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I can no longer spell Comics without Comic Vine. I've watch the website being a developed over the last months (at least two makeovers without counting with all the cool gadgets!) I've met cool people on the comunity; I read some nice stuff here and discovered a lot of new comic characters!  And I don’t even know how we ever survived without G-man and Babs’ reviews! - But it's time to go now.

Due to the lack of time I haven't been catching up the latest comics, and time is running out more and more! I'll be more focus on some personal objectives and projects, and so I won't be on the Comic Vine, not as much as I use to at least. I'll be visiting you guys in the next days, but then I might be some long time without appearing!

Just wanted to say a nice and warm goodbye to you all! – I wish you all the very best!