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Widow Hunt Begins 0

Picking right up where issue 9 left off, the first half of the book details the events of what happened once the Widow was on board the helicarrier and the aftermath of her attack. The results were expected but still handled very well. The exposition between Maria Hill walking Bucky through what happened with the interchanging changing scenes of showing the actual fight has a great feel. This is a very heavy issue with major revelations that will impact Jame's future severely and Guice/Breitweis...

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Simply Amazing 1

There is a reason why Winter Soldier is my favorite title. This Broken Arrow arc has been an exhilarating ride from the first issue and this issue is no exception. If there was ever a story arc that could be turned directly into a movie, this is it. This issue starts up with Bucky and Sitwell searching for Natasha. As usual the characterization is fantastic as Brubaker shows the agony that Bucky is in as they look for any traces of her or Leo's plan. There is a lot of great action in this issue,...

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Fantastic Arc get Better 0

This is another fantastic issue from Ed Brubaker. The story continues to move at an accelerated pace as Bucky and Sitwell are trying to track down Leo and Natasha. It is nice to see some actual interaction with Sitwell and have his character built out more than the previous issues. Brubaker does a great job at showing how intelligent and insidious Leo truly is as pieces of his plan are laid out but we are completely in the dark of how it will play out.This arc is turning to be head and shoulders...

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