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Real Name: Unknown goes by Carter Slayde

Hometown: Hells Kitchen

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 185

Age: 24

Eye Color: White


Super Power Origin: Occult/Supernatural


Identity (Known or Unknown) Criminal

Known Aliases: Drifter

Toad became A Bigger Toad

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New York is not a place a Bright eyed small town boy from the Hicks should try his chance at detective work. Coming from a long line of inept men, the young boy who'd become something more was grade A ugly with a chance of meatball acne on the side. Over single day was all it took to push little Cletus sister lover over the edge and try his hand at the dark arts.

That's where I came in, tried summoning Lucifer the daft fool. Got me instead, too his body for a long stroll. Then he grew a back bone somewhere and took over.

So I'm here talking to my damn self while he uses my abilities....if I want so pissed I'd be impressed little pantiewaist grew a pair. Just took him three years and a whole docket of a record hahahahaha

Redeem that you p....