Dark Awakening- Rebirth

First came the shadows

Then the pain

Before finally nothing

Convulsing as his consciousness faded the violent movements of his body echoed as his bones cracked, snapped and popped. His whole form twitching with an indecent display of disorder. This magical fluid introduced to his system seeking to edit every fibre, every cell altering the man from his base pairs to the marks on his skin. A thick and noxious liquid poured from beneath the skin a mysterious grey like fluid. The flowing tide encasing his now motionless body. This unnatural and rapidly growing shell forming into an eerie cocoon like structure. Its rippled shell reminiscent of shaped cartridge but it seemed to drink the light around it the air was colder, a simple yet menacing structure surrounding the motionless form of Cassius Knightfall.

Inside the structure the primordial restructuring slowly shifted towards order. Twenty years of wear and tear slipping away, mental pathways reconnecting genetic enhancements taken bare. The parts that once made the man, unmade reforming into an entirely new animal. Something unlike the person before. Time and pain becoming concepts lost within the shell. Acids, protein strains, muscle tissue, cartridge and bone slowly stitching itself back together. New formations of the same old shapes fortified within. An unknown factor to the serums purpose acting as a genetic wildcard and catalyst to a pronounced alteration of internal components. Bones hardening with an unnatural strength their appearance oddly textured as the exotic metal viburnum fused with the natural collagen.

A one of a kind compound forming, solidifying throughout the forming skeletal structure. The exotic metal compound forming the once lost limb along with those who remained. This genius serum restoring a previous genetic makeup, forming a traditional humanoid body structure with the material available.

Days passing as this cocoon sat sentinel to the forming body. A pale layer of skin slid over the tissue followed by the next and the next. Until the internal alterations of the abyssal shell ceased and the sounds of life started to stir within.

A dull thud followed by a deep bellowing growl.


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Shimmering talons emerging first, then a hand. Darkness enveloping the emerging form as the shell began to decay. Withing and collapsing rapidly as a form rose from the shadows. Red piercing eyes piercing through the void.

A man Reborn