Batman v Superman wasn't good

I watched the movie a few hours ago, and I wasn't very pleased with the portrayal of Batman and Superman, and not to mention that the movie is rushed, overcrowded and based on two different stories which have no connection to each other.

I'm pretty sure that everyone knows that this movie takes some pieces from The Dark Knight Returns, but what I don't understand, is why the script writers decided to rush the movie so badly that they decided to base the movie on The Dark Knight Returns andDeath of Superman. Like, c'mon man, why did Batman V Superman introduce Doomsday this early? That was totally unecessary, and having Superman 'killed' this early? He didn't die, but this was clearly based on Death of Superman, and Doomsday was introduced too early, basically. Totally unecessary to introduce Superman's greatest physical enemy and one of his biggest and most ferocious enemies in general. This bugged me so badly and is the main reason, if not the only reason, that this movie was disappointing. Really unecessary to base this on Death of superman, because Death of Superman could be a standalone Superman movie. Another reason that it was a horrible choice, is because that in the second standalone Superman movie, Superman is obviously going to be perceived as a great and good being who serve to protect and defend those who can't defend themselves, which would obviously be better because the public would actually care about Superman, and look at him as a role model and symbol of hope, rather than how the public perceived him in this movie. Plus, It's too God damn early to use Death of Superman!!!!!! Anyways, the movie was too messy.

The second problem I had with this movie, is that Batman's portrayal was absolutely horrible. This isn't even Batman, it's just a socipath who beats up and sometimes kill because he wants to hurt criminals rather than protecting innocent people. This version of Batman kills and he has no morals or ethics at all, this version of Batman isn't even a symbol of hope and justice, it's just a sociopath who does what he does because of grief, not to serve and protect the innocent. He killed multiple times in this movie. Just to name an example: when Batman went to find and rescue Martha, he used the Batwing's machine guns to shoot and blow up SUVs with living human beings inside of them. Superman was also like this, Superman also killed. At the start of the movie when a terrorist held Lois and pointed a gun at her head, Superman came in and speed blitzed the terrorist by flying at him real quick and blasting the terrorist through multiple layers of thick concrete walls. Simply put, this was a horrible version of Batman, and I don't care that this Batman is strong and has fighting skills, he lacks morality and ethics, same with Superman. I was satisfying to see Batman fight, I mean, this Batman has some serious fighting skills and armory, and that was pleasing, but this didn't feel like Batman, it felt like Punisher was underneath the cowl.

One thing I liked, though, was the foreshadowing of Darkseid. The Parademons and the engraved Omega symbol was something that was hard to not lay eyes on. But this movie was a little bit of disapointment, so it's hard to stay excited for Justice League Part One, specially considering that the darkness of this movie was way over the top. Snyder must have been out of his head when he thought that people would enjoy a Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman movie being so dark. Like, Man of Steel was dark, and that was unecessary, and I understand that Batman is in this movie, so it must be dark, but making it as dark as it was in this one was complete and utter nonsense.

What I did like, though, was all the references and cameos. Aquaman's cameo was absolutely insane, and I also liked Flash's cameo. Flash had two cameos in the movie: one where he time-travelled in Bruce's ''Knightmare'' scene where he told Bruce that Bruce was 'right about Superman'. This Knightmare scene was basically Injustice Gods Among Us where Superman went rogue because Batman took 'her' from Superman. Basically, Batman v Superman is either a foreshadowing to a Justice League movie where Darkseid is the villain, or a Justice League movie based on Injustice Gods Among Us. The references that made me happy throughout the movie, were the Dark Knight Returns references and the time of the creation of Batman and Superman. The reference I liked most, was when Bruce told Alfred: ''We have always been criminals'', and that was a reference to when Bruce spoke to Superman in the Dark Knight Returns when Clark warned Bruce to stop his vigilantism. Another one I really liked was when KGB Beast held Clark's mum at a gunpoint with a flamethrower and threatened to put her on flames, while Batman held the LMG of one of the mercenaries. Bruce managed to hit the flamethrower and disable its use and at the same time knocking him out. Bruce then said: ''I believe you'', which is a clear reference to when a baby was kidnapped in the Dark Knight Returns, and on of the kidnappers held the baby at gunpoint and threatened to shoot the baby. Batman then shot the gun off of the kidnappers hand and continued to say: ''I believe you''. This was my favourite reference of the movie.

All in all, this movie was disapointing, and Batman being the biggest of it. This is just my opinion. I give it 6/10.


My review and thoughts about Age of Ultron!

So, as most you comic book fans in Europa are already aware about, the Avengers Age of Ultron finally came out in 22nd of April - 23rd for UK and probably other countries as well - here in Europe, and I watched the movie on Friday instead. What my initial thoughts about the movie were: ''DAAAAMN, BRUH! This is a good movie, and certainly better than Avengers and other MCU and DC movies.'' - and I still think it is. It became my favourite superhero movie due to some few stuff, which I'll be explaining below.

This blog is filled with spoilers, so if you haven't seen the movie and you want to see it, then don't read this blog, because I'm not going to use any of those spoiler marks :)

The Plot

The plot is simple and very easy to follow. It's about Tony Stark trying to make a better world; trying to make peace. He horribly fails at that when he tried to continue to develope Ultron. He didn't make Ultron from his own designs or anything, he found the Ultron program from the files he stole from Baron Strucker (IIRC). Tony created Ultron alongside Bruce Banner without telling the team. He made it and things got bad from there when Ultron thought that human extinction is the only path to peace, which he got from Tony Stark, because Ultron's personality and visions came from Tony Stark. That's why Ultron made jokes and acted funny throughout the movie. I mean, ''I can't physically throw up in my mouth?'' - that's gotta be from Tony.

Definitly from Tony.

The movie itself

The movie starts out in media res where the Avengers where looking for Loke's scepter, which Strucker had retrieven. It was a very entertaining fight scene, and throughout the entire movie, there weren't as many jokes as there were in Avengers, but the jokes were well-balanced. The jokes were pretty funny, though - like Tony's and Thor's dick measuring about Jane and Pepper: ''Jane is still better.'' That scene had me laughing, and also the scene where Ultron was after Vibranium, but the Avengers came before he managed to escape: ''I can't physically throw up in my mouth?'' - that was funny as hell.

The fight scenes were also very entertaining. My favourite one was Hulkbuster Iron Man vs Hulk. Hulk was enraged, because Scarlett Witch was playing around with Hulk's mind. This, of course, led into Hulk wrecking everything and killing people. Fortunatly, ''Veronica'' was available, and Tony managed to beat Hulk at the end. Also, I like that Tony also was concerned for people not dying; in Tony's and Hulk's fight, an elevator's line was cut off, and Tony had to quickly take the line and save those innocent people. I loved that fight, and it's my favourite one.

Another thing I'd like to point out is the references and the post-credits scene: In the movie, Black Panther was strongly referenced, as Wakanda was mentioned, and IIRC, that's where that arms dealer was selling Vibranium to Ultron (can't remember his name). I believe Civil War, Ragnarok and World War Hulk also got referenced. When Black Widow was asking Bruce Banner that they could escape together and live a life, Bruce said something like she not being safe, and nobody on the planet was safe while he was there, and not to mention that Hulk was inside a quinjet and hung up on Black Widow when she was talking to Hulk. I believe that was a reference to World War Hulk, but I do know that I'm stretching it a little. As for Civil War, there was a conversation where Tony and Steve were talking about what they should do. Tony was all like: ''We fight so we can end the fight and go home'' - Steve on the other hand was like: ''Every time someone tries to finish a war before it starts, there will be a lot of blood.'' Once again, I know I'm stretching it, but I just want to point it out. Infinity War on the other hand: this is a no-brainer. Thanos basically came and put on a gauntlet that could have 6 small, round objects attached to it, saying: ''Seems like I have to do this myself.'' - or something like that. Those references got me very hyped up. When Thor was taken over by Scarlett Witch, he saw visions of everyone in Asgard being dead. I believe that it was a reference to Ragnarok. I haven't read Ragnarok myself, but that's what I heard happened in Ragnarok from other people online.

My thoughts about it

Since I don't really read that much Marvel, I can't judge wether or not this was taken correctly from its source material. What I do know, though, is that I think that this is a brilliant movie, and I enjoyed it very much. Everything was basically in place; jokes, fight scenes, plot, and not to mention Vision. I mean, the guy was picking up Thor's hammer and gave it to him multiple times, stunning Thor. Ultron wasn't as I expected him to be, he was funny and all, but he seemed emotional, and Ultron was also joking around.

I know this isn't he world's most well-thought out blog, but I just wanted to express my thougts about Age of Ultron! All in all, I give the movie 10/10.

Thanks for reading :D

EDIT: After thinking about it, the movie wasn't that good, so I'll give it 7/10.

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