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The Most Underated Series of All Time? 6

Seriously, I don't get the hate on DK2. Look I loved Dark Knight Returns as much as anyone but to hate DK2 just because of its sequel status is idiotic. It's got a lot going for it.One of the major things I love about the series it Batman's fight with Superman. Miller paints Superman as the ultimate boy scout, a man concerned not so much with justice, but the rule set it's built upon. In contrast, Bruce cares not for society, but his own brand of personal justice, writing wrongs the same way he ...

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Best Comic Series Ever? 0

Ok, so maybe I'll get flack for this, but Elektra Assassin is my favorite comic series of all time. Sure it's outside the conical Elektra stories and I'm sure a lot of Frank Miller haters despise it for that, but it's purely on the whole, the greatest comic series I've ever read.Why?Sienkiewicz for one. His art is... well it's Sienkiewicz. No one matched his style back then, and no one even bothers to imitate it now. This is coming from a guy who loves the Miller style and loves Miller's Daredev...

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