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My Top 25 Heroes.

This is the first list probably pretty much every viner does. It really doesn't need much of a pre-face here. It's a list of my Favorite heroes. Decided to stick to 25 so we wouldn't be here all day.

List items

  • The Dark Knight is My favorite hero of all time. Bruce of course is the definitive Batman, but I like them all from Dick Grayson to Jean-Paul Valley.

  • I had been reading comics for years before I finally ever got around to reading Alan Moore's "the Watchmen". That book sent me into over-haul in fanboyism. I whored out for everything Moore did the man changed my life and how I view the world. Dr.Manhattan just happened to be the character from that book that stuck with me the most.

  • I was originally introduced to Maxx back in the day when MTV was still cool and had shows like Beavis and Butthead, and Aeon Flux. My parents never allowed me to watch those shows as they considered them to profane, However that made me only want to watch them that much more. So I would pretend to go to bed and then stay up late and catch the re-runs after my parents had gone to sleep. One night I happen to Catch an episode of "the Maxx". I then found out that it was a comic book as well and was like "my parents never pay attention to what comics I pick up" so I just started reading the comics and have loved Maxx and Sam Keith ever since.

  • The Flash, was always a character I poo-poo'd when I was younger. I was like so what about a dude who runs fast? then when I went to High-School one of my teachers (a teacher I respected) used the Flash as an example one for a study one day. He then told me more about him and how cool Barry was. He showed me some of the older Barry stuff and Barry during Crisis. I was hooked.

  • I love Hellboy and BPRD. My favorite member has always been Abe, If you have noticed a trend in this list it's probably that I enjoy intelligent and well written characters. Abe is no exception.

  • Kamandi, is one of those characters that doesn't get nearly as much credit as he deserves. He is an untapped gold mine for great stories that have been left in the past. I really think given to the right person Kamandi could make a cool come-back.

  • I caught "Swamp Fever" going through my Watchmen inspired Alan Moore kick in my early teens. Moore's best work in my opinion was done on the Saga of the Swamp Thing. So naturally Swamp-Thing is on my list.

  • I don't really have much to say about "Invincible" other than he is what introduced me to Robert Kirkman. And anyone who knows me can tell you how much I enjoy Kirkman's work.

  • John is my favorite of the Green Lanterns. He is the Lantern I first read so when I think Green Lantern, I think John Stewart. I was introduced to him by my mother who bought me the "Mosaic" arc. She found the complete arc in a bin of comics she was browsing through while trying to find me a gift some years ago.

  • Hulk is my Favorite Marvel character of all time. Growing up picked on as a kid, with a lot of anger inside I found an outlet in Banner. Hulk just wanting to be left alone was something that resonated with me.

  • Beta Ray Bill impressed me the moment he lifted Thor's Hammer, and the fact the he bested the God in a game set by Odin. Bill has always inspired me, that with determination, effort, and the right motivation you can do anything.

  • Another Character I originally poo-poo'd. However I gave him a chance after a friend of mine gave me Green Arrow/Black Canary for Better or Worse. After that I needed no more convincing.

  • If you are a male and don't have Conan somewhere on your favorite heroes list... something went seriously wrong with you. Just kidding of course, but He is everything I have wanted to be but am not. Strong, Brave, and can make a Black Sabbath video out of his life.

  • Was never really impressed by Diana as Wonder Woman, But for some reason I connected with Donna Troy. Her story is a little more touching and a little more tragic than Diana's.

  • A more Violent version of Conan, written by Glenn Danzig of Misfits fame... What's not to love.

  • Manhunter again is much like many the others on my list with a few exceptions. He is very intelligent and well written (usually). Plus he shares a lot of traits with Dr.Manhattan. He is also a character that I think Alan Moore could have a field day with.

  • Became a big fan of her once Sterling Gates started writing her. She is a character that spent years in limbo as far as development goes. She always had potential to be a like-able character for me. And Gates finally did it.

  • My favorite X-Men. She makes the ultimate stealth character, and she has a pet dragon. I would love to have her powers and Lockheed.

  • Preacher is one of my all time favorite comics ever. And Tulip was the defining character in it. Always being babied by Jesse, she proves that not all women want or need protection. The epitome of strength and will. All while still being sexy.

  • My second favorite X-Man. Cyclops has ran a rocky road in life and love, and I can relate. I think that Joss Whedon really did him justice in "Astonishing".

  • Hal Jordan, the best of the Lanterns. Hal has had his ups and downs. But Geoff Johns gets him, and Johns helps me get him. Rebirth solidifies Hal a place on my list.

  • Another of Kirkman's characters. I love zombies, and I love Kirkman so of course Walking Dead is one of the best comics around in my opinion. And when you have a great grounded character like Rick. You almost feel bad for him... almost that is, until you realize you also like seeing people get "munched".

  • Another character with a lot of hardships and struggles. I love werewolves and I used to love the X-men. So Wolfsbane was a naturally appealing character to me.

  • Planetary, was one of the most original and inspired stories I have read. And of course you gotta respect the leader of the team.

  • Anyone who can order Bruce Lee around is a bad dude. Of course the Hornet is a bad dude. He is on the list isn't he?