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Reviews for week 1 of the new DC


With the arrival of the new 52 from DC, I did what anyone else would do, I picked up all 13 titles of the first week. Well, here are my reviews for my 3 favorite titles this week and the three books that I enjoyed the least. Thanks for watching.
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I never noticed how fake "Reporters" can be.

I mean I knew there was some level of being artificial. You can't have a newscaster or someone doing an interview while theyre all upset or sad looking. I actually noticed it afeter I met Sara and Tom, yup, from this very site. Since I got to spend a day with Sara while she did all of her interviews and stuff, I also got to listen in to other interviews from other companies. I would just go ahead and say, from my own experience, it seems that the Comicvine staff really are who they appear to be in front of the camera. I would think that they arent afraid to hide it and change who they are on camera because they are happy with what they do and they love it. While some others might be in it for whatever other reason. Just a thought.


My HATE for Superman

I can't believe that I actually hated Superman. That is, until I read War of the Supermen and continued with Superman #700. So then I decided to pick up a few trades. I have a pretty big comic book collection and I also buy a lot of trades. I've always thought of Superman as "the big blue boy scout" and as this super strong guy that because he was so powerful, I thought that he was boring. I;m happy to say that my feelings have changed. Actually, my favorite of my trades that I own are both Superman stories, All Star Superman and Red Son. Now, I know that they aren't in continuity, but they are just so good. Red Son is definitely my favorite work from Millar. I have grown to really love this character. And I also love what JMS is currently doing with the Superman book. Very interesting. Can't wait for more, and hopefully we'll get to see Paul Cornell write Superman in Action Comics.


New York Comic- Con had come and go

I've enjoyed the past three days to the fullest. I couldn't have asked for a better first comic- con experience then from what I received. First off, I want to thank Sara and Tom for everything that they did. You just can't ask for nicer people.
Friday was spent all day, for the most part, getting comics autographed and finally getting an amazing sketch by Francis Manapul of Batman. It was pretty awesome to finally be there though. After the con though, I got to hang out with Sara, Tom, and a few other people in a nearby restaurant which served pretty good pizza. It was a very fun night, and if you have seen them in front of the camera, that is exactly how they are face to face. We all chatted, ate, laughed, and then parted ways. That is until the next day.
On Saturday, I actually found Sara by the Sega booth and Tom came by as well. I gotta admit, I'm no expert on Wonder Woman, but it was fun being part of the 30 Second quick round on some Wonder Woman facts. Also, being part of the trivia is what I've wanted to do since I saw it being done in San Diego, and I am happy to say that I got something right. I actually got to tag along with Sara, Aaron, and Drew all day long. There were a lot of laughs and good times. We got to see some really cool footage of the Thor video game and the surprisingly good, but oddly familiar, playable demo of Captain America. While Sara would interview the people she needed to interview, there were some moments of courageousness between Aaron, Drew, Jeff, and I. The most memorable? While Sara spoke to Sterling Gates,(who later on went to play the Michale Jackson Experience video game with Sara), Jeff acted as a bodyguard, making sure no one would cross in front of the camera. We got a few laughs from that. Also, Lucky Sara, got to go up on stage and sit next to Stan Lee and interview him while he did his signing. There was so much that went on in that one day and i loved every minute of it. It felt as if I really did make some friends with everything that went on. Being honorary interns for the day, as it was put. Before it was all said and done, we all sat down and got to talk about everything. It was the best day of the entire weekend.
Sunday wasn't too busy. All that really went on was more signatures. I got to meet Gail Simone, Amanda Conners, who did a cool quick sketch of Power Girl for me, David FInch who signed all of my issues of Brightest Day and more. All and all, I can't wait to go back. I can't wait to hopefully see everyone again next year.