Team Canada, Watchmen, So Little Time

Ugh.  Well it's halfway through the Xmas holidays and while I wasn't really planning on really taking any time off, I finally at the last minute decided to take this week off.

Survived my birthday celebrations (two pretty hard core nights which I am seriously paying for today), family gatherings for Xmas before that, and now trying to get out of really doing anything big for New Years.  World Junior Hockey Championships and Bowl Games all over the television... how the heck to fit in any time for some good reads?

I think I will try out this Watchmen comic now.  Everyone looks at me like I am an alien when I say I've never read it.  I got it, and have to get around to reading it.  Currently though plugging through the Walking Dead series, definitely a killer series.  This last few issues in the 'This Sorrowful Life' storyline have probably been one of the most intense and gruesome I have EVER read in comics.  YIKES.

So many comics, so many danged things to do.  Bowl game... or Watchmen?  Team Canada kicking the crap out of Team USA (on tonight!!!) or the (well, either way, I'll be looking at a team of dead things)?  Thankfully I've go till the fifth to relax and chill out with some good reads.

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