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The Toyman Strikes! 3

Superman has had a few kooky villains in the past and the Toyman was no different. That was, untilGeoff Johns got his hands on him. Now, the Toyman has been born anew. New design, new origin, new layers that make him a viable, evenfrightening, threat. The story chronicles the Toyman's origin from his point of view, and paints himas a genius who feels that the grim world of adults has tainted the wondrous world of childhood. So,he kills adults, but never harms children. He also reveals that all ...

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Where is he going with this? 0

This arc so far seems quite odd. Fast-paced and full of development on each issue Morrison isobviously going somewhere with this, but where exactly? Morrison drops a lot on the reader in a single issue, but after a close reading and a little thought,you can see how massive this story is. In one issue, Batman brings Jezebelle Jet to the Cave, seeminglyloses it, the Black Glove strikes, and Thomas Wayne might be alive. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. When all is said and done, this arc ma...

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The Origin Retold 2

Can Geoff Jonhs not write an amazing comic? And can Ivan Reis not draw an amazing comic?The answer, is a resounding no, and if you don't believe me, read Green Lantern. As you may know, Johns and Reis are in the middle of an arc that retells the origin of Hal Jordan.Now, usually a retelling of a character as old a Jordan is a little disinteresting to me, but not this time.Instead of merely re-hashing the already-known just to fill a few issues, Jordan's origin is being turned into a fully flesh...

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Bringin' Back The 80's! 0

Millar knocks another one out of the park with Marvel: 1985. Start with a great concept from a greatwriter, attach a fantastic artist, throw in cool villain cameos, jump back 23 years and you have 1985.The main character, Toby, is the main character, along with his dad and a slew of Marvel villains. It'sthe story of a boy dealing with his parents' divorce and finding comfort in comics. Then, at an old housein the woods, he sees people that look a lot like Mole Man, and Red Skull. After returnin...

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Not good, Not bad. 0

First off, I've never read this book before. But I heard that Ed McGuinness was doing a back-upstory in it so I figured, why not? What resulted was...underwhelming. There are four stories in this and 3 of them were already started. So by the time I got to the one-off Hulk story I was confused as hell. Though McGuinness' art was good the writing and story was meh.As for the other three, Machine Man's arc seems to be okay. But Vanguard and Weapon Omega are alreadynine issues into the story, and...

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The Finest GL Story EVER! 1

Words can NOT describe the greatness of the Sinestro Corps War.I can't fathom a better more mind-blowingly amazing Green Lantern story. This was possibly the best thing I've ever read (Granted I've only been reading comics for a year but still). I don't want to say much about what happens in this mighty conclusion for two reasons. Reason 1, spoilers, I hate them, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in that thought. Reason 2, so damn much happens in this ish, I could write a book about it...

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Surprise! 0

Let me just say that this book has been a huge surprise. Mark Powers is a splendid storyteller, and the World War 3 story has been fantastic so far. Powers is so great at juggling multiple storylines, putting in alot of action, and making you care about the characters. At first glance, I thought this book was a half-assed attempt at milking as much money out of the G.I.Joe license as possible, and nothing else. But no, this book has heart and story, and kickass explosions aplenty. Mike Bear...

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Psycho-Bot 0

This book does a great job of presenting Cyborg Supes as both a tragic character and a complete asshole. Not only that, but it presents a descriptive yet short and simple origin while still adding to the character and moving the Sinestro Corps story forward. Plus, Superman fighting his considerably more shiny counterpart and pretty much getting his ass kicked proved to me even more that Sinestro and his Corps truly have the upper-hand and might actually win this thing. The downpoint of this b...

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Mighty Avengers #5 0

May I say that while I have loved this series, this is not Bendis' best stuff. But considering all the books Bendis is working on and all the things he's planning, something has to lack a bit more than his other stuff.With that said, I really like this story. I've never read an Ultron story before, but I don't think that I could've found a better way to be introduced to Hank Pym's lil' metal bastard child. The way that the story takes place in such a short amount of time, yet covers so many base...

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