Favorite Creative Teams

These are the writers and artists I think work best together. These are in no particular order and some people appear more then once.

List items

  • These two did excellent work on Batman: Hush and Superman: For Tomorrow. If anyone knows anything else they did together, tell me now.

  • Batman: Year One and their run on Daredevil were some of my all-time favorite comics. I've already oozed love for these guys' collaboration in my reviews, so I'm sure you know what I mean.

  • Watchmen. That's all the argument I need.

  • This is my forest.

  • In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night, no awesomeness shall escape my sight.

  • Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale made the Long Halloween, Dark Victory and Haunted Knight together. That and there awesome work for marvel with Spider Man: Blue, Daredevil: Yellow, so on and so on.

  • May I say their collaboration... kicks ass?

  • Sure, the dialogue is dated, but these two were the cornerstone of what comics are today.

  • The one man creative team, co-cretor of Captain America and the Fantastic Four, creator of the New Gods, cigar smoker and U.S.D.A. certified BAMF.

  • I've had my gripes with Frank's style (namely how he draws a lot of people like Tim Curry) but in the end, he has a unique and all around enjoyable style. And when it's coupled with Grant's writing on New X-Men, All-Star Superman or any other title with a hyphen in it, you can bet these two are gonna be awesome.

  • Dini's background working with Bruce Timm to create the awesomeness of the DCAU makes him an excellent writer. Their work on JLA: Liberty and Justice was an enthralling look at the effects of superheroes on society and a great study of the characters' personalities. Not to mention Alex Ross' oil painted artwork is some of the best art you'll not only see in comics, but art in general.

  • The guys behind the Losers and Green Arrow Year One. No more needs to be said.

  • Because... Darkseid IS. He just IS.