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Name: Catalina Amia Liafador

Alias: The Queen of Darkness, The Catalan Countess, The Liafador Abomination, The Modern Day Athena, Y-Intercept. The Prize Fighter

Origin: Goddess

Hometown: Daytonville

Height: 5'11

Weight: 122

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Light-Brown

Siblings: Isis Liafador, Maya Liafador, Selene Liafador, Tassi Liafador, Isadora Lebeau

Parents: Ziccarra Liafador-Pettis (Deceased) Alexis Pettis, Kane Liafador (Genetics)

Offspring: Maricela Delgado, The Amazonian (by Cloning)

The Liafador Conspiracy

In the Early 20th Century a plan was devised by Ramon Liafador to usurp the lands once owned by Spain. The plan was to use a series of Mind Controlled (Indoctrinated) female family members to infiltrate each one of these nations and eventually unite them under the Spanish Banner. Due to the poor treatment of Ziccarra Liafador (His Daughter), the Liafador Family Patriarch Ricardo Liafador placed 100% security around Ziccarra, but Ramon and Kane (Ziccarra's brother) had already manage to indoctrinate Ziccarra forcing her to join the Bravehearts. The Liafador Family eventually split into two opposing sides The Bravehearts and The Red Cardinals.

As a member of the Bravehearts Kane begin experimenting on his mind-controlled sister taking elements of their DNA to scientifically craft the "Ultimate Liafador" He implanted the child in Ziccarra and she carried Catalina around for 9 months without knowledge. Once Cat was born she was sent to live in Columbia with Kane for a while. Back in Sweden, the Cardinals and Brave hearts begin a full scale war against one another. The Sweden Cardinal compound was the largest compound and would call for a full scale Braveheart invasion, Ashley preach that in order to raid the compound only two would be needed to secure information on the Cardinal's Malaga stronghold.

Kane agreed and sent both Ashley and Ziccarra to complete the mission. In the two months that they were gone, the two women began to develop feelings for each other and eventually became lovers. Ashley and Z were able to raid the compound, however Ashley found out about Catalina, and Ziccarra's indoctrination. Refusing to tell Z what she'd found the two girl's relationship went on the rocks resulting in Z accepting missions on her own for quite some time. The Cardinal-Braveheart conflict took a turn when a "Black Cardinal" disguised as a Keijiko killed Ramon and Sabella Liafador, under the command of a 12 year old Catalina Liafador. The Liafador Conspiracy plan was eventually dismantled by a 12 year old Catalina, she killed her siblings that were meant to take positions in other countries as well.

The Princess of Darkness

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For years Catalina operated as "The Black Cardinal" using her influence from Belize to try and bring down her mother's Red Cardinal Regime. Tired of failing the Catalan Countess took actions into her own hands when she attacked New York City as well as scattered "Black Cardinal" attacks one Red Cardinal Venues all across the globe. Catalina never forgave Ziccarra for abandoning her the way she did, and went out of her way to kill Ziccarra. Unknown to anyone, Ziccarra's universal enemy Y-Intercept had poisoned the mind of Catalina making her judgement more and more irrational.

In the meantime, Catalina joined the HellFire Club and fought against the VV as it's Red Pawn, after the HFC was repelled by the Trinity in Finland, Catalina hatched a plan that would finally lure her mother in. With Kari Bishops "The Mutant Genesis" now hidden in Venezuela, Catalina hatched a plan to not only kill her mother but also to depopulate the entire population of Southern Venezuela. Following the Death of Xenon, Cat was named the Queen of Southern Venezuela.

After being "Fixed" by her brother Leonel, Catalina assimilated back into the family. Ziccarra was resurrected and all seemed well. Catalina begin to function as an ambassador to other nations for Liafador Spain this caused her to meet Retrofire, the two was struck

Catalina's father, Kane was responsible for the Society finding Cat; he'd hatched a plot along with his brother Marcos to lay siege to the Liafador Matriarch. Catalina teamed with Kane and Honor Avenger to fight Leonel and the Future Family Matriarch Zeon in Malaga the result left Malaga in ruins. Fearing that Ziccarra would strike down Catalina for good, Leonel took his indoctrinated sister to the Ninjans domain in space.

The Cataclysm

On the Ninjan planet Magog, a Talmut spy reached out to Cat and offered to help her escape if she could get them the location of the Ninjan Homeworld. Catalina was able to do so, and helped the Talmut Empire invade the Ninjan Empire. During the Cataclysm event Catalina's indoctrinated was shattered, seeing all the damage she caused Catalina committed suicide.

The Broken Kingdom

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Following her death the High Cardinal Goddess, Sabella brought Catalina back from the dead giving Catalina a second and last chance at life. For the most part Catalina lived in Morocco with the newly resurrected Ziccarra Liafador, after having their memories erased. Eventually Alexis Pettis found them an helped them build their memories back.

During her death Catalina learned her mother had plunged Spain into a Civil War, after attempting to usurp absolute power. During the events Ziccarra used a powerful curse to turn Maya's heart black. Maya had kidnapped Zeon's sister Chance and was using her to do her bidding. The 'Good' person that Maya was normally was able to over-power the corruption and used her powers over reality to essentially restart the entire family. Catalina, Tassi, Maya and Ziccarra all lived in an area known as "Kwazulu Alcazar" Ziccarra served as the Mazoi Princess and all her daughters, Princess' under her.

Once again Alexis Pettis located Ziccarra breaking the spell placed on them by Maya, during this time the former Liafador matriarch Zeon had been using the power of rage to prepare herself for a final battle with Ziccarra. Catalina decided she could no longer live on the West Cape anymore and decided to leave. A couple of weeks later she was captured by Zeon.

The Prize Fighter

Catalina Final Form
Catalina Final Form

In order for Catalina to fully become 'Ziccarra's replacement' Ziccarra had to die. In the final battle between Ziccarra and Zeon; Zeon won forcing Catalina to complete her transformation into Ziccarra altogether. To make matters worse, while he was in space their father encountered the False Ziccarra, and was nearly killed. Catalina returned to the West Cape to take care of her younger sister Tassi and her now comatose father only to find a blast from her past had returned, Her Daughter Maricela.

Cat had given birth to the child when she was only 12, but in order to give her a better life she placed Maricela up for adoption. The two didn't get a chance to bond as, Ada Guillaume discovered their secret island and launched an attack on it and Liafador International.

In order to ensure they all survived Maya sacrificed herself to ensure they all escaped teleporting Mari, Tassi, Alexis and Catalina to a city called Daytonville. Catalina drew up the idea that they could fuse Maya and Alexis' consciousness until they figured out how to return Maya to the way she was.

In order to protect her family from the coming horrors, she needed to be the Goddess, unlike the Goddess Shira that blessed her mother. Cat's Goddess was Faore, Shira's stubborn sister.

The Prize Fighter
The Prize Fighter

During the time before man walked the Earth, Faore (Pronounced Fore) lived with her sisters Shira, Nayru and Tesla in a castle town called Bristol. There lives took a turn when their Queen killed the King in order to take absolute power. The Queen's armies clashed the people of Bristol, fighting the Queen City by City; Town by Town.

They'd manage to win the war, however their oldest sister, Shira begin behaving differently. The Kingdom of Bristol begin to decline shortly after the war, so the sisters left and moved to the 1st human town.

Because of their abilities they were treated like Goddess' Faore, however was given the nickname "Prize Fighter" because she never intervened without some sort of offering in her honor. Eventually, Shira the War Goddess imprisoned her sisters after she'd been affected by the Dreams and Nightmares Curse.

While Imprisoned Faore learned that she could continue to live through the spirits of mortals if she searched out people with a χ-Gene. A gene that specific people from the Bristol Kingdom had (All Liafadors have a χ-Gene some just aren't activated) It is because of this χ-gene that The Prize Fighter was able to find Catalina.

Powers and Abilities

Goddess Physiology: Having been gifted the power of the Prize Fighter, Faore, Cat's skin, muscle, and bone tissues have several times the density of the same tissues in the body of a human being, contributing to her superhuman weight. she is invulnerable to bullets, powerful energy blasts, weighted impacts, falls from great heights, explosions and various other opposing forces.

Life-Force: also known as the God-Force. The godly energies that fuel all of the Prize Fighter's godlike powers. Catalina's immortal life-force is more powerful than the mystical properties of "Medusa's Head". Unlike many other deities, Cat's unique Life-force allows her to have full access to all of her powers regardless of what realm she enters.

Goddess Strength - The Prize Fighter's base strength allows Catalina to lift easy 200 tons, however after every bout she is deemed victorious in this specific attribute increases by 50. However after every bout she is defeated in, it can also be decreased by 50. At the peak of her strength, The Prize Fighter was able to lift 800 tons.

Stamina- She is virtually inexhaustible stamina enables her to hold her breath for an undefined period of time, and exert herself at peak capacity for hours without tiring at all.

Deific Lightning Manipulation- Catalina has the ability to shape, create and manipulate Lightning, but also godly lightning as well. She is able to use her lightning powers to bind, trap, or banish the supernatural, she is also able to transform it into basic lighting attacks against regular foes. She can also use her divine lightning to heal.

Psionic Drain - Catalina can use her psionic drain against opposing psychics to enhance her own psionic powers.

Telekinesis - Catalina can manipulate objects with her mind, She can also use her TK ability to choke, push or pull objects. She can use her TK to as a homing skill. The strongest part of her ability is a TK blast, depending on her level of strength, she can release an atom bomb equivalent to destructive energy.

Tactikenesis - She can envelope her body in TK energy which will prevent her from taking large amounts of damage.

Telepathy/Mental Manipulation - Cat can enter the mind, and control and influence those around her. She can also freeze people. She is also able to pick and choose who is able to read her mind, and who is not.

Energy Projection – Complete mastery of psionic and electric energy, Cat's psy energy is her weapon of choice; when not in Goddess fore because it was gifted by the mind stone.. Though she can absorb foreign energies, she cannot project it like her psi energy.

Dimensional /Teleportation – Through deep introspection; Catalina can separate herself from the flesh, and enter the “Spirit World” This allows her to speak with the dead. She can also move physically through different realms by channeling energy through her sword. She can also teleport regularly.

Berserk Forme


Black Rose Blade II and The Raxius Shield
Black Rose Blade II and The Raxius Shield

-The Black Rose Blade is a Legendary Blade that has been sought after by many would be owners. However, the Black Rose Blade along with the Jade Dragon Blade was found by Ziccarra Liafador and Emerald Mooreland. Ziccarra realized how evil the Black Rose Blade was and destroyed it. Catalina would later find the shards and reforge the BRB II. The Black Rose blade is a snake blade that can detach and send its shards flying off the hilt towards a foe.

The Raxius Shield- Belong to Cat's mother Zicarra Liafador, her mother won the shield in a Space Tournament and was gifted the shield as a reward.

The majority of the shield would be made from a mixture of posmium and xanthinium. P/X alloy was used in the helms and armor of Miastar's legendary Silverly Legion. Its advantages were many, most notably, P/X had the ability to absorb momentum and distribute it equally across its surface, so as to drastically lessen the force of any impact.

In addition to the lightweight P/X alloy, a more exotic element, neglum, was introduced in the bonding phase. Neglum was a pitch-black substance harvested from the gigantic red aurochs native to the planet Onyxia. This bovine creature had evolved over thousands of years to resist the magics of the Onyxians who nearly hunted it to extinction. The substance found in the aurochs' blood literally repelled magical bolts of energy, enchantments, or any other magic attacks that the Onyxians could throw their way. When it came time for the Raxians to conquer Onyxia, this substance was the deciding factor in the war, helping the blue-skinned conquistadors defeat the Onyxians in the span of five days.

The final step of the forging process involved the blacksmith adding febrix dust to the finest edges of the shield. Material coated in febrix had the ability to be sharpened to such a degree that it could slice through most any material when traveling at high enough speeds. Making the shield not a defensive aid, but also an offensive weapon. From WAL Invitational