What's your Top 5 JL / JLU: Animated Series episode?

The JL & JLU Animated Series is comprehensively one of my favourite animated shows of all time.

From all I've read about it's popularity, very few...if any...fan actually hated the show. The anmation style, story telling and adaptations are worthy of having it's own universe like that of Earth-1 etc.

I've decided to list my top five JL / JLU: Animated Series episodes below.

"Am I Blue......."
5. This Little Piggy - With Batman and Diana's relationship sadly cooling down, we get to see one of the most shocking scenes occur inthe DCAU...Batman singing "Am I Blue"!

Bruce Wayne is...Batman?!!
Bruce Wayne is...Batman?!!
4.Starcrossed - Identities revelead...Bruce and Diana kiss...Alfred's wise words of sympathy to Shayera.

Kal-El Saying goodbye.
Kal-El Saying goodbye.
3. For The Man Who Has Everything - Very good adaptation of Alan Moore's classic. Gut wrenching moments Supes realises it's a false reality. Diana's valiant attempts in taking down Mongul to give Supes enough time to snap out of the Black Mercy's hold. Young Bruce seeing his father fend off his would be killer, only to fall to the inevitable. Mongul's recieving his heart's desire.

Stripping Luthor of Brainiac...literally!
Stripping Luthor of Brainiac...literally!
2. Divided We Fall
- Two fine battles between Lutor/Brainiac and the Justice League. Flash's victory over Luthor/Brainiac... It was an epic scene that stole the episode and defined how powerful Wally West could potentially by.

Birdnose comforting a dying Grundy.
Birdnose comforting a dying Grundy.
1. The Terror Beyond
- Slow to begin with, but gradually picks up pace. The relationship between Hawkgirl and Grundy had me smiling ear to ear as they played their parts as ignorant turned sympathetic friend and simple, misunderstood monster. Almost had me at tears at the end of it. Grundy's sacrifice and his simple belief he that he would be going to a better place (unbeknownst to him that he would be once again resurrected). Aquaman's quote... "Faith, we're not suppose to understand it. We just have it".

There's so many other great episodes have slightly been beaten to get onto the list, but there's just too many of them! Other notable mentions for me...

Paradise Lost - Venturing into Tarturus and battling Lord Hades.
A Better World - DOOMSDAY! Alternate reality Justice League vs... would have been even more interesting had they went with the Crime Syndicate instead.
Hereafter -  Death of Superman scene. A reformed Vandal Savage recieving the peace he desired.
Kid's Stuff - Kid Justice League, flirting Diana and baby Etrigan... 
Flashpoint - Captain Atom roughs it up with Supes and the defence of the watch tower...
- Captain Marvel goes toe to toe with Supes we get to see numerous buildings being levelled...
Flash & Substance - Flash Appreciation Day, Flash rogues gallery including Hamill as the Trickster, Linda's blatant firting...

Yeh...so ok...I've listed more than five. But hey, it was an awseome series ok!

My Favourite Non DC/Marvel Titles

There's so many...predominantly featuring Alan Moore and Frank Miller...but to name a few:

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
The Sandman [edit: duely noted...I cheated on this one  ^__^]
Sin City

Current Titles...

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead series follows our main protaganist Officer Rick Grimes waking up from a coma only to fall into a chaotic nightmare filled with zombies. From seeking out his family and fighting for survival to working to uncover the mystery of how the zombies cambe about, the Walking Dead is an ongoing series that offers all you would ever want from a zombie epic.


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Tite Kubo's Bleach follows with the teenage Ichigo Kurosaki through his evolution from schoolboy to Shinigamai (Death God). Gaining the abilities of a Death God, gives him the tools to fending off evil spirits. But with these new powers comes responsibilities that will force Ichigo to adapt, evolve and ultimately grow up.