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New Year New Comics

     Ah the New Year, A time when people celebrate a good year passed, or look on into, and hope, for a better year, or if you prefer to look at the glass as half empty, you ponder what could make thee oncoming year even more horrid than the last. But for comic fans, 2008 is shaping up to be phenomenal.     First off, there's quite a few movies that are aiming to be absolutely fantastic. Movies like Iron Man, Hulk, and who could forget The Dark Knight. But the big screen isn't the only format to be invaded by comics in the new year. What with DC's direct-to-DVD movie line-up only getting stronger and maybe even one or two from Marvel.     But the real crown-jewel of comics, and comic based media, will be the books themselves. What with the end of Countdown, Final Crisis, the possible beginning of a new year-long weekly from DC, Loeb and McGuinness' new Hulk series, Secret Invasion, and what I'm really waiting for, Alex Ross' Superpowers from Dynamite.     Well, this new year is looking pretty good. But, who will make it through the year, and who might come back? Nobody knows for sure so strap yourself in and get ready for what looks to be a monumental new year.
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