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The issue that changes everything? 0

I have to say I really enjoyed this issue. The first half is split between juggling the juxtaposition of an injured Leonardo falling into the hands of Shredder and an even worse off Casey Jones being taken to the hospital. We get a nice moment between April and Angel, giving us a better understanding of Casey's history with the Purple Dragon but the real story is what happens to Leo.Once captured, Shredder gives the Turtles' leader to Kitsume to begin brainwashing Leonardo and turning him into t...

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WTF was DC thinking with this one? 3

I'm seeing glowing reviews for this comic and simply don't get it.Writer Gre Pak’s Batman/Superman #1 is a confusing tale that doesn't seem to fit anywhere in DC’s current New 52 storyline. It seems DC is already reconning New 52 events as this comic give us the first meeting between Batman and Superman (which New 52 already took place in Justice League).Don't get me wrong, the art is pretty and I like how Greg Pak gives us both Superman and Batman's opposing views on the same events. However, t...

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So Kid Flash isn't Bart Allen? 0

Looking for the Speed Force killer who is also wearing The Flash's symbol, Barry Allen seeks out Kid Flash. The first half of the comic is The Flash chasing Kid Flash down to have a conversation. Francis Manapaul's art is beautiful as always, bur personally I'd have preferred Kid Flash to be less of a dick and what's up with Kid Flash not getting his powers from the Speed Force? We are told he is from the future, but he doesn't seem to have any connection to The Flash, or know who he really is m...

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An improvement over the somewhat disappointing first issue 0

I only really picked this issue up for the beautiful cover from Alex Ross, but the story made me glad I did. Where the first issue spent way too much time on set-up we're thrown right into the action here as Starbuck and Apollo are lost in the middle of a temporal storm after using their time missiles (yeah, this series has time missiles!) to fight off the Cylons.With the Galactica missing and the pilots low on both fuel and ammo the pilots split up hoping one of them will make it to a nearby Co...

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Goodbye Limbo 0

Although it was better than I expected, I'm happy to see the Limbo storyline come to an end here. We are told what happened through flashbacks of Magik talking to a pre-Avengers Doctor Strange relating the events of how the young woman was able to save her teammates as well as the questionable choice she makes to absorb all of Limbo inside herself, taking total control of her power and life for the first time. The fallout of this will likely be felt for several issues to come (although in those ...

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Terrific first issue 0

Atomic Robo! Jenkins! And the return of Dr. Dinosaur! (Seriously, I shouldn't have to sell you any more on picking this one up.)Set after Atomic Robo's name has been tarnished due to the public's belief he might have had something to do with the theft of nuclear weapons on 8/11, six of which are still unaccounted for, our story finds our intrepid robotic scientist/adventurer getting out of town with a team for what most of them assume is nothing more than a wild goose chase in the jungles of Ven...

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Sacrifice 0

The second issue of the series Second Season gives us more scenes of Casey in the role of Mrs. Clarkson as well as presenting the sacrifice before her after Casey has been returned to her present as Miss Hodge takes the young woman to the Cylinder hoping they have enough time to set things right before Irina kills Ike and starts a chain of events they can never recover from.We also get more discussion between the older Jade and Hunter whose three dreams lead to the pair talking about everything ...

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A great start to the comic's "second season" 0

There's quite a bit to like about the latest issue of Morning Glories that finally turns its attention back on Casey Blevins (a character who has been pretty much ignored for several months). For a Morning Glories comic the story is relatively straightforward as we see glimpses of what Casey has been up to since she was sent back into the past to complete an odd list of assignments the last of which is to make sure her younger self makes it to Morning Glories Academy.The Lost-style nature of the...

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What's up with Cheshire? 0

I really wanted to like this issue but the comic seemed determined to frustrate me from beginning to end. After getting his memory wiped (a not particularly interesting thing to do with Jason Todd) the character decides to find out all about himself and is shocked to learn he was a bad guy (an even worse, and predictable, thing to do with Jason Todd).Green Arrow's cameo produces some funny lines but the New 52 condensed timeline simply doesn't make sense for a true Ollie/Roy dynamic which produc...

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Dumb (Penumbra) and Dumber (Harper Row) 0

For months I've thought Detective Comics has been the best of the Bat-books but the latest issue misses the mark. Badly. Forgetting the throwaway Man-Bat back-up story that takes up far too many pages, the main storyline involves the return (and quick removal of) and old flame of Bruce Wayne's during his training around the globe. I don't mind that the comic introduces us to someone new from his past (although her stupid shadow arms are impossible to take seriously), but everything feels rushed ...

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Homecoming comes to an end 0

The new G.I. JOE series ends its first story arc with an explosive finale (literally) that can only be seen as a victory for Cobra (although Cobra Commander doesn't exactly see it that way as the Baroness is denied promotion for not fulfilling all of her objectives).The issue is filled with quite a bit of action as the JOEs attempt to stop Cobra from blowing up the Northeastern town in a way that many will blame the JOEs and not Cobra. We also get the faceoff between the Baroness and Hashtag who...

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Strange bedfellows 0

The latest issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws is broken up into two stories. In the first Roy and Starfire deal with Dr. Hugo Strange and The Untitled who arrive to break-up Roy's latest session with quite possibly the worst choice for a doctor of mental health ever. This half of the issue feels mostly like filler and is best ignored.The more interesting story involves the League of Assassins tracking down and grabbing the Red Hood who they don't want dead but (wait for it) they want the guy who ...

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A perfect June story 0

My only real complaint with the latest issue of Fables is that we only get a single issue centered around Junebug's exploration of the castle in Fabletown. Writer Bill Willingham does a terrific job in getting the voice and attitude of the precocious young girl just right as sees everything there is to see, including something deep and dark in the bowels of the castle not meant for her eyes. Even with the comic turns a bit dark, June's adventure is always fun and the unexpected result of Junebug...

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Open the Door 0

Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson to Astro City with a great story involving the arrival of extraterrestrial life in the form of a giant door above the city and an alien with obvious Jack Kirby influences (Galactus, Celestials, and New Gods). We also get a ridiculously cute new hero with American Chibi and a subtle story about how one family, and one middle-aged man in particular, is effected by the events. This is easily one of the best comics I have read all year.One final note, I'd actually rank...

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Batman further alienates people trying to help him 0

This month's Batman and... guest-stars Batgirl who gets an up close look at the far more vicious version of Batman the series has been showing us (that hasn't really been appearing in the other Bat-title, at least not to this degree). We get Batman stopping a gang of armed robbers and then a big argument between Batman and Batgirl over the detective's behavior since the loss of Damian.I like that Batgirl confronts Batman over what she sees as an alarming trend, but the manner in which she does (...

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Flint's plan blows up in his face 0

Without Duke's knowledge Flint puts his risky plan into action by hiring the Tiger Team known as the Night Creepers to break into the JOE's secure home inside the Pentagon. The team is actually up to the challenge, but when Flint tries to implement the second-half of his plan by reaching out to their middle-man again things go horribly wrong.The latest issue doesn't have much action at all, but we do get some nice character moments between Duke and Flint, and between Chameleon, Ronin, and Lady J...

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Deadpool vs. Daredevil 0

Deadpool and Daredevil come to blows when the Man Without Fear stops the Merc with a Mouth from killing a cheerleader in the middle of the street. Here's the thing though, she isn't actually a cheerleader and as insane as Deadpool sounds about demons and souls and having to kill her its all actually true. How Deadpool gets reminds us why you would never want Wade Wilson as your enemy (or friend for that matter).I hadn't picked up a Deadpool issue in awhile, I'm still missing Deadpool Team-Up whi...

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An amnesiac Daredevil vs. the storm 0

Lee weeks, who provides both the art and story for the opening issue of this new Daredevil anthology series, gives us a shaken and injured Matt Murdock who wakes up in a hospital not knowning who he is or why he has such enhanced senses after the lawyer was mugged and beaten in a snowstorm that plays havoc with his radar sense.I think the art is better than the amnesiac story, although it does offer some humorous moments such as John Doe's nurse and Doctor finally opening the patient's briefcase...

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Enter Sinestra 0

The current Green Lantern arc continues as we begin with Power Girl fighting astronaut Carol Ferris who was given the Star Sapphire by a dying alien on the moon. Seeing Power Girl with Jimmy Olson, Ferris' old boyfriend, and loosing control of her emotions due to her new power set, an angry Star Sapphire kicks some Power Girl ass before the new Green Lantern shows up to help even the odds. We also get a new Atom.Given that the last issue introduced us to the Ame-Comi version of Green Lantern it'...

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Charming and Nayalani go all Liam Neeeson on some wolves 0

Agreeing to accompany Nayalani back to her village with a group of his best men due more to his attraction to the beautiful warrior woman than any sense of duty he has as Maharajah, Prince Charming and his group are attacked by the dhole on the road. While I don't think this issue is as strong as the first issue in the arc which set-up Nalayani's character and story and had much more of Fables feel about it. The issue does have a good amount of action and takes time to showcase which part of his...

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Betrayal and The Deeper Well 0

Buffy and the Scoobies fight their way into The Deeper Well verses the Demons protecting the last realm of magical energy on Earth. Before the end of the issue Buffy will learn of Xander's betrayal and Severin and Simone will find themselves in the middle of The Deeper Well with untold power, and dangers, and their fingertips.There's plenty of action in this issue, but I actually liked the back-up story of that picks up the thread of Spike and Dawn's friendship once again. The pair have had an o...

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If Calvin and Hobbes had super-hero adventures 0

Other than the Free Comic Book Day adventure, this is my first exposure to Herobear and the Kid which I quite enjoy even if it is, like almost every other all-ages comic, overpriced at $4. The concept is very similiar to Calvin and Hobbes as young Tyler and his stuffed polar bear, who grows into a full-sized super-hero, get into all kinds of trouble while no one else is watching. In the Special, Tyler gets distracted from Picture Day at school to stop Von Klon and his Sub of Doom from destroying...

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Kablooey in your face! 0

Who doesn't love a cute, and highly murderous, Rocket Racoon (who even gets this month's cover)? After being arrested and detained last issue the Guardians of the Galaxy are freed by Groot and immediately go on the offensive as Rocket Racoon, while questioning Tony Stark's manhood, take down an entire ship of Spartax warriors. Although Tony Stark has a bit too much of the quick quipping Robert Downey Jr. movie version of the character in him for my tastes, the latest issue is a hell of a lot of...

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Luke and Prithi save the day 1

Luke and Prithi disobey orders to save Leia and the rest of her squadron which somehow (it's not exactly well explained) they take down a Star Destroyer and entire flee of TIE-Interceptors. The result gets Leia a Bacta tank, Prithi a trip off the ship (which I'm sad as I really like this character and the relationship developing between her and Luke), and both Luke and Wedge immediate promotions. Even if some of the plot is a little muddled at times there are some great panels from artist Carlos...

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Then there was that time Power Girl and the Huntress fought a giant demon dog from Apokolips 0

The schizophrenic art of this series calms down a bit with a single artist (some issues have had as many as four) in a story that involves Power Girl and the Huntress searching for answers as to how Desaad was able to pose as Michael Holt and make a highly illegal hostile takeover of her company.Oh, and the pair fight a giant dog from Apokolips (which is interesting, but not as fun as it should be). I'm a bit mixed on Rocha's art, but will admit he does have a flair for drawing Power Girl in act...

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Shadow vs. Light 0

The Shadow comes face-to-face with the murderous new vigilante known as "The Light" and gets his butt kicked for his trouble. Unable to save her latest victim, The Shadow enlists the help of his entire network to find and stop the dual-katana-wielding killer before she kills again.I think this comic is still suffering from the recent change in the creative team, but the story has been good enough to keep my interest so far. I think fans of the character and series will enjoy the issue, but it's...

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