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  • i have always rooted for the underdog the one who has it rough but has enough moral character to stand up for what is right. This says it all: "Just trying to do the right thing, Sir..." ....."ehh, its what you get when you try to be good. Should have kept my mouth shut. Be good and good will follow that is what my parents used to always tell me. but, you know Mr. Kent i was good before they were taken from me, i was good at the foster home, and i was good 15 minutes ago. I'm starting to think being good isnt good for me"...... afterall this Billy Batson still has a heart of gold and is not cynical his age allows him to be naive and hopeful more so then other adult heroes and i wouldnt have it any other way. He is the beacon of what one should be a person with good moral character while still retaining child like wonder.

  • Same reason as above, he wasnt born a warrior or even a fighter, he was just a dad who had personal problems who rose above them to face them head on from his personal life to his superhero alter ego.

  • A clone of Spiderman, i like him b/c unlike Peter Parker he didnt let the fact that he is a clone and not having a life of his own define him. He is a tragic hero to me more so than Peter Parker.

  • I just thought X-Man was bad@$$ when he 1st came out in the AOA comic series. He is young headstrong, powerful, arrogant but still good at heart and a protector.

  • Thor is one of my top Heroes b/c he is a Warrior through and through, once arrogant he learned humility. He is what all heroes should aspire to, being a Warrior and protector for humanity who is willing to kill when the need arises.

  • Wolverine was once my number one hero till modern writers ruined his origin with mishmash of retcons and continuity errors out the @$$. But, he is still a favorite of mine, i just ignore the modern stories.. Wolverine was never perfect he struggled with what he was and where he came from. Not all heroes are pure of heart and some simply do there best and try even when they have every reason to hate the world and ppl, Sometimes it is better to be an animal than a man...

  • I didnt always like Deadpool but he kinda grew on me, especially in his own series when he tries to be a hero after spending so many years being the opposite. he is funny at least to me anyways, i know not everyone agrees. Only thing i dislike is they dumb down his fighting and killing potential and sometimes he reaches the threat level of a 3 year old in a tantrum..

  • The dude has so much potential and i thought he was awesome in his own series at least till they ruined him with the whole i'm insane and i'm gonna destroy the MU.. Genis Vell the son of Captain Mar Vell who struggled to live up to his father's legacy.

  • I really liked the concept of Superboy being a human clone who had his DNA altered to match as closely as possible that of a kryptonian triple helix and mimic Superman's powers. I liked him for being a rebellious youth whose personality traits often came and bit him in the rear end having to learn from his mistakes. Too bad Geoff Johns retconned his entire history with a single sentence and storyline. Kon-El is still a good character thanks to other writers continuing to focus on his personality of a young man trying to fill another's shoes.

  • Dick Grayson lost his parents at a very young age and was raised by Bruce Wayne. Although his past similarly mirrors Bruce the big difference he didnt allow it to become an obsessive issue and has a life outside of his costume unlike Bruce. Dick is also imo a better Batman than Bruce, he is younger, more agile, athletic, faster.. :P

  • Miguel O'Hara is the future Spider-Man in the year 2099. He works for a corrupt business company where lack of ethics and morality reign where corporations are the new government. Spiderman stands up and brings chaos to the oppressive order and i could relate with that along with the character and his ethnic background. i actually like Miguel O'Hara more than Peter Parker.

  • Gambit was also a favorite of mine. He was originally a thief with a mysterious pass which made him interesting. We knew he was taken into the thief guild adopted into the Lebeau clan. He is a charmer and con artist able to sweet talk a girl out of her panties or sell ice to an Eskimo. He is a modern day king of pimps.

  • Raymond Terrill was raised in a secluded home forced to be alone with no friends and was often ridiculed as the "night boy." He was led to believe that he had sensitive skins and would suffer from an allergic reaction to bright lights if exposed. He was raised by his uncle whom he believed was his real father not knowing that his biological father was the Golden Age Ray. I like the Ray b/c he had a hard childhood, he was lied to his whole life and when he discovered the truth he was angry, angry at everything he had bn put through....

  • I liked Bart Allen when he 1st showed up on the scene. He was brash funny full of energy with a childlike innocence and recklessness. He wanted to upstage Wally and take his rightful place as an actual heir of Barry Allen which he viewed as his birthright. It may seem somewhat cold and vindictive but he was just a kid that didnt like being told what to do and had the immature jealousy thing going for him plus he was still just only a few years old and was raised in a holographic game program so you cant expect too much majority from him. But, he was learning from the world and growing as a person and he did care about others even if he didnt know how to show it probably and constantly violating people's personal space.