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WeaponsDual ornate pistols unnamed Given to Cassius upon completion of his training by his "father" Richard Slay. Each of the pistols fitted with three modes of fire single shot, burst and full auto. These custom build weapons of the faith where made by the Vatican's chief gunsmith and have been pleased by the pope himself. The hilt of each of the specially extended clips emblazoned with the slay family emblem in 24c gold. Their holsters are made from a prize Spanish bull said to have produced milk upon its retirement from the bull ring.

Considered a miracle by the Vatican the leather of the animal is highly prized and fancied by many of the truly faithful as well as those who dabble in the dark/satanic arts.

Each gun holds 22 rounds of .45 calibre Cassius carries clips marked with tape on the bottom. Red denotes explosive, Blue high impact hollow-points and Green the rarest of the trinity of rounds depleted uranium rounds.

Cassius's Knife. Custom finish black skull on red. A three times folded steel combat knife blade. Extremely strong, razor sharp and bound with a wrist strap. The strap being made of a unknown highly durable metal bound with a much lighter and less harsher fabric to protect the cable from damaging Cassius wrist. This is Cassius go to weapon when in trouble it has never let him down and with his expertise and the blades durability it probably never will.

In his jacket pockets and in his utility belt Cassius also carries spare rounds, flash and smoke bombs a small med kit, a selection of small vials containing toxins and poisions and sharp stone for his knife.

Equipment/CostumeCassius like all the Slay is supplied with top of line armour via the connections of the Vatican. His infamous helmet or hood is made of a complex weave of Kevlar for durability and weight fortified by thin but equally bullet proof plates of the same unknown alloy his blade is forged from.

The Helmet itself is bulletproof, has an inbuilt camera/headset for communication. Anti removal devices to protect Cassius identity including a gas trip switch, an electrified outer shell and a potentially fatal explosive charge for worst case scenario.This charge is also able to be detonated by Cassius from a hidden trigger somewhere on his gear.

Cassius flare from the dramatic doesn't carry onto his body armour however as that is like all Slays jet black molded to fit and stuffed with Bullet and knife proof materials. Its appearance is no different from a standard biker uniform as it must be blend-able in an urban environment. But it offers far more protection than an off the shelf model.

TrainingHaving learnt to fight from the master of the Slay Cassius is well versed in the 5 arts of the Slays each fighting style focused specifically on a certain form of combat.The forms named and based on a combination of offensive arts from throughout the globe. Cassius especially excelled at forms 1,2 and 5.

Form 1 (The Talon) a combination of free flowing movements meant to utilize the deadliness of small hand held blade. This form is the most reliant on speed and agility involving complex rapid movements designed to cut at the enemies weak points and move rapidly between possible counters.Form 2 ( The Hornet) what has affectionately been nicknamed Gun-Fu by the elder Slays combines movements from the eastern martial arts with deadly firearms in order to produce rapid and lethal kills to multiple opponents. Relying on hand-eye coordination and reflex responses to maximize its lethality.Form 3 (The Cat) speedy light footed movements for stealthy combat and remaining undetectedForm 4 (The Lyrebird) the complex study of movement allowing the Slays to predict and strike out at their enemy as they are on the offense. Years of dedication and assaults of the body and mind honed Cassius into a great user of the form, but his overconfidence often leads to his responses to be less than satisfactory.Form 5 (The Mouse) the art of controlled blending and immersion within the ranks of the enemy and within the public. Cassius is the clans best at vanishing on will. His masters were so impressed with his form 5 he now trains the younger Slays in how best to avoid detection.


  • Stygian Subsidy- The dark gift. Mastery of shadows. The manipulator of the void. All describe the main aspect of Cassius power. Where ever the shadow touches he can see, hear or move. The shadows can cloak him, he can move between them. Summon creatures of darkness from them or use the shadows as weapons themselves.
  • Necrovision- The eyes of the abyss. Enhanced sight allowing independent movement of eyes, sight in complete darkness and via focus the revelations of the targets date/cause of death. Combined with his years of expert marksmanship allowing for dual targeting and tracking.
The Eyes of Darkness
The Eyes of Darkness

Immunity to poison and toxins

Vastly enhanced statistics and healing. Effects increased further when surrounded by shadow.

A perfect Blend of Biology and Chemistry
A perfect Blend of Biology and Chemistry

Bio Synthesized Vibranuim bone compound armor - A product of the serums alteration process brought to life by Cassius dormant X-Gene. The serum causing the lone Knightfall to enter a cocooned state as his body redefined itself ( see Dark Awakening). His armor and metallic limb introducing the exotic metal to the primordial state of flux within the altering cells. Combining with the altering DNA to form what could even be a one of a kind hybridization of the exotic metal and the natural components of bone. This unique composition allowing for various benefits including near complete silent movement even at speed, innate energy absorbing/damage reduction to various attacks. Greatly increased skeletal durability, as well as greater protection for internal organs as the Armor itself, acts as an exoskeleton.

(armor is dormant is Cassius natural human appearance but internal skeletal benefits remain.)

Weaponised Claws - Composite Vibranuim claws extend from the fingers of Cassius's armored form. Though only a few inches long they are extremely durable, sharp enough to sheer through almost any known metal or armor types.