and take her “innocence” after you’re done, kill her.” The child instantly began screaming and kicking; while being dragged off.


“Fate saw it fit to present me with a chance to save myself.” Cat’s voice was mixed with excitement, subtle grunts and moans slipped through her mouth, her words were soon discouraged by an intense feeling of ecstasy. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist; while he continued thrusting his salty body into hers.

While he pinned her down, her eye’s intensified; and in that moment she was able to relive the whole bloody affair of her guards and the child she sentenced to death. As she reached her peak, the scene around her changed; she lay nude in the blood of the virgin.

“What’s funny?” her partner asked, snapping her from reality.

“What did you say your name was?” Cat asked, curiously. “It’s Curtis, but my friends call me SHA”

“Well SHA It’s just that fate offered me a chance to save myself today, but instead I did what someone should’ve done years ago. I killed her. Whatever remained of sweet innocent Catalina, died the day I was raped now the World will also enjoy, the satisfaction of bloody orgasms.”


Y's warning

If you look up my name throughout history, nothing ever shows up; but if you know ME, then you will know my name appears more times than a little hehehe. I miss the days where I would pledge my alliance to someone only to turn on them a few months later; or the days I spent honing my craft to skin my sifu*

I miss those days where, you set a plan into motion; only to have a super hero dressed in Blue Spandex with a shield and visor and four or five of his closest friends ready to stop you.

Those days are behind us, do you know why those days are behind us? Of course you don’t, and I will tell you why.

“I know where exactly where to find Quintus Knightfall, I know exactly where to find Feral Nova, I know exactly where to find Impero; I know exactly where to find Edward Winsor, I know exactly where to find Ziccarra. The challenge of being a public menace really means you must think of creative ways…”

“How can I creatively punish my enemies? The system has changed, but like the concept of evolution I shall change with it.”

“In a world where everyone is a martial arts master, a god, or a religion; how can you creatively punish your enemies…stay tuned…I will show you hehehee”


Liafador Canon

The Liafador Family emerged in the 1900’s, as a family built on business. The small family winery boomed in the Spanish town o,f Malaga; and soon the Liafador Wine called “Besos” flourished throughout the country of Spain.

After the resurgence of the Red Cardinals in the early 20 century; the Liafador Family became heavily involved with the then terrorist organization. Ricardo Liafador and his wife headed the Family's involvement with the Cardinals before usurping all the other leaders to obtain sole power.

Shortly after her journey through the Pit, Ziccarra transformed the Red Cardinal organization into a religion commonly called "The Cult of Cardinals"

The Family

Kane Liafador (MK Assassin)

No Caption Provided

Is the 1st born of Sabella and Ramon. After his parents defected to the Braveheart Order, Kane followed them to help sabotage Cardinal Operations.

Kane is known for his nomadic nature; despite his seemingly distant personality, he keeps a close eye on his daughters. Kane is best described as a "Rolling stone" having slept with and; impregnated 5 different females. Kane once tortured Ellie Knightfall, for the rape of his daughter Cat.

His Children include Isis, Catalina, Kristina, Anne (Killed by Catalina), Jaime (Killed by Catalina), and Enrique (Killed by Catalina). None bare the same nationalities.

Siblings: Faatina Knightfall, Sophia Liafador, Ziccarra Liafador, Marcos Liafador, Leonardo Liafador, Xiomaera Liafador, Bellona Liafador

Catalina Liafador (The Skull Queen)

No Caption Provided

Catalina was born in Madrid, Spain; to Kane Liafador. Kane After performing intensive monarch programming on Ziccarra, he was able to engineer and implant a child in Ziccarra which was done at the behest of his father.

In an effort to keep Catalina away from Ziccarra, Kane took Cat to Belize; and raised her himself. At the age of 10, Cat showed signs of Capgras syndrome and mild depression. It is believed that her depression is the source of her powers.

Catalina rose to prominence, shortly after her father left Belize. With her control over the Shadow Cardinals; she quickly made a name for herself in the cartel. Her drug empire expanded into Brazil, pre-invasion Venezuela and, the Caribbean Islands.

Cat's depression left her open to a spiritual possession, by Y intercept. (Y is her CVNU equivalent), Y's nasty and foul nature caused Cat to bud heads with; Ziccarra Liafador and, then Husband Quintus Knightfall. After being halted in her attempted destruction of New York, Cat split from Y; but was raped in the process. From that day forward, the Tenekinetic Queen has vowed revenge on those that wronged her.

She is credited with being the former Queen of Eden, depowering Southern Venezuela; and killing Ziccarra Liafador, Destroying Malaga and instigating the events of the Cataclysm. Cat used to command, the shadow Cardinals; however, this was taken from her when Quintus Knightfall completed the Pit.

The Cataclysm - Present

Toward the end of the Cataclysm, Catalina committed suicide to free herself of the 3rd Societies Indoctrination; leaving her dead throughout the entire Spanish Revolution. She was brought back shortly afterward by Sabella Liafador but told that if she died again she would be in a place Sabella couldn't reach.

Cat and a recently ressurrected Ziccarra Liafador lived in Morrocco, Africa in recluse until Maya's use of the Phoenix Force reset the entire family to an island in the False Bay. Deciding she was tired of living the life of an outlaw Cat left the island only to be caught by Zeon Liafador. Zeon held a grudge against the entire "Liafador-Pettis family" and sought to use Catalina to lure Ziccarra out of hiding.

In the final battle between Z and Zeon, both of them were killed the result caused a metamorphsis inside Catalina changing her to look like Ziccarra.

Siblings: Leonel Pettis, Tassiania Pettis, Maya Liafador-Pettis, Selene Liafador-Pettis, Isis Liafador, Kristina Huntington. Jaime Liafador (Deceased), Anne Liafador (Deceased) Enrique Liafador (Deceased), Isadora Lebeau, Alexa Pettis

Ziccarra Isabella Liafador (The Red Cardinal Goddess)

No Caption Provided

Was the leader of the Tibetian and Malagan Cardinals; she is known as the "Queen Cardinal" because she commands the Cardinals in the origin place of Tibet.

Z is the youngest child of Ramon and, Sabella Liafador. Z's Cardinals are the most honorable bunch of Cardinals in the family. They are taught not to fear death, rather embrace it. They have a core set of morals that do not falter even in the less fortunate of situations. Ziccarra taught herself, how to use her diabetes as a defensive trigger.

Ziccarra's marriage to Quintus Knightfall came to an end when Quintus was killed by Grandmaster Impero Ishin. The Malagan Marchioness vanished into the underbelly of Mexico; after being betrayed by Isabella Marisol (Zedora)

A few months after her exile, Ziccarra was met by a Saccari and told of her daughter's whereabouts. Fearful for what might happen to Isadora, and her best friend Ellie; Ziccarra returned. She was eventually killed by Catalina in Southern Venezuela.

Thanks to Quintus Knightfall, Ziccarra was resurrected as the "Cardinal Goddess" has officially parted ways with the Knightfall family, the former conqueror of Venezuela turned over a new leaf and eventually married the Herald of Hope, Alexis Pettis.

During the events of Dreams and Nightmares, Tassiania's trip through time causes the effect the course of history causing Ziccarra to eventually go crazy with the Nexcodessa Virus. Ziccarra attempted to lead a coup on Spain but was eventually killed by her Grandson Mark Antony. She has since returned.

Siblings: Faatina Knightfall, Kane Liafador, Sophia Liafador, Marcos Liafador, Leonardo Liafador, Xiomaera Liafador, Bellona

Children: Isadora Leabeu, Catalina Liafador, Maya Liafador-Pettis, Leonel Pettis. Tassania Pettis, Selene Liafador-Pettis. Mark Antony (Grandson) Car'ra Kinghtfall (Grand Daughter), Alexa Pettis

Sofia Liafador

No Caption Provided

Sofia Liafador is the half-sister of Kane and Ziccarra Liafador. She was born to Ramon Liafador and a Columbian house-keeper. After finding out about his affair with the housekeeper, Sabella Liafador had the woman killed, and the child placed into protective custody.

Sofia never commanded a Cardinal Unit of her own, but she has been influential in infiltrating the Cardinal sects in order to bring down the legacy of her own family. She is blessed with the ability to manipulate Ice. Sophia has spent most of her life separate from the Liafador Family but has found herself allied with the 3rd Society cabinet members.

Daughters: Sky Carmichael, IIyana Newcastle

Marcos Liafador

No Caption Provided

Marcos, unlike Kane; became a Red Cardinal and took his talents to Italy. Once there he and his wife Estella set up a Cardinal training post in Puglia to help assist Z. Marcos manages the Mediterranean wine distribution as well, as any problems that need Cardinal influence around the sea. He is the father of Zeon the White Cardinal Chief, and new Liafador Family Matriarch.

Because he travels a lot, Marcos tends to sleep around a lot too; he has a child with a Moroccan woman. The child and the woman, both to this day remain a secret.

Children: Zeon, Chance, Honor Avenger, Leah Liafador

Siblings: Faatina Knightfall, Kane Liafador, Sophia Liafador, Ziccarra Liafador, Leonardo Liafador, Xiomaera Liafador, Bellona Liafador

Zeon Liafador (The Matriarch)

No Caption Provided

Zeon is the only daughter of Estella and Marcos Liafador, They run one of the Liafador family wineries in Sicily, Italy; where Zeon was born and raised. Both her parents were also in charge of the Cardinal division in Italy and ran a training camp in Puglia Italy.

Zeon grew up around the life of the Cardinals, training with them, going on missions and even to the point of her taking over the Cardinal training camp and running it herself under the watchful eye of her parents while at the same time, helping run the family winery when she's not busy with the other family business.

After a fated meeting with Ziccarra, she is now the Liafador Family Matriarch. Zeon is the only Liafador to go through the Pit Twice.

Siblings: Lebreau. Honor Avenger, Leah Liafador

Jaime Liafador

Jaime is the result of Kane's nomadic lifestyle, she is both Spanish and Thai in descendant and commands the small Cardinal presence in Guyana; much like her half-sister, Catalina; Jaime wasn't allowed to know about Ziccarra. It wasn't until she met Catalina that she got in on the Cardinal business. Jaime was killed by Catalina; once she took the throne in Eden.

Isis Liafador (The Renegade Liafador)

No Caption Provided

Isis is the oldest child of Kane Liafador and damn near-twin sister to Catalina. She is of Spanish and Greek Heritage; is probably one of the most intelligent Liafadors. She strives to honor both Ziccarra and Quintus; while remaining completely loyal to Cat. Since the Fall of Spain, Isis has been hunting rogue Cardinals.

Siblings: Catalina, and Kristina, Jaime, Enrique, Anne

Anne Liafador

No Caption Provided

Being of both Spanish and Russian heritage; Anne has a massive frame, that makes her somewhat of a juggernaut. She is a sister of Isis and Cat, but will only converse with Isis. She owns a small villa in Nicaragua but is native to Siberia.

Following Catalina's rise in Eden, the Dark Cardinals stormed Anne's compound in Siberia and assassinated her.

Siblings: Catalina, Kristina, Jaime, Enrique and Anne

Lebreau (Chance) Liafador (The Matriarch)

No Caption Provided

Lebreau or Chance is the illegitimate daughter of Marcos and Daria Holmes, she is of Moroccan heritage. She was kidnapped by The Matriarch Zedora, during the war on Asgard; and has been rescued and help captive by Maya Liafador.

Following Maya's 'reset' of the Liafador Family, Chance found herself fumbling around without a home.

The Youngest daughter of Marcos would find herself used as a pawn in the battle between Ziccarra and Zeon, a battle that saw the death of her sister Zeon; and the Start of Chance's reign as Matriarch

Siblings: Leah Liafador, Zeon Liafador, Honor Avenger

Isadora Lebeau

No Caption Provided

If you ask Catalina, Isadora does not count, but anyone else will vouch for the "Princess of Cardinals". Isadora is the daughter of Quintus Knightfall and Ziccarra Liafador. Isadora does not bear the name, "Liafador, or Knightfall" rather Lebeau as an homage to her handler. This vicious vixen has gone toe to toe, with Mercy and Ellie; along with countless others. She was killed after some dealings with the Lebeau faction.

Children: Mark Knightfall, Car'ra Knightfall

Siblings: Catalina, Maya, Tassi and Selene

Enrique Liafador

No Caption Provided

Enrique is the only son of Kane Liafador and believed to be the only male in the third generation. He usually stays close to Kane but has been sent on missions to monitor the movements of Isadora, Isabella, and Maya. Enrique suffers from Riley-Day Syndrome, which makes it hard for him to eat at times; however, he is insensitive to pain. Enrique harvested his power through his condition, much like Catalina.

He was hunted down and killed by Catalina sometime after she took command in Eden.

Siblings: Catalina, Anne, Jaime, Isis and Kristina

Maya Liafador - Pettis

No Caption Provided

Maya is the first child of Ziccarra and Alexis, as an embryo her consciousness was abducted by the 3rd society; and implanted in a pre-made body; aging her months before she was actually born. She is often considered to be the most powerful amongst the Liafadors because of her "New God and Cardinal Goddess" origins. She has the ability to manipulate Reality, a skill that helped her silence the 3rd Society for 5 months.

After the events of Dreams and Nightmares, Maya's heart was blackened turning the hero into a galactic level threat. Maya eventually returned to her right mind and used her powers to essentially 'reset' the entire family to a time period just after Dreams and Nightmares; when the Liafadors came too they were living in the False Bay.

Siblings: Catalina, Selene, Tassi, Leonel Pettis, Isadora, Alexa

Leonel Pettis (The Azure Son)

No Caption Provided

Leonel Pettis is the adoptive son of Ziccarra and Alexis, he traveled from a "dead" universe known as Reality M, to the CVNU in hopes of rebuilding a life for himself. Leonel appears to be a younger version of Alexis with just about the same abilities; save for a few.

Even though he has been accepted into the "Liafador Pettis Family" he refuses to call Z and Alexis his parents.

Siblings: Catalina, Maya, Selene and Tassi, Alexa

Faatina Knightfall (The Dread Pirate)

No Caption Provided

Faatina Knightfall is the daughter of Jayden Knightfall and Sabella Liafador, she is unofficially the oldest of the Knightfall children. Faatina was given to a family in India shortly after her birth, and raised to be a caretaker; shortly after her parents were killed in a riot, she begins training to be a war mercenary. She has trained in with the Israeli Special Forces Units; as well as U.S Naval teams.

Shortly after leaving the military she was given the nickname "Cerise Swashbuckler, or Cerise Tactician" because of her ability to wage war on land and in the sea. She fought against the Red Cardinals initial push into Tibet but pulled out after learning Ziccarra was her half-sister.

While she is believed to be powerless there is evidence that suggests otherwise.

Ziccarra Liafador, Bellona Liafador, Kane Liafador, Sophia Liafador, Marcos Liafador, Leonardo Liafador, Xiomaera Liafador. Also the Knightfall clan.

Sky Carmichael

No Caption Provided

Sky Carmichael is the daughter of Sofia Liafador, her name was purposely made "Carmichael" so that Sofia's mother still had some sort of legacy to continue. Sky is a known swimsuit model, but unlike the rest of her family she lacks warrior traits. She is said to descend from an ancient race of Gods known as the Zeal.

Siblings: Illyana Newcastle

Tassania Pettis


Currently still an infant, Tassania Pettis is a Half-Cardinal, Half New God hybrid; like her sister Maya. Tassi has learned to walk and talk at a rapid pace, leaving many of the family members to believe she has tapped into her powers.

Since Dreams and Nightmares, Future Tassi has been held captive by Maya; younger Tassi is currently under the care of Catalina and WAL.

Siblings: Leonel, Catalina, Maya, Selene, Alexa, Isadora

Honor Avenger (The Darwinist Dictator)

No Caption Provided

For the longest time, Jessica tormented the streets of Gothic City as the Darwinist Dictator; Honor Avenger. Left at just a young age by her father, Jessica grew up surviving on the very streets she lived on. After years of terrorizing Gothic City, she was placed in Bedlam Asylum where she spent many of her days doing "hush" government missions. After staging a massive prison riot that eventually granted her freedom, Jessica was finally able to meet the man that abandoned her so many years before; Marcos Liafador. Making the Darwinist Dictator a Liafador. Jessica has not been seen since she fought her sister Zeon in the Liafador War.

Siblings: Lebreau, Zeon. Leah

Mark Knightfall

No Caption Provided

Much like Faatina, Mark is also of both Liafador and Knightall blood. His father, Charlemagne Leabeau impregnated the girl he raised as his daughter; Isadora Liafador--who was of both Liafador and Knightfall lineage herself. Mark doesn't have a strong connection to the Liafador side of his family, he has met Ziccarra (His grandmother) on one occasion, one that ended with an attack by Darkchild.

Despite worrying about his well-being his "Granny" knows he is more than capable of taking care of himself. As of the events of Dreams and Nightmares, Mark managed to kill Ziccarra, by ultimately killing himself.

Selene Liafador (The Black Cardinal)

No Caption Provided

Selene Liafador's origins are an enigma, the exact date of her birth is a mystery, but it's clear that she is the child of Alexis Pettis and Ziccarra Liafador. It is believed that Selene came into being during the original rise of the 3rd Society, but no one other than Maya can confirm this.

Because Maya has such vivid memories of Selene the two are virtually inseparable. Selene shares the same socialite personality as Maya, but has a closer bond with the Ziccarra; then Maya does. Though she has not completed the Pit, Selene refers to herself as "The Black Cardinal"

Siblings: Catalina, Leonel, Maya and Tassi, Alexa, Isadora

Sabella Liafador (The High Cardinal Goddess)

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Sabella Liafador was born in Morocco, Africa to Priscilla Jimenez and Rafael Jimenez. In her infancy, Sabella learned how to both Talk and Walk before the age of 10 months, because of this she was seen as a “special child.” Priscilla, Sabella’s mother was a stay at home mom, she taught Sabella how to play the piano; as well as teaching etiquette and decorum—which were key traits at family gatherings. After marrying Ramon Liafador, Sabella became influential in the rise of the Liafadors by using her looks to blackmail high ranking officials across Europe. Sabella and Ramon eventually turned on the Cardinals organization by joining the Bravehearts. It was Catalina Liafador that had Sabella killed initially, however she ascended to godship once Quintus Knightfall brought back Ziccarra Liafador.

Sabella holds the title of "High Cardinal Goddess" despite not being a Cardinal herself. She is blessed with the abilities of Fertility and life, but can also use any powers granted to her offspring. She currently rules Grand Cardinal Island.

Children: Faatina Knightfall, Kane Liafador, Marcos Liafador, Ziccarra Liafador, Leonardo Liafador, Xiomaera Liafador, Bellona Liafador

Ramon Liafador (The Last Patriarch)

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Ramon rose to power in Malaga after he took charge of Cardinal operations in the area, he and his son Kane and Wife Sabella were kicked out of Cardinal Order due to the treatment of his youngest daughter Ziccarra. Ramon was the initial mastermind behind the indoctrination practices of the 3rd Society and eventually begin to do their bidding as a pawn. Turning on his father's operations, he joined the Braveheart Order but was eventually killed by an assassin sent by a 12-year-old Catalina Liafador. It was with his death that the Patriarch period of the Liafador family ended, paving the way for Ziccarra to become the first Matriarch.

Siblings: That Alt Orph has

Children: Kane, Sophia, Marcos, Ziccarra, Bellona

Leah Liafador

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(Needs Info)

Siblings: Zeon, Lebreau, Honor Avenger

Leonardo Liafador

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Leonardo Liafador is the youngest brother of Ziccarra and son of Sabella. He was born without a father, as a testament to Sabella's fertility powers. He was created with the hope that'd he eventually Kill Ziccarra, instead, he has assimilated into the family, often seen checking on Tassi.

Siblings: Marcos, Ziccarra, Kane, Xioxaera, Faatina

Kristina Huntington

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Kristina is currently the only Liafador-Huntington hybrid. Born from Lorelei Huntington and Kane Liafador, Kristina has spent most if not all her life with the Huntington Family, despite actually meeting Catalina; she has been largely ignorant of who she's related to on the Liafador side. Kristina has no aspirations foto ever assimilate into the Liafador Family.

Siblings: Catalina, Isis, Anne, Jaime, Enrique. Also the Huntington clan.

Xiomaera Liafador

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Accessing the evasive gift of teleportation at the age of fifteen Xi ran away from the complicated future of Reality M. Giving herself a one-time jump she escapes and finds herself on a more stable Earth. Spending a couple years traveling the new Earth she tries to find a place of her own. Keeping tabs on this version of the Liafadors she learns that this earth’s version of Xiomaera passed away as a still-born. Instead of revealing herself to her family she takes a surprising route in joining The Academy to further develop her skills until she is ready to face them.

Siblings: Ziccarra, Marcos, Kane, Faatina, and Leonardo

Bellona Liafador

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It is not common knowledge to anyone but Zeon and Sabella that Bellona even exists. Having been born just a few years after Ziccarra, Bellona was kept for a few years before it was decided that she made Ziccarra weak. In an attempt to disrupt a bond, Sabella and Ramon had Bellona tossed into the Liafador Family Pit at the age of 7. After leaving the child to pretty much die, Sabella and Ramon wiped any records of Bellona

She essentially lived in the Pit this entire time and resided there when Ziccarra, Quintus, Zeon (X2) and Catalina conquered the hellish structure.

The Forgotten Liafador has now escaped the Prison that had held her captive for most of her life. She now walks on the same land that her family has been blessed with returning to after their 'brief' time in the pit. While her parents saw it fit to separate Ziccarra from her sister, not even they could have planned for Bellona to eventually become one with the Pit. To the point where Bellona's connection with Pit was not severed when she walked freely on Earth. Whatever happened to Bellona in those 33 years in the Pit, she still carries with her even if she is able to roam around the world she was taken from so long ago.

The Cardinals

The Red Cardinals

Old Cardinal Crest
Old Cardinal Crest

The Red Cardinals originated in the 15th century in Spain. They were a group of Catholic clergymen who sought to rescue Jews and Arabs from the wrath of the Spanish crown during the Inquisition. Initially, those caught aiding "heretics" were burned at the stake. After many years of combat with the Cardinals, The Spanish Crown enacted "Cardinal Law" which saw the Spanish armies actually persecute citizens thought to have ties with the Cardinals. Having labeled the Cardinals a "Fifth Column" organization, The Spanish crown actively fought them even as the Inquisition waned. By the late 1700's the Cardinals were nearly mainstream throughout every colony of the preceding Spanish Empire.

In the early 1800's the Cardinals disbanded with the decree from Isabella II that the Inquisition was over. It wasn't until Ricardo Liafador found manuscripts from his great ancestors that indicated Liafador involvement with the Cardinals; that he sought to bring back the Cardinals.

Under Ricardo Liafador, and Wesley Weston II the Liafadors were a Spanish gang that operated with the blessing of Spanish dictator, and Ricardo's cousin, Francisco Franco. The Cardinals were infamous for public killings, human trafficking, Drug Smuggling; and Sex Slave trade. Their acts became so heinous that King Juan Carlos I had them officially listed as a Terrorist Organization in 1975.

By 1975 Ricardo's son, Ramon and his wife Sabella, had become heavily involved in Cardinal operations. Their son, Kane, also joined the mix as a Lieutenant; the three generations of Liafador men begin to plan what was to be called a "Liafador Legacy, or Liafador Conspiracy" Which was a plan to create a new Spanish Empire with a Liafador Family member at the throne.

This plan centered around Ziccarra and later Catalina, both Kane and Ramon employed various mind-control and MK ultra techniques to render Ziccarra under their control. The father-son duo dispatched Ziccarra for assassinations and Sex Slave missions used to blackmail high ranking officials in Europe. These practices went on for years until a dying Ricardo got word of it; fearing for their lives Kane, a Mind controlled Ziccarra, Ramon and Sabella turned on the Cardinals by joining the Braveheart Order.

With his dying wish, Ricardo issued an edict that Ziccarra was to be the 1st ever Matriarch of the Liafador family, and with it the leader of the Red Cardinals.

The Cult of Cardinals

The New Cardinal Crest
The New Cardinal Crest

In an effort to fully facilitate her physical excellence and martial arts dominance the Cardinal Contessa, Ziccarra Liafador, embarked on a pilgrimage to one of the World's earliest and culturally rich civilizations in Asia, China. The birthplace of the Snake-Crane style otherwise known as Wing Chun, affluently immersed in the deadly arts of combat, which offered the Spanish Mamba an unparalleled martial arts education that would serve as the future foundation for an entire philosophical orthodoxy. Traveling from small village to small village, Ziccarra was reluctantly shown the forbidden techniques of the infamous fighting style, in-exchange, the lovely aristocrat began influencing the poor and the destitute through Machiavellian style sermons of dogmatic ritualization. Offering hope to those who had given up and heart to those who had lost it. Building an architectural masterpiece of discipline, loyalty, integrity, and faith from the mud huts and fish shanties of the region. This unified congregation quickly rose to be a symbol of the La Malaguena's credence, her gifted influence constructing a tactically brilliant force of hand to hand elitism that would never give up, never surrender, and never betray their authoritarian leader. Intellectually motivated martial arts progressions of continual psychical and philosophical evolution engineering a secret army unlike the World has ever seen. Establishing one of the several secret societies in Tibet, the Red Cardinal Queen has brought together a diversified unification of ethnicity. The original ancestors of the Tibetan people as represented by the six red bands before the birth of the Red Cardinals were the Se, Mu, Dong, Tong, Dru, and Ra. Other traditional ethnic groups with significant population or with the majority of the ethnic group reside in Tibet (excluding disputed area with India) include Bai people, Blang, Bonan, Dongxiang, Han, Hui people, Lhoba, Lisu people, Miao, Mongols, Monguor (Tu people), Menba (Monpa), Mosuo, Nakhi, Qiang, Nu people, Pumi, Salar, and Yi people.

Red Cardinals
Red Cardinals

Beyond the skills customarily associated with the martial arts teachings of the East, rumors of mystical almost supernatural practices have drifted down from the mountainside temples instilling a level of fear in the superstitious civilians along the valley. Whether or not these fables hold a measure of authenticity, nobody knows. Taught to embrace death as a sacred honor the Tibetan Cardinals face each confrontation with an instilled hope of death. To be killed by an opponent of greater skills is the highest achievement a Cardinal can obtain. In fact, in the Tibetan Cardinal religion to be killed by the La Malaguena is an honor reserved for the Gods. The mind is the Cardinal's greatest weapon. Training mind, body, and soul, daily, adhering to the strictest schedule of purifying the soul in search of combat perfected proficiency.

Initially, Ziccarra's Cardinals were met by Cypher and organization belonging to her Half-Sister, Faatina Knightfall. Because of how intricate her planning was, Cypher managed to beat the Cardinals, at every battle; until the Tibetan government could no longer provide payment for her services. Not long after the Cypher left, The Red Cardinals took over in the Tibetan provinces and spread Cardinal Law. Shortly before leaving, Faatina instructed Ziccarra on tactics and war strategies.

Ziccarra returned to Malaga with the full force of the Tibetan Red Cardinals, asserting her dominance over the old Cardinal leaders. She issued an edict, "conform or die". Many of the Cardinal leaders joined their new queen, but a few chose death. The next motion was to extract revenge on Kane for his years of manipulation, Ziccarra stormed the Braveheart stronghold and murdered every member of the Bravehearts, with the exception of Ashley. It was here that their relationship finally came to an end, it was also here that Ashley informed Ziccarra that Catalina was her child and that she'd secretly visited her while Z was away.

Afterwards, Marcos and her remaining siblings conformed to her way and finally brought peace back to the Liafador Family. Years later it'd be these same Cardinals that aided Ziccarra in her conquest of Venezuela. During her campaign for Spain; Ziccarra abdicated the right of Matriarch to her niece Zeon and with it the entire Cardinal Theology.

White Cardinals

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The Cardinal Training camp in Italy is located somewhere in Puglia. It was created by Estella and Marcos Liafador back in the early 80's after the Liafador Family decided to expand their power to Italy. It was until the late 1990's when the rule of the Cardinals was turned over to the young Zeon Liafador. The Cardinals are trained under the watchful eye of Zeon Liafador who battles the newly graduated Cardinals herself to deem them worthy of becoming full-fledged Cardinals. She is in charge of all things involved with the White Cardinals and is the commander of this group with the exception of The Matriarch, who is able to control all Cardinal factions whenever she desires. The White Cardinals loyalty to the Liafador family is unwavering, and have been trained to see that dying in the name of the Family is the ultimate reward. If captured a White Cardinal will gladly take their own lives before giving out any information that would be used against the family.


Those making up the White Cardinals are usually those who are lost in the world. Men and women who have suffered severe loss or seeking redemption after living a life of regret. At the beginning of their training, they are not called Cardinals, but rather "nestlings". They are given this name until they pass their training sessions and prove themselves worthy under the eyes of the Cardinal in command. Once they are done with training, the nestlings then must take test that requires them to not only recite The Liafador Legacy but they are also required to give a living sacrifice to The High Cardinal Goddess. Once they make their sacrifice they are given the nickname "fledglings" and are off to the final part. The Fledglings must present themselves to the Liafador in charge and recite The Cardinal Oath. After stating The Cardinal Oath, if the Liafador in charge deems the fledgling worthy, the Liafador will accept them into the White Cardinal family. The White Cardinals cannot own any land, marry, or bare children. They are to cut any ties with families or friends they may have had before their lives as a White Cardinal. The members of the White Cardinals wear white to represent not only the rebirth of themselves into the Cardinal Faith, but also represent the vision of the Matriarch to purify the world as her sword and begin the world anew under her command.

Dawning the White Cardinal uniform
Dawning the White Cardinal uniform

The Cardinal Oath

We Cardinals are yours

We Cardinals come to present ourselves to you <Name of Liafador in charge>. Once that was broken, lost and faithless. We come to you to now whole, found and believing in you.

We Cardinals are yours

No matter the blood

No matter the pain

No matter the fear

No matter the war

We Cardinals are yours

Our eyes are to see for you

Our hands are to fight for you

Our bodies are to guard for you

Our lives are to sacrifice for you

We Cardinals are yours

We Cardinals are yours


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The White Cardinals were mostly used as foot soldiers for the family during the time of war, the most expendable group of Cardinals in the Liafador family because of their abundance but also one of the most necessary. The White Cardinals were once known to be “The Sword of the Family” while the Red Cardinals were known to work only for The Matriarch herself. This was true, even during the beginning reign of Zeon Liafadors own reign as Matriarch, however, this changed after the events of Dreams and Nightmares. During D&M it was shown that many Red Cardinals still held their loyalty to Ziccarra Liafador and betrayed The Family Matriarch, Zeon. Under the authority of Ziccarra, the Red Cardinals captured Zeon and held her captive while her White Cardinals stayed under the command of The Matriarchs sister, Leah Liafador, until a rescue plan was commenced to retrieve Zeon.

Because of this felt it necessary to shift the balance of the Cardinals and place the White Cardinals as the “Servers of the Matriarch”. The White Cardinals are also the main staffing at the Liafador Winery, where they not only keep the facilities safe but run it as well in service to the family.

The Italian Cardinals are trained in;

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Pressure Point Strike- in the field of martial arts refers to an area on the human body that may produce significant pain or other effects when manipulated in a specific manner. There are several types of pressure points - each is applied differently and each creates a different effect. "Pain points", for example, use tendons, ligaments, and muscles - the goal is to temporarily immobilize the target, or, at the very least, to distract them. Reflex points produce involuntary movements; for example, causing the hand to release its grip, the knees to buckle, the target to gag, or even for the person to be knocked unconscious. Most pressure points are located on pathways on the nervous system.

  1. Pain- Some pressure points produce pain when struck, pressed, or rubbed, depending on the point itself. These points are also referred to as nerve centers. While the distraction of pain might offer sufficient advantage in a fight or escape, the body also has a pain withdrawal reflex, whereby it reacts to pain by moving away from the source. Martial artists can make use of this reflex with minimal effort.
  2. Blood and blood pressure- The baroreceptors in the carotid artery are pressure-sensitive, supplying the brain with information to control systemic blood pressure. Pressure against this region will send signals that indicate that blood pressure is too high, leading to a lowering of blood pressure.
  3. Break- There are certain areas which are likely to lead to a break if struck effectively, such as the "floating ribs", the philtrum, and the side of the knee.
  4. Hyper-extension- There are joints that, when struck, can be hyper-extended and even torn. The striking of these joints is a technique which can cause permanent damage to one's opponent as well as cause shock damage. There are two types, as follows:
    -Brute force, which, when applied, takes advantage of the vulnerability of the strike point, usually a joint, thereby causing damage.

    -Golgi organ strike, a relatively gentle strike to the Golgi tendon at the back of the elbow, which triggers a reflex that immediately relaxes the tendon, allowing the elbow to bend more easily in the wrong direction. If this is directly followed by a solid strike to the elbow joint, then the elbow can be broken with significantly less effort than it could through brute force.

  5. Concussion- The brain is a sensitive organ which floats in a fluid (cerebrospinal fluid). The fluid itself is a safety mechanism that allows the head to take a substantial impact without resulting in the concussion, although such an impact could still cause permanent brain damage. However, it is possible to deliver a blow using artful techniques in such a way that even these protections can be effectively eliminated, causing disorientation or instantaneous knockout. The most commonly taught technique involves a strike just below the occipital ridge, at the correct angle, in the correct direction. Another well-known point with this effect is the chin or lower jaw, giving rise to the boxing expression a "glass jaw”.
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Silat- a collective word for a class of indigenous martial arts from a geo-cultural area of Southeast Asia encompassing most of the Nusantara, the Indonesian Archipelago, the Malay Archipelago and the entirety of the Malay Peninsula. Originally developed in what are now Indonesia, Peninsular Malaysia, south Thailand, and Singapore, it is also traditionally practiced in Brunei, Vietnam and the southern Philippines. The style is typically marked with a lightning quick attack style designed to close on the opponents as quickly as possible, unleash as many attacks as you can within seconds and finish off with a blow to the face, throat or kidney. Silat is not a form of martial arts that focuses on honor and fairness and instead exploits weaknesses and favors fighting dirty. All Cardinals are put through a training regimen that involves building up their pain tolerance to be able to spar with each other.

Muay Thai- It is referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs”; and using eight points of contact the body mimics weapons of war. The hands become the sword and dagger; the shins and forearms were hardened in training to act as armor against blows, and the elbow to fell opponents like a heavy mace or hammer; the legs and knees became the ax and staff. The body operated as one unit. The knees and elbows constantly searching and testing for an opening while grappling and trying to spin an enemy to the ground for the kill.


Shurikenjutsu- the art of throwing Shuriken, or hidden hand blades. Shurikenjutsu was used by the Shinobi in feudal Japan. This technique is also formidable and feared in Chinese Martial Arts and in that part of the world, it's known as the art of Flying Daggers. Hidden, fast and precise... you don't know when the practitioner of this art will strike. A super deadly ability. In martial arts legends, thrown weapons, especially needles can be used to strike pressure points.

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Peak Human Agility, Reflexes, Flexibility, Stamina, Strength, Durability-

The members of the White Cardinals have trained for years to reach peak human condition. Each member of the Cardinal's does not go into missions until they pass a series of test that pushes the conditions of each man to their limits.

Escapeology- the practice of escaping from restraint or other traps. Escapologists (also classified as escape artists) escape from handcuffs, straitjackets, cages, coffins, steel boxes, barrels, bags, burning buildings, fish-tanks and other perils, often in combination.


Wudang Sword- Uses delicate techniques along with lightning fast movements. Wudang sword goes from slow to fast and soft to hard in an instant. Attacks can be straight-line or circular. Low postures are utilized along with high jumps in the air. It is this combination that makes Wudang Sword one of the most famous and sought-after sword arts in China’s history.The system consists of one sword form with six sections and 132 movements, a two-person fighting form, sword and Daoist fly-whisk combined form, “flying sword” techniques (throwing knives), and sword sparring.

Techniques taught include but are not limited to the following:

  • Wudang Sword Basics (Yin-Yang Sword Changes, Basic 4 and 13Techniques)
  • Wudang Dan Pai Jian (Sword form in Six Sections)
  • Wudang Dan Pai Xing Jian (Continuous-Stepping Sword)
  • Wudang Jian Fo He Bi (Fly-Whisk and Sword Combined Form)
  • Wudang Shuang Shou Jian (Two-Handed Sword)
  • Wudang Wu Jian (High-Level Fluid Movement Practice)
  • Wudang Dui Jian (Two-Person Sword Fighting Form)
  • Wudang Shizhan Dui Jian (Two-Person Sword Combat Form)
  • Wudang Nian Jian (Wudang Sticking Swords Matching Practice)
  • Wudang San Jian (Wudang Sword Sparring)

Baguazhang is a high-level martial art which utilizes circular stepping patterns and snake-like movements to side-step and deflects an opponent’s attacks.The Beijing Gao Style Baguazhang system is characterized by the firm and rapid stepping, strong palm techniques, and powerful body movements. It utilizes twisting, shrinking, expanding, sticking, and following to deal with the opponent.

Techniques taught include but are not limited to the following:

  • Lao Ba Zhang (Old Eight Palms)
  • Ba Da Zhang (Big Eight Palms)
  • Wudang Ba Da Zhang (Wudang Style Big Eight Palms)
  • Lian Huan Zhang (Linking Palms)
  • 64 Hands (Straight-Line Baguazhang)
  • You Shen Zhang (Swimming Body Palm)
  • Wudang You Shen Lian Huan Zhang (Wudang Style Swimming Body Linking Palm)
  • Bagua Big Broadsword
  • Bagua Straight Sword
  • Bagua Spear
  • Bagua Crescent Moon Knives
  • Bagua Hook-Sickle Short Axes
  • Bagua Push Hands
  • Bagua Sparring

Black Cardinals

Emerald Cardinals

Shadow Cardinals


The Pit

Grand Cardinal Isle

The Family Political System

The Matriarch/Patriarch

Family Business

Liafador International

Family Winery

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Castello Cardinale (Castle Cardinal) has been owned by the Liafador Family since the mid-1900's and is located in Sicily, Italy along its the rolling hills and is the second headquarters of the Liafador family winery (first being Malaga). The 14 room boutique is surrounded by the seven-thousand-acre vineyard, sloping gently down from the fortress-like caricature to just a couple of miles from the city itself. With exposed stone arches, vaulted ceilings and sturdy timber beams, the castle stands tall and ready for visitors from all over the world, preserved and restored with a few modern twists, kept up by the wealth the Liafador Winery has brought in over the years.

Relaxation and calming atmosphere surround the entire castle, in fact, it is known that many of the Liafador family members come to the Estate to escape their busy lives every once in a while.

The main body of the castle is where guests take up residence within one of the 14 rooms. Each of them fully furnished with a large king size bed, Egyptian silk sheets with a small living room area and a balcony with breathtaking views of the vineyard and mountains that surround them.

Though the Winery is typically a place to relax and unwind, It is employed by a complete Cardinal staff; trained to fight at a moments notice. Because of this, The Liafador Winery is often the meeting spot for business transactions.

The 3rd Society

The Liafador Conspiracy

In the Early 20th Century a plan was devised by Ramon Liafador to usurp the lands once owned by Spain. The plan was to use a series of Mind Controlled (Indoctrinated) female family members to infiltrate each one of these nations and eventually unite them under the Spanish Banner. Due to the poor treatment of Ziccarra Liafador (His Daughter), the Liafador Family Patriarch Ricardo Liafador placed 100% security around Ziccarra, but Ramon and Kane (Ziccarra's brother) had already manage to indoctrinate Ziccarra forcing her to join the Bravehearts. The Liafador Family eventually split into two opposing sides The Bravehearts and The Red Cardinals.

As a member of the Bravehearts Kane begin experimenting on his mind-controlled sister taking elements of their DNA to scientifically craft the "Ultimate Liafador" He implanted the child in Ziccarra and she carried Catalina around for 9 months without knowledge. Once Cat was born she was sent to live in Columbia with Kane for a while. Back in Sweden, the Cardinals and Brave hearts begin a full scale war against one another. The Sweden Cardinal compound was the largest compound and would call for a full scale Braveheart invasion, Ashley preach that in order to raid the compound only two would be needed to secure information on the Cardinal's Malaga stronghold.

Kane agreed and sent both Ashley and Ziccarra to complete the mission. In the two months that they were gone, the two women began to develop feelings for each other and eventually became lovers. Ashley and Z were able to raid the compound, however Ashley found out about Catalina, and Ziccarra's indoctrination. Refusing to tell Z what she'd found the two girl's relationship went on the rocks resulting in Z accepting missions on her own for quite some time. The Cardinal-Braveheart conflict took a turn when a "Black Cardinal" disguised as a Keijiko killed Ramon and Sabella Liafador, under the command of a 12 year old Catalina Liafador. The Liafador Conspiracy plan was eventually dismantled by a 12 year old Catalina, she killed her siblings that were meant to take positions in other countries as well.

The Liafador Timeline

1970 – Ziccarra Liafador is born to Sabella and Ramon Liafador in Malaga Spain. She is the youngest of four siblings.

1989- Ziccarra and childhood friend Isabella Marisol enroll in Malaga University. During this time she became a prolific dancer but chose to be an exotic dancer as a hobby. Ziccarra is diagnosed with diabetes

Ziccarra is subjected to the 3rd society’s indoctrination process by her indoctrinated brother Kane. This form of mind control was meant to have Ziccarra kill when Kane asked, she was also to carry a child that would benefit the coming 3rd society.

1996- Ramon Liafador creates the Braveheart order. This creates a schism in the Liafador Family as most had been loyal to the Red Cardinals.

1997- Kane Liafador joins the BH’s and forces Ziccarra to join. Kane successfully creates a “test tube” baby, and has chosen Ziccarra as its carrier. Thanks to the indoctrination Ziccarra gave birth to the child without knowledge of actually being pregnant. The child was named Catalina.

Ziccarra befriends Ashley Emerald Mooreland and conducts braveheart missions as partners.

2000- Ramon and Sabella Liafador were killed by indoctrinated members of the Braveheart order, shortly after their deaths Ricardo Liafador (He grandfather) dies, and crowns Ziccarra the Liafador Family Matriarch.

2002 – Ziccarra enters the Liafador Family dungeon known as “the Pit” her experience shatters her indoctrination. Through extensive meditation techniques, Ziccarra crafts what are now known as The Cardinal Skills. She writes a total of 12 books called “The Cardinal Law”.

The Liafador Family winery enters a downward spiral and sales begin to plummet.

2003 – Ziccarra travels to Tibet teaching the Cardinal Law, her small following was met by stiff resistance lead by Faatina Knightfall. This brief period of conflict was known as the Cardinal-Tibetan conflict; which results in Ziccarra being defeated by the Cerise tactician.

2008 – Due to the Tibetan inability to pay Faatina, the Cerise tactician pulls out of Tibet allowing the Cardinal influence to expand. Faatina reveals to Ziccarra that they are “half-sisters” as she was the child of Sabella Liafador and Jayden Knightfall and instructs Ziccarra in land warfare.

Traveling from small village to small village using what she learned, Ziccarra was reluctantly shown the forbidden techniques of the infamous fighting style, in-exchange, and the lovely aristocrat began influencing the poor and the destitute through Machiavellian style sermons of dogmatic ritualization. Offering hope to those who had given up and heart to those who had lost it. Building an architectural masterpiece of discipline, loyalty, integrity, and faith from the mud huts and fish shanties of the region.

This unified congregation quickly rose to be a symbol of the La Malaguena's credence, her gifted influence constructing a tactically brilliant force of hand to hand elitism that would never give up, never surrender, and never betray their authoritarian leader. Intellectually motivated martial arts progressions of continual psychical and philosophical evolution engineering a secret army unlike the World has ever seen. Establishing one of the several secret societies in Tibet, the Red Cardinal Queen brought together a diversified unification of ethnicity. The original ancestors of the Tibetan people as represented by the six red bands before the birth of the Red Cardinals were the Se, Mu, Dong, Tong, Dru, and Ra. Other traditional ethnic groups with significant population or with the majority of the ethnic group reside in Tibet include Bai people, Blang, Bonan, Dongxiang, Han, Hui people, Lhoba, Lisu people, Miao, Mongols, Monguor (Tu people), Menba (Monpa), Mosuo, Nakhi, Qiang, Nu people, Pumi, Salar, and Yi people.

Taught to embrace death as a sacred honor the Tibetan Cardinals fought each confrontation with an instilled hope of death. They were to that; to be killed by an opponent of greater skills is the highest achievement a Cardinal can obtain. In fact, in the Tibetan Cardinal Religion to be killed by the La Malaguena is an honor reserved for the Gods. The mind proved useful as the Cardinal's greatest weapon. Training mind, body, and soul, daily, adhere to the strictest schedule of purifying the soul in search of combat perfected proficiency.

By the time she was finished in Tibet, she was known as Ziccarra the Impaler.

Following the Tibetan-Cardinal conflict, Ziccarra holds a meeting in Tibet with the most affluent members of her family and lays down her plan to return to Malaga, as well as laying the ground-work for invading Venezuela.

2010 – Ziccarra returns to Malaga with the full strength of the Red Cardinals, and slaughters the Braveheart order. Kane Liafador was forced into exile; leaving Ziccarra and the Cardinals as the masters of Malaga.

Ziccarra creates different sects of Cardinals and places a different member of her family in charge over them.

2011 – Ziccarra meets with Quintus Knightfall in New York City, disguised as her friend; Isabella Marisol. Killing her own butler in a push to frame Quintus (A mutant), she helped start the Civil War

The Malagan goddess returned to Malaga with an affectionate impression of Quintus. Throughout the year the two would meet on more than one occasion resulting in a romantic relationship between the two.

2012 – Catalina Liafador leads a Black Cardinal assault on NYC. The bout between Catalina and Ziccarra revealed that the rebel Cardinal was indeed Ziccarra’s daughter. Catalina was turned back by combined forces.

Ziccarra is pregnant with Isadora Lebeau.* Isadora was born to both Ziccarra and Quintus; however, her last name comes from growing up with Charlemagne as her “father”

2013 – Ziccarra arranges to have Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez killed. After the murder of Chavez; Ziccarra launches a Cardinal invasion of Venezuela. Met by heavy resistance from different mercenary groups the Cardinal Queen won the conflict and set up shop as the Venezuelan primer. Less than a month after becoming the leader of Venezuela, Ziccarra gave birth to her second child Isadora.

The stress of ruling a nation with a newborn child cause Ziccarra to abandon the roll entirely, entrusting Isadora in the hands of Mercy Sheridan, Ziccarra moved to Mexico and allowed a new regime to set up in Venezuela.

2014—After being flushed out of Mexico by Pyrogram in the late part of 2614, Ziccarra founded the Trinity Organization in Finland. The veil covering the new Nation of Gods and Earths comes down, revealing a lost civilization.

Cleopatra Thea discovers the mutant child Kari and begins preparations to eliminate the mutant X-gene in the White Race.

In a covert operation, the Trinity recovers Kari.

The Hellfire club invades the Trinity compound and kidnaps Kari from the Trinity. Catalina (The Black Pawn) hatches a plan to finally kill her mother.

Mercy Sheridan and Ziccarra Liafador invade Eden (Southern Venezuela) to confront Catalina, Catalina tricked Kari into killing Ziccarra, shortly afterward Mercy finished off Kari.

The death of Ziccarra became a national ordeal in Tibet, the Tibetans hailed her as a goddess which was grounds for her to ascend to godhood.

2015 – Thanks to the help of Quintus Knightfall, Ziccarra returns as “The Goddess”. The ensuing bout between Quintus and Ziccarra was the official end of their marriage

Liafador International founds Solace City

The S.H.A Squad is formed

Brahma Bull destroys Solace City

Ziccarra meets Alexis Pettis

Ziccarra helps Bishop and Alexis in Newark, New Jersey

2016 – Ziccarra enhanced by the powers of the relic stone destroys Newark, and fights Alexis. The wars of the Gods break out. Following the conflict, Alexis confesses his love for Z.

2017- Isabella Marisol, Ziccarra’s childhood friend; reveals herself to be a sentient machine bent on bringing an end to Mutants and Humans.

Ziccarra is indoctrinated and forced to attack Alexis. Alexis managed to break Ziccarra’s programming and Ziccarra reveals she is pregnant with her third child Maya.

The third society steals the consciousness of an unborn Maya and places her into a prepared body. Ziccarra gives birth to a stillborn.

The Matriarch Zedora enlist the help of Thomas Animus, the 3rd Society attacks Los Angeles and The Huntington Academy.

Using her reality powers Maya traps the leaders of the 3rd society in a pocket dimension. Ziccarra stays to monitor the progression.

Maya accidentally creates a bridge to the dead world known as Reality M; Ziccarra and Alexis fight to the death against their tyrannical counterparts. Leonel Pettis and Kurt Pendragon are released into the NU.

Ziccarra becomes the Red Queen of the HFC

Ziccarra is elected President of the Spanish Government.

Ziccarra becomes pregnant with her 4th Child.