DC's Deadliest Humans

Through either sheer skill, physical prowess, intelligence, mystical or technical augmentation, these are the heroes and villans I consider the most dangerous men and women on Earth.

Would you agree? Or do you have any suggestions of your own?

List items

  • Designed to be the perfect super soldier. Enhanced strength, stamina, reflexes and brain capacity...a jack of all trades and master of all! This villain is a formidable foe for any hero that may cross his path.

  • The peak of human conditioning, his tenacity and will is unmatched in the DC universe. Has a great awareness is very rarely taken off guard... aren't you glad he's on our side?

  • Insanity levels that cannot be matched by any other DC villain. You know you're having a bad day when you see him standing opposite you with a maniacal grin on his face.

  • Very few heroes and villains share his genius intellect. Coupled with sheer ruthlessness and not allowing anything get in his way from achieving his goals, make him dangerous not to just humanity, but to powerhouses such as Superman.

  • Immortals are a pain in the bee-hind. Being thousands of years old and knowing you'll live forever gives you an advantage.

  • Possibly the luckiest human on Earth... at your own expense. Lets just say if a piano is falling from the sky, make sure you're not standing next to him at the time.

  • Arguably the best hand-to-hand combatant in the DCU. Trained by the Sensei, his feats to date have had him shake up Daximites and Kryptonians alike!

  • Having the genes of Bruce Wayne and Lady Shiva surely counts for something?

  • From good guy to bad guy to good guy... A man of strong will, he is a wielder of one of the most powerful weapons in the DCU. Lets just hope he doesn't go rogue again.

  • Dedicated martial artist who strives to improve her technique year upon year. She has trained numerous heroes including Bruce Wayne himself.

  • Arguably one of the most powerful beings in the Universe after being imbued with the White Lantern ring's power.

  • Former leader of the Red Lanterns, Guy is brash, cocky and arrogant. This is one Neanderthal to try and avoid!