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Another Fun Brawl 0

I'd be perfectly happy if Supergirl continued trucking right along in the vein of its first two issues; that is, with Kara just randomly getting into a brawl with a new opponent each month. That's not exactly conducive to great plot or character development, but so far this series has been incredibly fun, and I really hope it keeps its momentum up.This month, Kara takes on Superman, who unlike the mechs she faced off against in the first issue, actually provides her with a bit of a challenge. Of...

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Questions of Identity 0

Batwoman #2 is a great comic, but it's not great in a way that's particularly easy to communicate. It's not a spectacle, there are no huge reveals or shocking cliffhangers, and the art and writing are not really better from moment to moment than they were last month. What makes this book such a joy to read is how J.H. Williams and W. Haden Blackman are allowing the story they're telling to unfold naturally, in a way that doesn't lend itself to hyperbolic praise.Particularly interesting so far is...

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And They Kept Falling 0

I've always loved the premise of Suicide Squad--a group of hard-luck villains being given an extremely deadly shot at redemption just overflows with great writing possibilities. When the first issue ended with the new team being dropped out of a plane and told to kill everyone in a football stadium, I was looking forward to seeing how this incarnation of the Squad would develop in the face of Amanda Waller's ridiculous orders.What a difference a month makes. The second issue of Suicide Squad is ...

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More Batman, Less Bruce 0

Detective Comics #2 can only be described as erratic, ranging wildly in quality from pretty good to terrible. When I had finished reading it, I felt like it more or less balanced out, but after a great start last month, I was hoping for a lot more.Issue #1 of the relaunched Detective Comics was a great Batman story with a surprising cliff-hanger ending. This issue we start with some scenes with Bruce Wayne out of costume, and they're hard to endure. The opening scene of Bruce having a business m...

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Too Much, Too Soon 0

The first issue of the new Animal Man series was my favorite of all the New 52 #1s. Maybe my feelings toward the second issue are just a case of over-inflated expectations, but I can't shake the feeling that the events of this single issue could have made for a great three or four issue mini-arc involving Buddy and his daughter Maxine, who is now exhibiting powers similar to Buddy's.Let's get the positive out of the way first: Travel Foreman's art continues to be perfect for the horrific tone of...

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The Case For Aquaman 1

Aquaman shouldn't be an underdog. Not only is he wealthy royalty from a lost civilization, he also has superpowers. But far from being the man who has it all, Arthur Curry is more like a man without a country. He doesn't feel at home in Atlantis, but as this book shows, the surface world he wants to embrace and protect seems determined to push him away. As a result, Arthur Curry may have just become the most sympathetic character in DC's new universe.This first issue in the new series focuses le...

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Magical 0

Justice League Dark has intrigued me more than just about any other title in the New 52. The concept of basing a super-team on a handful of early Vertigo characters pushes my nostalgia buttons in a big way, and getting Peter Milligan to write it ensures at least a modicum of authenticity. Fortunately, only hardcore Vertigo purists will be able to find much to complain about in the first issue of the series.The main plot here is easy enough to follow: the Enchantress has lost her mind, and her ou...

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Diana's Horrific Make-Over 0

With the possible exception of Aquaman, none of DC's A-listers needed a reboot more than Wonder Woman. With her dated costume, somewhat silly name, and history of ridiculously fetishistic covers, Diana desperately needed a clean slate. That's exactly what she has been given, and while her costume only ended up getting a minor make-over, everything else here feels completely new.Cliff Chiang's art is the first thing to really jump out here. More than anything, it reminds me of Marc Hempel's brill...

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A Fun New Beginning 2

DC apparently doesn't want to bog down their New 52 first issues with a lot of origin stories, and that works to the advantage of Supergirl #1. This is essentially an origin story (or at least the first part of one) and it works as well as it does precisely because it's just what the rest of the New 52 has been avoiding.That's part backhanded compliment, part honest praise. Supergirl's origin, despite traditionally being just a reworking of Superman's own, has potential. Some of that potential i...

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Entrancing, But Imperfect 0

With DC launching so many Bat-centric titles as part of the New 52, it was a given that each book would need to quickly establish its own identity to avoid sinking. It's something that Detective Comics and Batgirl both pulled off, and now Batwoman has given us yet another unique take on Gotham City, with a supernatural mystery and J.H. Williams's gorgeous artwork. It's not without its problems, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the brightest lights of DC's rebooted universe.There's a lo...

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Can He Really Come Back? 0

Few concepts offer as much raw story potential as resurrection. Of course in comic books, characters die and come back to life all the time, but it's usually through some goofy retcon and the resurrected have little to say about their time away from this mortal coil. In Resurrection Man, we have a character whose power is to come back from the dead. I had hoped that by sweeping away the need for particularly silly plot devices to bring him back, this series could start to explore some of the fun...

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More Than Mere Rage 0

Red Lanterns was a book I never would have given a chance if it weren't being written by one of my favorites, Peter Milligan. It's not that I have anything against the characters or the premise; it's just that I don't have much of a background in the various Lantern mythologies, and honestly don't care enough to develop one. Red Lanterns #1 is definitely written with people like me in mind. It gives just enough background on the team to ease new readers in, and mostly steers clear of the kind of...

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Animal Magnetism 0

Animal Man has never been a character or series I've gravitated to, but if the first issue of the new series is any indication, things are going to be different this time around. Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman have made a great first impression, deftly combining superheroics, politics, satire and horror in a way that excited me more than any other New 52 title so far.As with most of DC's ongoing reboot, Animal Man is both familiar and foreign. Buddy Baker is still a liberal political activist wi...

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He Warned You About the Poetry 0

My enjoyment of Secret Seven is closely tied to my love of Peter Milligan's run on Shade the Changing Man, a fact that the second issue of this mini-series made impossible to ignore. Some gaps in storytelling are inevitable when you have seven characters with major personal issues embroiled in a murder mystery, a possible love triangle, and the wider events of Flashpoint. However, I have to admit I'm having a good time trying to imagine how Milligan would have filled them in given the time and s...

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Is This Lois Lane's Future? 0

There's been some speculation about what Lois Lane's place will be in the post-Flashpoint universe. It's too early to even speculate, but if the first issue of Lois Lane and the Resistance is a glimpse into the character's future, we have a lot to look forward to. This is an entertaining and well-written book that shows Lois to be a strong, resourceful character who can carry a series in the main DC continuity even without superpowers.The story starts with Lois and Jimmy Olsen covering a fashion...

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More Changes For Shade 0

Sandman may have been the superstar of Vertigo in its early days, but for my money Peter Milligan’s Shade the Changing Man was always where the real action was. Sandman was mythological, fantastical, larger than life; Shade was personal, a bad acid trip full of awkward sex, identity crises and poetry. Both series were great, of course, but Shade was the one that actually captured my heart.Geoff Johns must have agreed with me, because Shade is the latest Vertigo character to be assimilated back i...

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