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In real life i am but a lowly aspiering artist who dreams to work in the comicbook world. I continue on my quest to get better at what i do and learn important comicbook facts like: what is spider-man's favorite shampoo. My parents describe me as an odd child, and my friends describe me as even odder. My hobbies include reading, sketching, playing mindless video games, and sporting the color camouflage where ever i go. my main comic love lies with Marvel comics; and whatever comicbook i can find in my schools library. my favorite comic books are x-men, wolverine, spider-man, new avengers, and deadpool! As an artist i will draw and color those lovable heroes. I will place them on my user account to share with those who read my portfollio. so i ask you enjoy and be happy.

Gary a.k.a Camodude!