My favourite comic book characters!

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  • Yes, Peter has eclipsed Cap as my favourite character. I know. Slott does brilliant work but before that as well.

  • Grr...

  • he's an interesting character most of the times but is sometimes just used as comic relief. if written properly he can be a great read.

  • pretty much a god and the main character in one of my fan-fics. Plot-device Sentry was terrible but gave me a few ideas.

  • God of lightning. a great character to read.

  • post-annihilation surfer is a brilliant character and I'm looking forward to the rest of annihilators

  • To me, him slapping janet never happened. he's a great scientist and to me should be third smartest, right behind reed and tony (barely) they need to treat him as a damn equal. Hank's a great character and his avengers were brilliant!

  • okay, the whole winter soldier thing was freaking awesome! I loved it, especially the costume.

  • I wish they'd use him more, my favourite X-man ever.

  • a member of my new defenders, johnny should never had died. he'a great character and fun to write.

  • it's sad to see him become a jobber, Classic Dr strange could make most sh!t themselves and stood up to the title of sorcerer supreme.

  • Frank Castle, his back story is awesome and his stories are always wonderful