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Wow, I have never seen so many people who WANT a movie to fail...

I wanted it to succeed, but it failed. Batman and Superman are two of my favourite fictional characters, BTW.

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So it seems that 95% of people's main gripes are that:

  • It's "TOO SERIOUS" (Whatever that means)
  • Too "Philosophical"
  • Too much CGI (a legitimate complaint, but not a major one)
  • Pacing issues towards the end (again, a legitimate complaint, but seeing as I loved MoS, and people said the same thing about that, its not a biggie for me).
  • Is "messy" (I will have to wait and see the movie for myself, but honestly, I RARELY ever have a hard time following the plot of a film, so I doubt I will with this one).

It's funny, this is like MoS ALL OVER AGAIN. Very divided. It currently has an 8.6 on IMBd, 3/4 on Rolling Stones, and other great reviews, but also has some trashy ones. Also, as a side not, it has an 86% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, compared with 76% of Man of Steel, 91% of the Avengers, and 94% of the Dark Knight.

Well, I gave a detailed explenation about why I think the movie was disapointing here. Don't worry, I've marked the spoilers, but if you read it after watching the movie, then you'll understand better.

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Whoever wrote this sure loves big words and poetic description.

Exactly what I thought.

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Yoooooooo, dude!! This trailer was absolutely fantastic in every single imaginable way! This trailer really gave me a desire to get more knowledge on Black Panther and read his comics. Like, c'mon on dude!! This is just insane!!! This movie seems so complete and God damn man, the emotional relationship between Cap and Iron Man got me more hyped up for this movie than Batman v Superman.

Civil War is one of my favourite comic book stories of all time, and the Russo brothers have seen to adapt to the big screen perfectly. They've outdone themself!! Like, yooo dude, Black Panther was wild in this trailer.

Also this:

@lukehero said:

Spider-Man looks great to me. I loved the trailer. What a time to be alive!!! Batman v Superman and Civil War!!!

You and me both, brother!