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  • The number one spot goes to superman that is all........j/k..... I will add more. I once tolerated Superman back in the 80's and mid 90's even bought his comics. I had a little animosity toward him b/c even at a young age i knew no matter what another hero displayed in power DC writers would not be far behind to makes sure Superman could do it and better. My mom would tell me of a character better than Superman that she grew up reading and watching on television when she was a child, Captain Marvel. I later learned how f$##ed up DC was ethically when it came to Superman, i hated the fact that They sued just so no one else could have a better hero screwing with the little man. I hated him even more when at that time Superman couldnt even fly and that power was taken directly from Captain Marvel so superman could still be "super" its like a bunch of kids at a sandbox claiming a new power for their character when another one shows up to fight him.. that is all i see when i look at superman, his stories basically carry this attitude no matter who he fights he will always be stronger, faster pull sh#$ out his @$$ to save the day and if any hero is around you best believe he will be written as being useless so long as superman graces the pages. I hate that not even his weaknesses can be considered weaknesses, Magic and krytonite no longer works as it should and the effects fluctuate from writer to writer... Superman should have bn shot in the head with a kryptonite bullet 3 decades ago if not further back when his stupid @$$ lands in front of the criminal with his hands on his hip telling him to surrender and letting himself get shot while bullets ricochet..... a rich criminal with some common sense should have been able to have done it at one time or another, hello you live in Metropolis......

  • i didnt like him as a kiss @$$ pissant for Xavier and i dont like him now as team leader for the X-Men. he should have died so many times due to his bad decision makings and insecurity during battle when growing up. Logan should have gutted him ages ago and Jean Grey should have dumped him when they were both teenagers and never have given him a chance. Actually i take that back since i see Jean similar to Cyclops both worthless heroes and none combatants. Cyclops is the guy they are talkin about when you hear "those who can do and those that cant teach." at best he should be the gym coach nothing more.

  • As i mention above, she isnt a hero she doesnt have the qualities needed to be an affective combatant she questions just about everything in mid battle even the morality of the situation. it is the stupidist thing one can do. Her telepathy fluctuates regularly and i dont believe she should have ever have bn a lvl 7 telepath and should have been closer to a level 4. She should have been nothing more but a science teacher and never been on the battlefield

  • initially i liked the Hulk growing up with him simply being a misunderstood monster where he was forced to attack others b/c they would not leave him alone. i understood that and i was even okay when they created Joe Fixit and Professor Hulk as part of his fractured Psyche. My problem started when they kept jumping back and fourth between the characters personality after a previous writer had already addressed the issue fixing the mental instability simply to turn Hulk back to his dumb stage. Which would be okay if they got it right but instead turning him into a wanted monster of destruction ignoring character traits of the simple minded brute which shouldnt be hard to grasp for his motivation for doing what he does. He went from a misunderstood monster to a willing monster of mayhem b/c no one could stop him. It becomes worse when his powerset is pushed on characters that can easily work around the one dimensional brute. Hulk logically speaking shouldnt be a threat to any competent superhuman. Hulk simply became a broken character whose growing personality was stunted by modern writers and even pushed back in a poor attempt to rewrite him as he once was but this time with an @$$hole streak which makes me like him even less. Wolverine should have killed this guy decades ago when his strength level was more manageable and less retarded, marvel has lost the ability of differentiating between certain level of disbelief and PIS in the last 10 years. It is almost a contest between characters between companies of who is stronger more powerful even when it goes against the face of the character and his history.

  • It's like the 90's all over again with crappy marketing ploys and gimmicks but instead of variant covers we have variant characters riding the gravy train of established heroes like Wolverine. I guess my biggest problem with Daken is his origin and the fact that Wolverine had an unknown lover. I am a Wolverine fan and know just about everything about him and i can call BS when i see things that dont line up. Wolverine had always made it clear the women that he loves in his life past and present and where he was at certain points in his life. Daken turns that all around due to poor research by writers and making it even worse Daken's personality doesnt lend itself to garnering fans. Daken is something that shouldnt exist by continuity.

  • Skaar same as Daken who is a character design built off of another. I dont like the marketing idea behind him and the fad of modern heroes having children for the next generation of readers and pandering. He should have stayed on Sakaar and died.

  • I'm an old time comic reader i remember when Aquaman was slightly superhuman at best and feats of strength were more suspension of disbelief when he manages to bend iron bars something guys like Batman and Daredevil could replicate. Having said that i got tired of DC being unable maintain his strength each new writer would write him differently making him a little bit stronger and other times writing him as he should be barely able to shrug off blows from a peak human at best but then one day they simply have him without explanation lift a city block underwater. I hate that b/c ever since then he has been written far stronger then the initial intention. I remember when Aquaman was struggling with bears and sharks getting punched out by Batman struggling to hold up a falling wall and bracing it. Now they have his stupid @$$ punching Martian Manhunter and being a mini brick his acolytes make it worse with the nut hugging with the PIS TP attack that he miraculously displayed a couple of times which isnt even repeatable which he should be using when he is in danger. you have ppl claiming how he can now shrug off high caliber gun fire from one moment in his history even when he still bleeds from hand guns when hit or has his hand bitten off by piranhas or cut off by a sword. He is all over the place but that is the problem with company like DC they refuse to set power limits on their character giving writers a field day when writing and the reason why DC continuity is so f$#@ed up from writer to writer that they cant even write a character consistently from month to month.

    Aquaman should have been drowned during the BP incident and done the JLA a favor.

  • Jeph Loeb has no respect for continuity, past writers or even bother to do any research on the character he writes.he is hired and wanted b/c he is a TV writer and dumb@$$e$ like Fat Joe Q think that is all that is needed to be a comic writer. There was a time when Marvel Writers were long time fans who read comics growing up and dreamed of one day working at marvel, they knew who they were writing and what had come before them. But, now you have hack writers who simply show their college diploma majoring in writing being offered a chance to write b/c someone is crushing for him. Loeb should have his hands broken and run out of Marvel and take his rainbow hulk design with him sh#$ looks like it was thought up by an 8 year old.. f#$@ him up the @$$ the fool is f@#$en clown shoes...

  • I hate him. >=( again another marketing ploy to stir sales and ignore continuity and story substance/quality. i dont know who was Editor at the time but i can just see a bunch of sell out young snot nose suits at a meeting talking how to raise revenue. The Sentry wouldnt have existed if not for the greed of capitalism. I could have accepted a character solely designed to make money cause well lets be honest that is what each character does but Sentry is just garbage through and through they made him in a rush and no one knew what to make of him his back story was slapped together and pried into comic lore against the wishes of fans and it took nearly a decade of tryin to force him down readers throats. Even the next generation was like who the f##k is this superman white trash rip off? O_o people who read marvel read it for a reason and it sure isnt to see a carbon copy of superman with pg13 Heroine serum addiction.

  • This son of a rocker douche bag glory hound who has an alright song called Juggernaut~ Baptized by Fire... was allowed to write a Hulk one shot b/c get this the dude likes the Hulk and somehow through his own admittance got into the business through nepotism plus of hook ups and his famous dad and admitted it takes connections rather than talent.. wtf this guy is a perfect example with what is wrong with the comic industry and the people who are allowed to write for them...

    If you guys remember the issue where Hulk takes Thor's hammer and bashes him with it that is this guy.. the art work was craptacular as well its like someone said yeh, we'll print your story cause i crush on your dad here have this crappy artist draw it for you....

  • He ruined my Superboy Origin and i read a lot of his work and i can honestly say i know more about DC characters than him and i am not even really a DC fan yet he gets to work there. *eye twitch*