If I was writing - The Spectre T.V Show

For my first ever blog post I’ll be answering the question posted at the end of http://www.comicvine.com/news/fox-purchases-tv-show-based-on-the-spectre/143585/

My episode plot ideas for the first two episodes of the first season

(I realise some of this may make no sense, it’s really just a collection of ideas and some of them might not seem like they’d last for a full hour or two but there’d be plenty of breaks and added stuff inbetween the plots listed here.) The first season would run for 12 episodes at an hour per piece – Live Action.

Episode 1 – We are introduced to officer Jim Corrigan, working a case with his partner where they discover a murder, other officers arrive and Jim runs over to meet them, as he passes the camera we see a green cloaked figure in the background. The episode follows Jim’s life at he station, on the streets and at home, the cloaked figure appears pretty much everywhere Jim goes.

Episode 2 – Jim is investigating the murder that took place as “something just doesn’t add up.” He follows several leads, all while the cloaked figure follows him. After getting a tip-off, Corrigan goes without telling anyone and is shot and killed. Show him drifting in and out of consciousness from his point of view. He awakens in a pitch black place and the audience can only see him, a greenish tint appears around the edges of the screen and Corrigan talks to the spectre, Spectre offers him the chance to be his host and bring vengeance down on the world. Corrigan rejects his offer, and is taken to his own funeral, he sees his crying wife and child. Spectre again asks him if he wants to be the host, he again refuses. It then shows Corrigan’s killer at the funeral shaking hands with and hugging corrigan’s wife. Corrigan recognises him from the flashback when it shows his face when the gun goes off. Corrigan slumps to his knees and begins to cry saying that his family deserve more that the deserve vengeance. He then asks Spectre if he can be his host.

Episode 3-10 – The spectre would deliver vengeance by manipulating other things, not applying it directly. Sticking to the shadows and the inner conversation between Corrigan and spectre

Episodes 11-12 – The spectre appears inside corrigan’s son’s room and separates them both into two forms again. Corrigan sees photos taken of his killer and sees his son taking a gun from his drawer while he cries over a picture from his father. Corrigan starts pleading and begging his son not to go through with this and to put the gun away. His son obviously cannot hear him and continues, Corrigan starts shouting at the spectre telling him to stop his son from doing this, the spectre does not reply. The room around them then switches to an alleyway in a flash of light and Corrigan’s son is about to shoot his father’s killer. Corrigan watches as he pulls the trigger and falls to his knees surrounded by his victim’s blood. The spectre then asks Corrigan to pass judgement, Corrigan flips out and starts yelling at the spectre, the spectre remains calm and lifts his head where only glowing green eyes are visible through the hood and says “pass judgement. Does he pass or does he pay?”

Corrigan has no choice but to pronounce him guilty and spectre with a “So be it” puts his hand out and the screen turns black and white, Corrigan’s son dies and Corrigan holds his body. Spectre says to the weeping Corrigan “We only judge, we do not condemn” and the episode ends.

Thanks for reading if you have done! J