let's get on track

did everyone forget about flash and aquaman,can we just hurry up and make things back to the way they were,i mean,ok i get it they are still young and their are only 7 members of the justice league in all,but hurry up,bring on the secret society of super villains,bring on kid flash,and raven,they still haven't shown these characters...but again it's too early to complain,but come on...i really don't like these justice league issues,before they were easily the most powerful team,now they are just...meh


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now it seems like they are just adolescents arguing over each other all the team (and as much as i hate to say it) green lantern is right,batman is utterly useless.

before i can easily say that the justice league was the most powerful team,now i can't,now it seems like stormwatch is.

and what about all the buildup,and what about all the arcs and the dangerous villains,and the buildup....what about the secret society of super villains,etc,can they hurry up with bringing that...i mean,i know we are getting to that,even the characters are 23 and they are bringing in cheetah soon,and it said she is one of the biggest threats to the dcu,but seriously come on,what about all those blood pumping story arcs that make me say,yeah dc is bad@$$,now i can't see those,even the darkseid epidemic was lame and boring,he didn't even really seem like a threat.

The crime syndicate and justice lords don't seem like a threat either,and the secret society of supervillains (lex luthor,joker,black adam,ra's al ghul,black manta) should be the main justice league villains,but i doubt it...well as long as things get back to the way they were supposed to be,than i'm ok.

i want things to be normal again,and i don't want helspont to be one of the main villains or big threats...and again,now i think that the only way the justice league can take down the wildcats or stormwatch is through PIS...what happened to most powerful teams,when can they be adults and not kids,and when are they gonna grow extremely huge to more than 7 members,now darkseid doesn't even seem like a big threat,honestly,what happened to the omega,anti-life equation-searching darkseid...this one is just lame,we never even saw granny goodness or the female furies,etc.

i don't know,i just want things to be the same,and the justice league art looks like cartoon drawings,i know their not supposed to be realistic,and maybe it's too early to rant since they haven't even brought in most of these characters,and they are still in their 20's.....so we will wait,but i hope lex is still a big business man in new 52...but they are JUST bringing in cheetah later,and they said "one of the biggest threats to the dcu",so i guess i am getting what i want,but i have to wait and see,but deathstroke looks stupid,go with his concept and make him one of the secret society of super villains members,PLEASE!

you should get a concept of what i'm saying,i want things to get back to the way they were...for example,the big threats seem like baby threats now,like amazo,and i want the old teams,and i want the society (of supervillains)...and make the justice league how they were already,stop making them be 22 year olds.

And for 1 thing,nobody even notices flash and aquaman on the team,they just stand there

i see things building up,but i want things back to normal faster,and the justice league to stop being 20 year olds,seriously,i know we are getting there,but hurry up man,why do we have to wait like 1-2 months just for 1 comic,things are getting off at a really slow pace...by the time we get to the league that i want than i may be an old man

and for characters like red tornado and captain atom,i think it will be better if they were part of the league...i think some things were better pre-flashpoint......

and what about characters like red volcano,and t.o morrow,and can someone explain what earth 2 is,i really don't like new 52,i like pre flashpoint......the only thing i like about new 52 are the new characters and the new costumes,but almost everything else,i hate.