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The Mighty Thor #3 Review 0

Fear Itself is over, The Serpent is gone, and So is Thor. Or is he?This issue is the introduction to Tanarus, the new God of Thunder. When Thor died, Tanarus replaced him, and now everyone remembers him as the Avenger and son of Odin instead of Thor, except Loki of course.I was on the fence after hearing about the concept, and this issue really didn't make me want to pick up the next issue and find out what will happen next. Obviously there would be a twist to who Tanarus really is, and we find ...

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I, Vampire #3 Review 0

Joshua Hale Fialkov does vampires right. This isn't Twilight or True Blood or not even American Vampire, and that's why I'm so attracted to this book. It feels brand new.With this issue, Fialkov slows things down a bit. We're introduced to a friend of Andrew's and the issue is seen mostly through his eyes. After two issues of exploring Andrew and Mary's relationship, I still wanted to see more and this issue doesn't really go into that at all. However, once I got over that I got into it a bit mo...

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Wolverine & The X-Men #2 Review 0

After a very unexpected, but amazing first issue, we have here issue two, with lots of fun and explosions.Issue two really focuses on Iceman over everything else. This is something that made it so easy to sell to me. I love Bobby as a character, and we never get to see him used much. He shoots ice and that's really as far as his power has been displayed. Jason Aaron really convinced me that Bobby Drake can really be one of the best X-Men.This issue is action packed but also lays down some charac...

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The Flash #3 0

I was relieved and very pleasantly surprised after reading The Flash #1. I knew it would look beautiful, because that is what Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato do, but when they also provided an interesting, and well written, story, I knew I was in for something special.Manapul and Buccellato introduced a new ability of Barry Allen's last issue that is very interesting and we got a glimpse as to how it works. At the start of this issue, they take one of the Flash's trademark abilities and use...

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Wonder Woman #3 0

The third issue of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang's Wonder Woman run continues being, well, wonderful. Big secrets are discovered here by Diana and it is a big change for the new DCU.At the start of this book, it feels like some time has passed since the end of issue two. The Amazons are burying their dead after Paradise Island was attacked, and things between Strife and Diana aren't looking so good. Azzarello is writing Wonder Woman just right. She's strong, she's definitely independent, whil...

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Severed #4 Review 0

Scott Snyder has said that this is nothing like he's written before, a slow burn. This book has been building and building the tension since issue one, and I'm loving it for that. From what I've read from Scott Snyder, he's really great at building up characters and then giving them a little twist, this is no different. I'm loving the chemistry between Jack and Sam, it feels real, like they are actual characters from real history that Snyder and Tuft have gone back and dug up for the sake of wri...

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Batman #3 Review 1

After an action packed issue #2, Batman #3 slows things down a bit. This issue really begins to dig into just how unfamiliar Gotham City really is to Bruce Wayne, and that will really be his undoing. Batman is overly confident, this is his city, but what happens when he realizes that he's been wrong about that all this time?Scott Snyder hasn't missed a beat since issue one, and the story just keep getting bigger and more complex. The dialogue is spot on and everyone feels like they are perfectly...

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Wolverine's Revenge, Part 2 0

Jason Aaron is writing, perhaps, one of the most interesting Wolverine stories that I have read. Things started with Logan's body possessed and his soul sent down to hell. From then on, things have been building to what we have now, Wolverine's Revenge.  With each issue of Wolverine that comes out, I get extremely excited to see what Aaron has planned next. Each issue is full of action, tells a great story, and is unexpected. This issue was great, but it didn't completely blow me away. Very much...

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Deadman and the Flying Graysons #1 0

With his parents still alive and well, Dick Grayson, now an adult, never became Robin and is still part of a traveling circus show, with its star, Deadman.  This is one of the mini series that really interested me right off the bat, however, it really didn't live up to my expectations.  For the most part, I like J.T. Krul, most recently his Teen Titans book is doing great, so I don't know what happened here. I may be in the minority but I was so uninterested by this. What each Flashpoint tie in ...

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Journey Into Mystery #624 0

After Loki sacrificed himself in Siege, he is now reborn in the body of a child, but appears to be more of an ally then the evil god we have grown to know. A Fear Itself tie in book, the first page takes some time to recap his part in helping Thor escape and breaking out the Hel-Wolf for his own use.  Kieron Gillen's run on Thor is some of my favorite work. Over all, I think he's a great writer. In this particular issue we get to see him explore these almighty gods a little more. Something that ...

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Batman & Robin #24 0

Judd Winick returns with the 2nd part of a 3 part story arc. Jason Todd is broken out of jail on his way back to Arkham by The Menagerie, a team of half animal and half human beings.  First off, I am not a huge Jason Todd fan, but I really enjoyed last issue (which I reviewed here), this one, however, not so much. The first thing that kind of threw me off was the switch in artists. Last issue we had some really great art by Guillem March and Andrei Bresson, in this issue Greg Tucchini takes over...

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Nick Fury: Super Spy 0

The Cover: The covers for this series aren't really the greatest, since  most of it is just white, but it's alright. The little bit of artwork on the actual cover is really good.The Good: This is a huge reveal issue. Nick Fury and Baron von Strucker were taken prisoner by the Kraken, Strucker's right hand man. This whole issue takes place in the same room, with the exception of some flashback sequences. Now, that may seem boring but the writing by Hickman is superb. As this series is nearing its...

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Introducing... Solstice! 0

The Cover: A simple cover, but Scott's artwork is great. Nothing particularly bad about the cover, but then again, nothing too special about it. Solstice is the main focus of the issue and we get that from the cover.The Good: Nicola Scott returns to the title after a few issues off. Needless to say, this is a beautiful looking issue. I also like that the inking and colors are just right. One doesn't take away from the other. Also, seeing Kid Flash in action always gets me excited, especially whe...

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"To Kill A Mockingbird" 0

The Cover: While Wolverine, Thing, and Spider- Man are beautifully drawn, I just don't really like the cover.The Good: I am really enjoying the stuff that is going gown with the New Avengers and H.A.M.M.E.R. Deodato's art is spectacular and Bendi's writing is really good. Basically, two stories are being told, so far with no connection. While I am enjoying how both parts of this issue are written, I do have some problems with it.The Bad: One of the problems I have with this is that we have two d...

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Ghost War, Part One 0

The start of a brand new story arc takes us to World War II.   The Good:  Issue after issue, month after month, for 13 consistent issues, Scott Snyder has kept me hooked on to this book. This story takes us to World War II, where Pear Jones and her husband Henry Preston have been in hiding from the world for two decades, until Henry is recruited for a special something. With each issue that is released, I still get excited, and for good reason. Snyder has brilliant storytelling abilities and he'...

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The Wes Craven of Comics 0

Echoes #4 by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Rahsan Ekedal.  The Good: I am not a huge horror fan. It just doesn't do it for me. That said, I love this series. It is what horror is supposed to be. This is truly some of the best storytelling I've seen. Fialkov does a perfect job writing such a dark and disturbing story that feels completely fresh and totally unexpected. Dialogue is intense and even the minor characters each have a role to fill. Brian can't seem to get a fix on what's reality and what isn...

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Grounded... once more 3

The Flash and Superman finally cross paths as Superman continues to endlessly, and needlessly, walk across America.   The Good:  There is nothing really redeeming about this title except for the pages Eddy Barrows works on.   The Bad: Where to begin. The Flash is wearing a Kryptonian headband that, when put on, it would automatically teach you. However, it seems as if only Kryptonians can handle it, and so Flash finds Superman, and eventually Superman gets it off of him. This is a case where Sup...

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Deep Scars 1

X- Factor is hired by Mayor J. Jonah Jameson to investigate the murder.   The Good: Emanuela Lupacchino's pencils, Guillermo Ortego's inks, and Matt Milla's colors really brought the entire issue to life for me. Plain and simple, it is a great looking issue.  Now, on to Peter David's writing. While I really liked last issue, this one is one is so much better. I loved just how Jameson is written in this issue, Felicia as well. What made this issue shine, however, was Jameson's little argument wit...

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If Iron Lad is wearing armor, why does his mouth move? 0

An untold story of the Young Avengers.   The Good: This one- shot is book ended with Iron Lad's confrontation with his future self, Kang the Conqueror and the Young Avengers who have become that future's Avengers. I really wish that that could have been the entire issue, because everything else in between seems unnecessary. Here we find out how and why Iron Lad appeared at the end of the last issue of Avengers The Children's Crusade. With all the fluff in between, Heinberg keeps everyone in char...

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Point One Above the Rest 0

Uncanny X- Force #5.1 continues the "Point One" initiative Marvel has set.   The Good: Lady Deathstrike is out to destroy Utopia, but Wolverine and the gang won't have it. This is a self contained story and it does great on introducing the current players and just what it is they do exactly. You get some baggage from the previous Apocalypse arc, which to someone who reads this book month in and month out is great. However, new readers who are jumping on this issue won't really get that. We get a...

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My Heart Will Go On 2

Married mother of two by day, cold blooded killer by night.   The Good:  This book is definitely interesting, to say the least. While the concept of this tittle isn't really the most original idea out there, I really enjoy the balance between Jen's day and night life. My favorite part of this book is seeing exactly how Jen's mindset is. We get an internal monologue that in fact is her writing in her diary and it just works for me.   Art work wise, it's really gritty and dark. Although it is the ...

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Skeleton Cases, Part 3 0

A spine tingling confrontation between father and son, and a team up between Batman, Dick Grayson, and Red Robin.   The Good: This book has amazing talent all around. First off, Francesco Francavilla is the complete artists package. The tone set by Snyder's writing is completely realized through the artwork. Snyder seems to, not only write an amazing story, but also write in it in the way that plays to the artist's strengths.   That first half of this book could possibly be some of the best dial...

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Strange Frontiers 0

Another look at Skinner Sweet's past, and boy it is wild.   The Good: Scott Snyder has done wonders on this title. He's something like the concept of vampires, mixed it with some history, and created an entertaining and unique story. Every issue feels fresh and so much fun to read, this is no different. It feels as if the story could take any turn at any point, and Snyder does everything in his power to not disappoint. We get a character who is a cold blooded killer, but he is also so much more....

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In Loving Memory... 0

Marla Jameson is dead, and Spider- Man blames himself.  The Good: First off, I love this cover. It's my favorite one this week actually. So, where this issue picks up is right after Marla's death. The opening of the book is completely silent, and it does a terrific job telling the story with Martin's art alone. You can clearly tell how each person feels, the emotion is there. The second half of this issue feels like a different book, it's about Peter's nightmare which is all about people that ha...

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War Journal 3

A suburban housewife by day, female "Punisher" by night. Another super bloody, super gory title by Garth Ennis.   The Good: The first thing that I notice myself really enjoying is the internal monologue that Jennifer Blood has throughout the issue, which in fact is actually her writing in her diary. Now, while the idea of this book isn't the most original thing I've read, Ennis does a really good job keeping you entertained. In this issue, we go through Jennifer's first night out, and let me jus...

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Teach Your Children 0

Finesse faces off against Taskmaster.   The Good: There's just something about this title that really drew me into issue #1. I still think that Gage has done a terrific job on each issue, but it hasn't been feeling as great as the first issue felt. However, this issue really shines in parts. Pietro has always been an interesting character for me, and I am so happy that he is included in this title. I was so excited once the Brotherhood of Evil, and Finesse's discovery, was mentioned, but since t...

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Venom Point 1 0

Flash Thompson + Venom Symbiote = Pretty awesome.   The Good: I think Flash as the new Venom is perfect. This is a brand new, and fresh look at Venom, which I think could turn out some pretty interesting stories. Flash Thompson is only allowed to wear the symbiote suit for 20 missions, and no more then for 48 hours at a time, because after that, it'll permanently bond with his body. Here we get a look at Flash in the suit, and in action. This is actually very exciting and entertaining. Although ...

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Aquawar, Part 2 0

Brightest Day nears its end as Aquawar rages on.   The Good: A quick look at the cover before anything. I love it. I believe Gary Frank did the regular one, I could be wrong, but it looks really good. From the coloring to all of the details, amazing. Now then, we get more Aquaman. This entire issue focuses on what was going on between Aquaman, Aqualad and Black Manta. I have really been enjoying Aquaman's story since Brightest Day started and this one was a good one, filled with action. We also ...

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Wolverine vs. The X- Men, Part 1 4

Wolverine has made it back out of hell, but what awaits his return? Demonic possession.   The Good: The Road to Hell is over. That indeed is a good thing. While I thought the first 5 issues of this series were so slow, boring, and drawn out, this issue really redeemed itself. Wolverine is now fighting the demons that  possessed his body while his soul was in hell. I was really hooked from the very first page. The opening to this issue was kind of unexpected for me and it really made me want to r...

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Cursed, Part 2 3

Issue #2 of Wolverine & Jubilee, Curse of the Mutants Aftermath.   The Good: Here we have, as the title says, Wolverine and Jubilee once again. Just alone on that, I decided to pick up this mini series. Seeing these two together really brings out something that we don't typically see in the characters when they're surrounded by other characters, and it is good. The writing is actually really solid and these last 2 issues have been so much better then I expected. I love seeing Logan and Jubil...

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Batman & Robin Corps. 0

Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason begin their long awaited, and highly anticipated, run on Batman & Robin. This is Dark Knight, White Knight part 1.   The Good:  The opening of this issue put a smile on my face. The Bat- family gets ready for a movie night. While it may sound weird, it does happen for a purpose and not just to have in thrown into the issue. From there is where things start down a darker path. Someone dies and we don't know why. From here, Batman and Robin investigate this, an...

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Stakeout 2

X- Factor is back from Vegas and they just can't seem to catch a break, can they?  The Good: This is one of the darkest issues of X- Factor that I have read in recent memory. A woman hires X- Factor to find her dad's killer, who appears to be a vampire. Fortuanetly, it is much more then that. It is a really fun, self contained issue with some of that Peter David humor sprinkled along. I don't really have many words to describe how good this series is issue after issue without repeating myself so...

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Big Time Rush 0

Jameson lands the spaceship successfully in a space station with no way back to Earth, while the rest of his family is still in trouble with the Spider Slayers. Big things happen, and we get out new Venom.   The Good: Once again, Dan Slott does not disappoint. Every single issue has been great since he took over, and this is no exception. Stefano Caselli's artwork is beautiful, and it definitely suits the book very well. We get a lot of good action, a lot of great writing, and this book actually...

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The Death of Spider- Man Begins 0

The prelude to the highly anticipated Death of Spider- Man arc.   The Good: I am loving what is currently going on with the Black Cat. The artwork on her sections are so much better then the Spider/Iron man parts. Also, I think her part of the story interesting. Bendis' depiction of Peter as this super fanboy when he meets Iron Man and spends some time with him is also pretty fun to read. It seems like the right way a fanboy would react, because, lets face it, that is what Peter Parker is. The w...

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Nick Fury: Secret Warrior 1

New Avengers issue #9 brings a new story arc which will reveal a secret Nick Fury has been holding on to.   The Good: Let me start with Mike Deodato's art. It's just so good. Now, this issue deals on flashback scenes to 1959 with Nick Fury, and some present mission with the Luke Cage's Avengers. One of the great things about this issue is the banter between characters, it even made me chuckle from time to time. What I truly loved about this issue, however, is that it will be dealing in Nick Fury...

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Another Thor title 0

Thor, Ego the Living Planet, Zephyr, and the Collector. Not as huge as you might think.   The Good: Mike Choi is a talented artists, and nothing could ever take that away from him. The art in this title definitely is top notch, although there was one instance where I thought it fell flat. Other then that, it is pretty much perfect. Mix in some beautiful colors and you get this masterpiece, art wise that is.   The Bad: I was overly excited after I read the first issue, for good reason. I thought ...

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Two words: Moon Knight 0

Steve Rogers leads a super secret team, against the Shadow Council.   The Good: I loved the first few issues of this series. However, once the current story arc started it kind of lost my interest. It was good enough to read, but not great. All that changed with this issue. I really enjoyed it. We get the return of John Steele in Steve's life as an opposing threat, and let me just say that he makes a perfect opponent for Steve Rogers. He isn't someone Steve will be able to just push around. Brub...

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Trial of Captain America 0

Sin, the new Red Skull and daughter of the original Red Skull, gets involved with Bucky's trial as things really heat up.   The Good: Let me start off by saying just how beautiful the artwork is. Butch Guise's pencils with inks and colors are, plain and simply, a visual delight. It complements Brubaker's writing style, in my opinion. With the penultimate issue of The Trial of Captain America, things really do get turned up a notch. We get Bucky's internal monologue throughout the issue and it is...

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Scott Snyder gets it! 0

The Black Mirror part three. The conclusion to Snyder and Jock's debuting story arc.    The Good: Scott Snyder and Jock really do get it. Dick Grayson has never been better in his time as Batman. This really is my favorite Bat- title out right now. It's not the happy, smiling, wise cracking Dick Grayson that we have been seeing. Snyder really took it to a very dark place, and it feels just right.Also, the beginning of the book holds a huge, shocking event that just might blow you away. I haven't...

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Clint Eastwood who? 2

Darwin has decided to take a break from X- Factor and is now on his own after the confrontation with Hela. As he walks on by, he encounters a damsel in distress, a giant dragon, and a long forgotten western town, ripped right out of movies, literally.   The Good: Peter David knocks another issue right out of the park. I really loved this issue because of how well David explores and expands Darwin's character and also the story altogether of the book. This is really a big setup book for what is t...

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