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    I agree with this was one of the best bits of the AvX event.

    BMB sure delivered with this one as did the artist. Kind of a reminder why they have their creds.

    I will go back and re-read it for I don't think I enjoyed a comic as much as I did. Then again The Marvel books I've read so far this week have been hitting it out of the park.

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    I for one don't think they had this coming. Hell I don't think this should have even happened to them.

    I actually really do see Cyclops actually believing that the Phoenix could be controlled, with proper training that is, not without risk but it was possible. Also the only other reality would have been to face fact that a cosmic entity like the Phoenix would destroy the earth. Hope being prepared was his number one priority and later keeping her safe. The only real flaw in his plan was that she (Hope) didn't share his conviction, thou that seems to be changing. Well that and the fact that the others of the Phoenix 5 could control the bird like he has. Cyclops after all is all about control, self-control.

    Emma is Emma! She does things her own way but her end game is, and has for the longest been, protecting mutants. She became the head-master of Xavier's school because when Cyclops had closed down the school as a result of Jean dying. Emma was determined to continue with the school on her own without Cyclops, if he so chose to. He became co-headmaster, not the other way around, lest we forget it was Frost International that financed the rebuild later with Worthington backing. She is weary of dealing with the Phoenix but stood with Cyclops because of his conviction.

    I love(d) Jean. It's sad that Emma & Scott get slammed for their telepathic affair when Jean was pretty much doing the same thing with Logan, for far longer. IMO that is one of the reasons Logan gets where Frost was coming from, they were in the same boat. It would be nice if Jean could come back and stick around this time. if for no other reason than being with her daughter and maybe finally have an honest go at having a thing with Logan.

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      I agree with you. That is not to say that I wasn't enjoying the main series itself but truth be told as I began reading the main book chapter six I felt weary of the entire storyline and sort of done with it. In terms of too many writers wanting to get their piece into the story.

      This infinite version told by Mark Waid was superb and one of my favorite moments of this event so far, next to Wanda showing up and taking Hope with her, and has come in time to keep me interested enough to give this event a chance.

      I wish that they would cut out some writers thou...

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      I like many others it would seem am not really feeling this cross-over. Where it not for the fact that Wanda seems to be playing a significant role in it.

      This issue wasn't so bad except for that indeed much of it was already given during the previews. I don't feel that Rodgers handled this as best as he could have. You don't just show up on someone's doorstep with a shield heli-carrier with Avengers and demand, assuming you want to prevent escalation, anything.

      Hell when Scott did something similar at the Avengers Mansion, as in demand Wanda come with them after her return with the Young Avengers, it was Rodgers who was acting the exact same way Scott is now. If for no other reason than that alone Cyclop's should have blasted Rodgers to some half-way point between the island and San Fran for him to cool off.

      I don't think Cyclops will however come out on top in this event. He believes that they all can train Hope to be able to withstand the Phoenix entity. The others disagree but I think what everyone is forgetting, except for Cyclops that is, Taking Hope OFF THE BOARD doesn't mean the Phoenix is going to just go on her merry way. It will chose a different host one who isn't nowhere near as prepared as Hope is/seems or will be. The previous visits it had chosen the Emma's "daughters" as well as Quire and Frost herself who while being very skilled Alpha telepath was quickly dying and would have died had it not been for Jean showing up when she did, whom did give Frost a heads up.

      I was however wondering where Cable was during this initial bit. He should be a game changer now that his techno-virus has been removed by Hope, which puts him back on Nate's level, an Omega-Level Mutant.

      By the way Nova is dead; Or more accurately Nova (Earth-616) is dead! This Nova seemed to have a different uniform which would imply he doesn't wield the vast bulk Nova Force, which can also be deduced from his interaction with Terrax in the Point One issue, which in turn makes me wonder which Phoenix is heading to Earth?

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        I never really followed the Fantastic Four until Secret Invasion tie-in's.

        I knew of the characters but where Millar drew me in with the Death of the Invisible Woman. it was Hickman who made me stay, from his first story with Dark Reign I was intrigued. Franklin and Sue were always my favorite FF-members.

        The run so far has indeed been one of Marvel Annual Events caliber, or at least what Marvel Annual Events should aim to be.

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          A Captain Marvel returns.

          Wouldn't surprise me since an alternate universe Nova crash landed at the beginning of Avengers Vs. X-men.

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          Incredibly well written piece.

          Like the others mentioned. It had every single element I would have needed to not only keep me engaged but also informed as well as entertained. Ultimately if approached with a sincerity it justifies ones initial reasoning or at the very least makes one question it.

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          This event is one I am not even going to bother following in the slightest, How many Events does Marvel need to dole out a year?

          A) 12 issues?! Oh please I that in and on itself is Marvel just cruising for a bruising. The likelihood of them rolling those titles out on time is unlikely.

          B) the premise?! didn't we just do this with the Scarlet Witch being the at the Center now it's the Phoenix Force i.e. Hope

          C) I like the Avengers I really do. but am I expected to believe that Hawkeye, Blackwidow, Captain America, (Beast / Wolverine), Iron Man Spider-Man and Red-Hulk to with stand a team which has Frost, Cyclops(arguably the weakest on their team), Storm, a Juggernaut-empowered Colosus, Magneto and Namor? Snap out of it. Even given each teams respective potential resources they could put in play. The X-men would lay waste to the Avengers which then would be the end of them. In short Mutual Assured Distruction

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          @xerox-kitty:  Agreed David is definitely one of, if not, my favorite X-scribe in terms of how he weaves the several aspects of his players.
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          @xerox-kitty:   I thought it fitting. because let's face it. I thought that was always implied when it came to Darwin and his powerset. I mean his introduction was him converting himself to energy to sustain Gabriel when they where hurtled into space by Polaris/Jean/Phoenix (I got confused by the retcon)  Then he reconstructed himself completely after Rachel separated him from Vulcan whom had become an Omega Level, therefore shouldn't Darwin also have become an Omega level mutant. So taken this path with him definitely made him more interesting in terms as a character to follow.