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Take advantage of your local library

I have seen people mention on this site that they utilize their library for books, but I don't think enough people take full advantage of this resource. I never did until recently when my wife took a part time position at our library to give her something to do while she is on summer break for her PHd. I had actually never been in a library that was not associated with a school I was attending.

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Most libraries are part of a larger network of libraries that you can pull from as well an even larger network in which you can perform an inter-library loan. My library didn't have a single tpb, but a simple search yielded a plethora of titles available. I have had a bunch of books that I have wanted to read but have yet to come across during a sale. So far, I have only started pulling books for Captain America, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, and Avengers as you can see from the picture. Utilizing the library to its potential will definitely save a ton of money as these are all books that I was planning on buying once I found a good sale as well as keep me entertained whenever I have to travel for work.