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A fresh air in a insane world 0

I really liked this first issue, it was published a few months ago but I just read it and I find it awesome. Retrospectively, the story of David Haller is an interesting way of connecting the worlds of two forgotten characters - blindfold and legion, and briefly Merzah the Mystic. Its a gracefully way to pay tribute to old characters and recognize their legacy on new storyplots. The action scenes inside Legion´s mind fit perfectly with his background and finally gave an oportunity to David to a...

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Awesomeness is back 0

Finally we started to see how the charismatic characters from Age of Apocalypse are getting back ... dont get me wrong I really like this volume but the entirely human protagonists do not fullfill my expectations on an X-Men comic book.The goodDrawings are flawless ... all art involved in the series is incredible and manages to create the right atmosphere. The plot of resurrection of the alphas is fitting well with the post-apocalyptic story and weapon omega crusade to dominate the world. Dialog...

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Omega 0

Finally after five issues the parallel story of Alpha & Omega comes to an end. Overall it was a fine story with great issues to remember and take account. But at the end it was only an alternative story that would fit in the regular series.The goodThe art was amazing, using the transition between two styles added more value to the issue, the more mature tone in the drawings of real world gave credibility to the story. The plot was decent with unexpected turns that balanced the pace, Kid Omeg...

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Returning to deeper roots 0

After the interdimensional adventure with its consequences (not so good plot) Uncanny X-Force has returned to its roots and creates an incredible issue starring NightcrawlerThe goodExcellent art work, realistic and more mature (Nightcrawler´s story). Gave continuity to Age of Apocalypse intevention with high level story and dialogues. Stunning cover that serves to attract the reader and reconect with the public who loved the Archangel Solution sub-plot.The badPsylocke´s drawings had lower qualit...

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Connecting dots 0

As expected this issue serves as conection to the last issue of the alternative plot, it continues mixing art in a great way but lacks of good pace.The goodGreat combination of art work between realities!! An uglier quentin fits amazing with his personality and with the entire concept of the character. Changes between pages get reader´s attention. Art cover is stunning too but does not fit entirely with the story plot, it creates too much expectatives on the plot.The badThe pace is solwer now an...

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Final solution? 0

ReviewMagneto: not a hero is a very good mini-serie that gave a place to Magneto in this new x-scenerio. He is part of the Cyclop´s team and he is ready to play. This final issue ends a well done cycle of magneto´s new life.The goodStunning drawings with exceptional colors and design effects.All 4 issues are consisted and well done. Good returning of old nineties characters as Joseph and Astra. Overall, all issues have a good pace with an interesting story. This series use the right number of ch...

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Predictable means not cool 2

This issues was too far, was predictable with mediocre script and less than good arts.GoodGood cast of characters, now the "old" ones have assumed a more mature role with real responsabilities. This issue creates backgrounds to School´s credibility. Rogue controls her powers greatfully ... the way she touched students was so naive (they must now how her powers work).BadThis issue was predictable in all its pages with a loosy story and childish arts. The enemies were easily defeated in the end bu...

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Fast pacing 0

I really enjoyed this issue, this parallel story fits well to main series. The fury of Kid Omega was held enough but now we´re gonna see how he could be part of the Wolverine´s x-men story...The goodGreat art that serves to get good pace, the action scenes were done fine and helps to keep the atention on what´s gonna happen next. The focus on kid omega was well directed and finally we´ll see what the boy can do. The few characters involved get well balance and Armor´s introduction in this partic...

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Expecting something else 0

I was expecting something else with this new launch, something more spectacular. But this story begins with a solid background and huge potential for the comming monthly serie, the recently added characters give depth and add a better pace. But seriously I was expecting something else...The GoodGreat art, as we seen in Uncanny X-Force with more visceral action and more humans forms, it gives a dark mature tone worthy of AOA. They kept very cool old characters as Jean and Sabretooth.SPOILER WARNI...

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Incredible anime style 0

I think that Batman: Gotham Knight resembles the wonderful work done in Animatrix, and in my opinion that was amazing too. These six stories tell six different versions of the Dark Knight in a very unique pace, passing the chapters the visuals are getting darker with a subtle psychological management. The six Knights are explored differently but all of them from the myth of Batman, each entry despicted an entity like hero based on fear, suffering and pain.The soundtrack envolved amazingly and le...

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