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The Biggest disappointment ever... 0

I say this not because of how bad the movie is. I say that because of how much potential the movie had. The first thirty minutes of the movie were quite amazing. However after that the movie began to decline. The Thing's line "Its Cloberin Time" near the end of the movie was amazingly cool. The villain was awful and not intimidating at all....

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Batman Begins 0

Batman begins is a loose adaptation of the award winning graphic novel 'Batman Year One'. Many of the iconic scenes from the comic carry over quite well like the police corruption. The origins/training of batman are also incredible. The flashbacks, jail scene, and training under Racsh al Ghul are all very amazing scenes. The movie can drag on repeated showings but in watching for the first time it kept me captivated. 10/10 i would recommend owning a copy of this movie as it is in my top 4 ba...

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Kong is King 0

King kong returns like never before. This remake has all the classic monsterness but also adds great emotional depth and hints of horror. Kong while quite small is amazing and from his first appearance to his heart breaking end off the empire state building I was enthralled. While quite long this movie is a near perfect adaptation of Kong...

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A smash'em up brawl full of fun 0

This movie presents a return to the King Kong mythos 12 years since the last movie. While not the master piece that the 2005 movie was this movie contains tons of amazing action and cool scenes. The plot is a little thin but works for this fast and loose movie....

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Wonder Woman ??? 0

This movie had nothing memorable. The villain (and entire third act) felt quite forced and dull. There were a few fun scenes but not much su stance behind the initial hype of Wonder Woman's first movie. The plot was also ripped directly from Captain America the first avenger (a much better movie)....

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When Ambition outweighs logic 0

This movie, while fun, has no solid plot and shifts the entire story for a rihanna cameo that made no sense. This movie had a massive budget and loads of ambition. However they never stopped to ask of this movie was even good. Once again a passion project blinded a director into making a fun but poor movie...

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Thor has arrived 0

Thor Ragnorok finally brings people the Thor they've been waiting for. The jokes had everyone laughing and the action had everyone wooing. The side characters also help the movie along with perfectly timed comedic moments. It may have taken three movies to get here but Thor is right where we want him....

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Justice League Review 4

While having good charecters and nice moments the plot and dreary villain drag this movie down. All the characters stand out and the end leaves hope for a much better sequel. Superman really steals the show and finally becomes the superman we all wanted him to be. The DCEU seems to be on the right track even if that took them 5 movies...

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Doctor Strange 0

This movie is a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is a great origin story for a unique charecter. Doctor strange perfectly blends the two fantastoc generas of magic and superheroes. The main charecter is likable and the villain is terrifying....

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Superman: The perfect movie 0

Journey back to a day where superhero movies coukd be light and slightly campy. This movie is the perfect Superman movie. Christopher Reeves is born to play the role of Clark Kent. This movie is a pure enjoyment to watch. If you want to kill a few hours fun movies then Suoerman: The movie is for you...

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A perfect end to a near perfect Batman trilogy 0

Return to the worl of gotham once more to see The Dark Knight battle his deadlist foe yet. Bane is a unique villain. There are some prpblems with the script but it is an all around amazing preformance. In this movie you will see the long awaited appearance of Robin. Robin is a cop named Jon Blake who has the heart of a hero....

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The best Batman movie of all time 0

This thrilling sequel to Batman Begins will keep you on the edge of your seat. The appearing villains are Scarecrow, Joker, and Two face. Heath Ledger's joker tops every viallain... EVER. He is cynical and you learn to never underestimate the impact a man can have. This is not some dumb superhero movie. It is a thriller with a hero in it....

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Xmen apocalypse 0

This movie is enjoyable. If you have spare time and want to be entertained then watch this movie. The plot is weak and way too many chatecters are crammed into the movie. Quicksilver and Nightcrawler are delightful and add a lot of pleasure to the movie. Cyclops and Jean Grey are awful. I hope that those two actors are not the future of the franchise. It is an over all enjoyment...

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Captain America Civil War 0

This movie is incredible. The action is amazing and the plot is deep. This movie was a thrill to watch. I will admit, to someone who hadnt seen the movies leading up it would seem like a mess. If you have seen the previous movies then you are in for a joy ride. I wanted the defenders to show up but that would've been premature. The plot has some faults but you should get the story if you pay attention...

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