Drifting Along, Redemption Found

Ever feel like someone upstairs hates you...
Ever feel like someone upstairs hates you...

You have no f___king ideas how true you might actually be, I can't step into one game infested hole without someone trying to do exactly what this guy is doing... Trying to kick my ass.

As if God himself was pushing pieces in place just to screw with my life. Well, Lord, I don't need the help I was born in the backwoods and from an early time came to know the sick humor of this works.

But theirs one single thing that makes it all worthwhile, you know how everyone's got an angel and a devil in their shoulders, well my devil skull f___ked the angel to death. He doesn't exactly have a name, but he's been with me for five years now. And has hardened me to the abuse of the world, in such ways that as soon as asshole A stops using my face like a red-headed stepchild, I will show him how it's really done.

The two large thugs toss what remains of an overly curious young man to the feet of an even larger man sitting at a very big chair. A large ring sits atop each fat almost sausage like a finger, each with a different gem embedded in the ring. The young man looks up at the bonafide leader of this redneck club and whimpers as he speaks "Your name isn't Erma Jeen is it?" the overly larger man laughs and with a thick accent replies "En iffa say it was?" He laughs again and continues "Jess it iz yunnin. What's ituya?" Standing up and lifting his large leg and prepares to stomp on the boys head.

As the rednecks prepare to stomp the life outta the boy, said boy erupts into a maniacal fit of laughter. The air around him hissing like a bag of recently popped popcorn as it sits cooling "Oh thank Allah do you know how many racist rednecks there are in this state??? I had to just go through each trying to find the Target, Jesus they should have just said find the fattest f__k Klansman... Would have solved a lot and saved a lot of ammo..." his body best into flames around his already tattered clothes and a single Barb burst from the hot flames and skewered the leader's foot and kept going straight up ripping the foot off and hanging the foot on the ceiling.

The whale screamed loud and feel back harder, the rest of the Klansman was no better as in an instant a chain filled the room as it swung and weaved around the room before coming short of the leaders face, the chain had stretched and wrapped around everyone within the small Podunk club.

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As the young man stood he patted himself clean of dirt and walked over to stumpy, snapping his fingers and the chain burned bright like molten metal and cut like butter through everyone it had wrapped. Screams were brief as they burned to ash as the chain made its way through their bodies.

Without even looking at what he had done here brought his Palm to the bleeding stump and it burned the flesh and cooked the meat as the Klansman screamed. He was cursing every name in the book, calling the man an abomination. Only for it to bring a smile to his face leaning in close the flames of his body now burning the leader, he pressed a finger to the man's forehead "Just so you know that church you burned to the ground held a mix of children. You killed children....so when they looked for something to help them I came and this...I'd do over and over for free... See you in hell.." and as he finished he plunged his molten hot dinner into the man's skull and as he did the back of his skull erupted.