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Never-Ending Trivia added to Comic Vine!

Ok guys and gals, we just launched a never-ending (well sorta) trivia app on comicvine. Basically you can now test your comic trivia knowledge and compete against other users to make it to the top of the leader-board. Users are submitted by the community and feel free to submit as many as you want. We launched this same feature on Giant Bomb (our sister site) over the weekend and they are already up to 2000 questions. I think we can beat them.
The questions show up on the homepage and the individual character/team pages. There are also leaderboards that are specific to that character and team, which I'll be pushing soon so you can flaunt your knowledge of Jean Grey or Wolverine.

If you notice a question that is either poorly-written or out of place you can vote that question down. If it gets enough people doing the same, the question gets deleted.

Anyways, have fun and please keep the trivia specific to comics, as opposed to RPGs, site knowledge.