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@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: Nah, I try and avoid call outs. >_<

Sorry, I've been crazy busy. My phone has been broke, and I've been getting home at 11ish everyday.

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Alright, I'm gonna stop the quoting, as it makes the battle complex to read. I was gonna edit the prior post buuttt whatevesss.

I'm just gonna address several things that have bugged me.

First, it isn't fair to use Bullseye as an example of Deadpool being able to dodge everything, and show only him destroying him. Which still makes no sense, but whatever.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7

Bullseye has also beaten Deadpool, he got tagged by an arrow because he wasn't seeing it coming and was getting cocky. A nasty habit.

Also when he slit Deadpool's throat with a straw while he was underestimating him.

No Caption Provided

Secondly, Deadpool shooting a bunch of Hydra agents isn't that impressive, when in his comic it's stated that they are mostly taught to run away and hide. While Punisher taking on a group of Hand ninjas, most of which deflect bullets, is pretty awesome, they've also overwhelmed Wolverine before too.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Here's a question I have.. If Deadpool is so above Punisher.. Why hasn't he always mopped the floor with him? Well, let's look.

@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek said:

Deadpool clearly has a chance to shoot him in the head. If Ant-Man helmet is present, simply move the pistol down a couple inches.

Oh well, I mean I guess that's understandable, I don't see why he didn't pull the trigger and then deal with the cops but okay.

@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek said:

Nearly beats Punisher to death, and would have if the man in the third panel didn't stop him.

Well, that's kinda weird that an unnamed mailman was enough to make Deadpool stop.

@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek said:

Almost slits Punisher's throat until he hears news that makes him stop. That's when the infamous "TV on Wade's head" scan comes from.

No Caption Provided

Wait.. How can such a powerhouse like Deadpool not kill Punisher so many times over so many silly things? Wanna know why? It's because my 6 year old sister has a better attention span than Deadpool. If Deadpool was such a top notch assassin who didn't let his silliness get in the way, then why did he sit there making a pun while Punisher walked away? If Deadpool is such masterful with weapons, how could he not stop or move the pipe around that random guys' head? If Deadpool was so intelligent, why didn't he shoot Punisher in the head and just tank everything those cops did? Because, like it or not, 99% of the time, Deadpool is a moron. He fights and success against a Punisher who isn't as well armed as Punisher is in this scenario, he fights a Punisher that is prepared for something different and has to worry about civilian causalities (at least in two.) and he still has some major difficulty. Also, the scan of Punisher with the high tech equipment is absolutely ridiculous. First, how would you even cut Whiplash's whip, how would you pull someone down with you? I just couldn't even what. What happens if Pool O'Vision comes up?

I don't see how Punisher jacking his sword is PIS. Deadpool has consistently been beaten by low rank characters because of his CIS. He was busy talking.

Lastly, is Deadpool's healing factor. Now, headshots should put anyone down for a bit. Call me cheap, and this might make me lose votes, but it is PIS whenever somebody can still move or function after getting a giant hole in their head. It doesn't matter how strong your HF is, once your brain is mush, you will be down until you can heal. This is a topic I don't ever really budge on.

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Deadpool is motivated usually by money when it comes to killing people. The more money it is, the more determined he is. However, when it gets personal, he's deadlier than ever. Punisher's kills fill up graveyards? Deadpool's kills fills up Hell. Notice how the line is so long it goes off-panel.
Most of my showings show Deadpool taking on hordes of enemies that Punisher couldn't take on even with his gear. Just because you've never heard of them, doesn't mean they're not deadly characters. Cable and the New Mutants would wreck Punisher, and Wade held his own against them with minimal effort. Taking on Daken, Blob, and Omega Black without a healing factor is something Frank would never be able to pull off. Taskmaster has lots of gear similar to Punisher, such as the shield replica, and, if not jobbing, would mop the floor with Punisher in combat. Yet, Wade has consistently beaten him.

Here's a prime example of how "fodder" can still play a point. Could Frank take on this much enemies?

  • Deadpool taking on an entire army by himself.

That's impressive, but..

  • It doesn't say a number.
  • It doesn't say he filled up hell.
  • It certainly doesn't look like 60000 people.

Punisher and Deadpool have both killed their share of people, but a lot of that doesn't makes sense to me. I know small things about Daken, and pretty much nothing about Blob and Omega Black, so I can't really understand how good of a feat it is, but it looks good. Jobbing, as you said, is the reason Taskmaster has been beaten so easily by Deadpool. While maybe Deadpool could pull a H2H victory, most of his victories against Taskmaster are ridiculous. ABC logic is incredibly flawed, just because Deadpool has defeated these characters, that are not as accurate as Frank, doesn't mean he can destroy Frank.

I don't see seriousness being too much of a factor here. If Punisher puts enough damage of Deadpool, there's a chance he'll get super serious. For example, if Frank shoots off his finger like he did in the scans before, Wade has flipped out twice to his finger getting cut off, and would absolutely massacre Punisher after that. I'll post some durability scans of Wade while he's joking around.

  • Deadpool falls from orbit after he thwarts Zombie Reagan's explosive plot to cleanse America, and is seen fine on the next page.

Can I see the finger scans? And Punisher should be going for the head, which logically will take him down. The orbit scan is good, but it doesn't specify how "later" it is. It could be immediately afterwards, or a month later, or 2 or 3 hours later. We don't know. So it isn't really fair to say, "he was unharmed" or "his healing factor healed him instantly". It's just better not to use scans like that. And Vetis isn't as strong or as skilled as Hulk, Cyclops, Klaw, or Reed with those powers.

Moving on to your scans....

Scan 1 is an okay feat. Was he conscious after he got hit by the car? Because Deadpool would literally joke around if he gets hit by a car. He got crushed in a car and was still conscious.

Scan 2 is arguable. Here's why. Punisher is a normal human. If he gets punched by a 100 tonner in the gut, he should at least be launched back like Wade was. I don't see why he's a red splat if you ask me. Deadpool on the other hand, is slightly enhanced due to Weapon X, so at least it's debatable. Also, why are you calling out my scan of Hulk punching Deadpool as PIS, when you post a scan of Punisher being punched by a 100-tonner and still standing? No matter if you have kevlar or not, you're going to be launched back. I don't see why you can say my scan is PIS, when your scan is clearly the less realistic of the two.

Now if you want to see some good durability Deadpool is where it's at.

  • Tanks a point-blank rocket, then proceeds to slaughter mercenaries.
  • As for a bullet through his brain, it would take out Wade for maybe a minute. That's going to be hard to do though, considering Deadpool has had shotgun shells go through his face point-blank.
  • Also, seeing as Deadpool is faster and more agile, I see Punisher's chances of being shot in the face a lot higher. The Ant-Man helmet will help, but it only protects the forehead.

Yeah, he was. He was also fighting a bloodlusted Spiderman at that time.

I think it's much different, and much more reasonable than your Hulk scan. Because firstly Hulk, is more than likely past 100 tons by the time he hit Deadpool, more or less cause Deadpool is good at aggravating people, while Molly is just around a 100 tons. Secondly, Hulk has a much larger fist than Molly. Her punched was square in the gut, in the center of his armor, and he still was hurt enough that he had internal bleeding and was pretty much out of it. It's more or less a good showing of will, and durability in that he stayed awake and standing. Deadpool getting hit by something arguably over 100 tons, while wearing practically no armor and having no healing factor, that took up his entire chest is a lot more unrealistic than the Punisher scan.

It doesn't look point blank, as much as it looks like he got caught in the blast.

It'll only take a minute for it to be victory. Punisher KOs him by a bullet in the head, leaves his explosives on Wade, walks back, and sprays him with the Repulsor, and Wade should be gone for a bit.

Deadpool is faster and more agile, but Punisher is the man at shooting them. That's why Wade is more in danger of getting shot. He can shot, but you have yet to show any crazy accuracy feats. Punisher shoots the unshootable. He has consistently shot Daredevil, and many more people who make Deadpool's agility weak. The Antman helmet covers up most of the face..

Hey. my computer is being a real turd and it's getting late. Pls no reply til after school tomorrow. I'll get to you then!

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@sirmethos: I think we agree that he loses to Superman, but I think his shields can hold for a bit.

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>rejects american culture

>reads comic books

Pick one.

But in all seriousness, I disagree with pretty much everything you say, but everyone has a right to their opinion, and everyone has a right to try and boycott things they find injust. So, power to you, man.

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In my opinion Deadpool is above Punisher in skill. He's fought against enemies that rely on hand-to-hand combat prowess more than Frank has. Sure, he's fought Daredevil, but he relied on his equipment/weaponry more than his martial arts skills.

I think skill is a very broad term, and I'm willing to argue that Punisher is better at killing guys and more accurate. His official kill count is close to 60,000 IIRC, and he has a ton of medals from his time in the military. Even Elektra says that he fills up graveyards by himself.

No Caption Provided

Most of what your showing is Deadpool besting a horde of fodder, and big tough brute fighter guys, and characters I've never heard of. A lot of the feats are impressive, but aren't dealing with a character whom fights like, and as well, as Punisher. The most impressive feats were the Cap, Falcon, and IF one, and a couple of the durability ones.

In my opinion seriousness isn't going to play too much of a role here. I'm using mainly Classic Deadpool feats, wherein he performs perfectly while able to still joke around. Plus very current Deadpool is extremely serious since he lost the bearer of his child to The Butler. Even while joking around Wade can't be knocked out easily. Wade being taken out by a couple shots from a pistol is complete PIS/WIS. Wade has tanked so much more it's not even funny.

  • To directly contradict the fact that two bullets took down Wade, here's the Merc taking a lot more bullets to the chest.

Well, I showed the scan less as a "Punisher beats Deadpool" thing and more as an example of Deadpool being such a talkative guy. He isn't gonna not say a word or try and crack a joke while he fights, it's against who he is, and while it makes for a funny joke here and again, it's a weakness. Here is some of Punisher's durability. Note, his durability is stronger, due to the helmet and his kelvar bodysuit.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Scan 1, he gets hit by a car.

Scan 2, he gets punched by Molly, who is a 100 tonner who thought he had super powers. Note, that while he was pretty much out because of this, he survives, and is conscious.

  • Hit by the Hulk (Deadpool's healing factor isn't working), and isn't knocked out.

I generally don't call PIS, because I don't know if it's my place to, but that is. A normal human, should not be capable of taking a punch from Hulk. It would be pretty impressive if Wade's healing factor worked, but that just makes no sense otherwise.

Those feats are pretty good and solid, but none really cover a bullet going through his brain. If that happens, and it removes his ability to think, breath, and live, even for a few minutes, it will count as a victory.

Scan 1 is mildly impressive. Nothing Wade can't replicate though. Scan 2 is in close range, and after Daredevil was worn down from close combat with Punisher. Not much of an accuracy feat. Scan 3 and 4 are impressive too, but from there Frank hasn't replicated that type of accuracy in a long time. Unless you have more feats I'm sorry to say it's not consistent.

IMO, Deadpool's accuracy is more consistent and isn't limited to just his firearms.

You really didn't show super impressive accuracy, more or less him mowing down some fodder, a pretty good throwing feat, and a clone, which is good, but still not near Punisher.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

Scan 1, tags Burnout, who is Mach 2(?) in speed.

Scan 2-4, he has some pretty impressive durability and accuracy feats. While fighting a bloodlusted Spiderman, he shoots a thread holding up a hammer from a pretty far distance.

Scan 1-2 is impressive, but again, not anything Deadpool can't replicate.

Scan 3-4 is cool. However, Deadpool is a LOT sicker than Punisher. Anything Frank is willing to do, Deadpool has done it.

Scan 5 is meh. Deadpool already beat Taskmaster, who has his own ninja school.

Scan 6-8 is a good feat. Deadpool can do it too, but I'm willing to acknowledge that's a good showing.

Scan 9-10 I have mixed feelings about. It's semi-impressive. Punisher isn't getting creamed because the location is very tight and compact, limiting Spider-Man and Nightcrawler's agility, and Frank is playing that to his advantage.

My point isn't that Punisher beats Deadpool in the H2H section, it's that he isn't so far behind that he can't get away and pull a victory, but most of my prior arguments still point towards Deadpool not being able to get close. I'm not sure about the sickness thing, any dirty fighting feats? :D (That's less for the sake of arguments but more cause I wanna see what f***ed up things Wade has done.) More H2H feats.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6

Fights Daredevil.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7

Fights a bunch of Hand ninjas.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Scan 1, fights Moon Knight.

Scan 2-3, fights U.S.Agent, who is class 10, IIRC.

Notice how the opponent Wade is fighting against has similar weaponry to Punisher. Deadpool should be able to get the upper hand on his opponent exactly like so. Pistols in close range?

Wade does this.

Wade's also had this done, because he underestimates the Punisher.

No Caption Provided

Due to him underestimating and trying to just crack a joke, Punisher jacks his sword and cuts his arms off, one of which he does before Wade pulls his pistol out.

Scan 1 is impressive. Wade can deflect bullets too though.

Scan 2-4 are something street levelers can do on a regular basis. Wade was ambushed by Hit-Monkey, and yet still dodged dual pistol fire point-blank range.

I don't know. Scan 2 is pretty crazy, Frank has all the force of the water against him, and dodges a point blank harpoon. I can give you that Deadpool has some unique characters, Hit-Monkey and Bob.

Scan 5 is impressive. Deadpool can handle Cap's shield though.

He doesn't really block or anything, he just throws it back to him, and even Cap address Wade's weakness, he never takes anything seriously. By the way, I hate the art.. It could look cool on like an indie comic, but something featuring Cap? Bleh.

Wade has some crazy sense too.

  • Senses Weasel has been in his home just by sniffing Blind Al.

That's pretty impressive, but hasn't it been stated Weasel has bad hygiene? This is just something I vaguely remember, so I might be wrong. No matter what, it's a good feat.

Anyways, I'm/Deadpool isn't going to try and sneak up on Punisher. He's going to outright speed-blitz him. He already did it to Typhoid Mary, and numerous other characters. Once he gets in close, Deadpool's chances of winning is 99%. Punisher wont' have the H2H ability to last with Wade long enough, nor the durability.

I have two real problems with that. Punisher is one of the guys who tags the thought to be untaggable, he has shot Daken, Wolverine, Spiderman, Daredevil, and even more. I don't think Deadpool will resort to a speedblitz in character against Frank, because like I said, he underestimates him constantly. Secondly, would he be able to get through Punisher's armor?

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Shuma stomps.

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Alright, well, let's get to it, eh?

Opening argument:

One of the major advantages that Frank has over Wade, is seriousness. While both are professionals, Wade tends to just play around, while he does use his agility, he never really focuses, because worst case scenario he gets K.O. for a couple days, right? Frank is a human, he doesn't have the time to joke around and get careless. Frank will naturally be pushing forth, especially against someone like Deadpool, whom Frank dislikes immensely. His silliness, and underestimating of Frank's craftiness, allows him to lose here.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

While I may be mistaken, Deadpool isn't an amazing marksman. He can shoot, and he's not terrible, but I am confident that Frank outclasses him here, and I'm positive that Frank can hit Deadpool.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
  1. Scan 1, he shoots a guy's finger off.
  2. Scan 2, he shoots Daredevil.
  3. Scan 3, he shoots Spiderman,
  4. Scan 4, he shoots Spiderman's webshooters.

Now your probably saying "okay but what if Deadpool gets up close?" Well, if Deadpool is in character, I think Punisher can beat him in character. Remember how I said that Wade tends to joke? Well, he's pretty much never taken Castle seriously. Deadpool has always underestimate Frank, and it will be his downfall. Now, assuming that Deadpool gets close to Frank, and Punisher doesn't shoot him, Frank will just use some wicked and dirty h2h to get some distance.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9Gallery image 10

Scan 1-2, Frank destroys some SHIELD Agents.

Scan 3-4, Frank has no rules, and he'll do some f****ed up things.

Scan 5, Frank is skilled enough martial arts teachers wished he'd teach for them.

Scan 6-8, he fights Bullseye, who puts up fights with Deadpool and Daredevil.

Scan 9-10, he fights Nightcrawler and Spiderman at the same time.

Now for whatever reason, some people think that Punisher has like standard human reflexes, and I feel like I have to show that Punisher will also be able to avoid whatever Deadpool throws at him.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

Scan 1, he deflects the Widow's Bite.

Scan 2, he dodges a point blank harpoon underwater.

Scan 3, he dodges gunfire.

Scan 4, dodges point blank gunfire.

Scan 5, stops Captain America's shield.

Deadpool has some decent stealth, if I remember correctly, he might sneak up on Punisher, right? WRONG.

Punisher has super crazy senses that have saved him like a dozen times.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Scan 1, he detects a dude behind him.

Scan 2, Spiderman tries being all stealthy, Frank hears him.

Scan 3, Frank hears a ninja.

I believe the area favors Frank, because it's empty so he doesn't have to worry about civilians, and it's open, so he can get clean shots.

In Conclusion:

I believe that due to area in which this battle is occurring, Deadpool's state of mind, Frank's attitude, accuracy, reflexes, and senses, Punisher will emerge victorious and, pun intended, punish Deadpool.