Whatever Happened to the Radioactive Spider?

 What ever happened to the Spider that bit Peter Parker? Were the more of those? If he squashed it could it emit enough radiation to poison some innocent person just walking up on it? What if it bit some body else? Why did it not kill Peter? Why is Peter not radioactive? Why is his radiation not affecting those around him? Does he give a geiger reading? Should the Spider Come Back as A Villain?

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have you ever asked yourself these questions? have they been answered in comics? Do you have answers?

My Real Life Heroes.

#1. Yuri Gargin.

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Yuri Gargin, was the first man to successfully venture into space and orbit earth.
Imagine the courage this man had to have to strap himself into
a hunk of metal, and get shot off like a bullet into the unknown.

April, 12, 1961. This man changed the world.

#2. Lloyd Kaufman.

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Lloyd Kaufman, is a controversial independent film maker.Co-Founder of Troma entertainment.
Lloyd's films constantly push the envelope. Over the top, Gore, Violence, Foul Language, and Satire
run a muck in his films. Disregarding society's sets of rules and standards Lloyd shows us we
don't have to conform to be successful or enjoy life.

#3. Richard Dawkins.
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Professor Dawkins is in my opinion the brightest mind of our generation. Probably the most famous
Evolutionist since Darwin, Dawkins' intellect in science and philosophy is unmatched. With such great works
The Selfish Gene
The Blind Watchmaker
and my personal favorite
  The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution

#4. Alan Moore.
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What can I say about, the greatest fictional writer ever period. His Social commentary in literature is unrivaled.
The man is a master story-teller, and I doubt any fiction writer will ever even come close to what he's accomplished.

Adele's Unplugged Performance.

♠ Recently I was watching VH1 as I was laying down to sleep. Not something I usually do since the Music they play is not for me, I'm more of a Punk (Ramones, Misfits) Metal (Gojira, Dimmu Borgir) type of cat. But I hear the voice of a god as my eyes closed and the world turned black. I had to open my eyes to see who this was, it was Adele. It was her "Unplugged" version of her song "Rolling in the Deep". Her voice resonated with in my bones, never has a piece of music pulled me in so deep. She is without a doubt the single most talented Singer as far as I'm concerned. Take away the instruments and she will still blow your mind with just that radiant voice ♠
If you have never heard her check her out


MMXI questions and hypothesis'

recently ComicVine has seen an influx of MMXI solicits. They really make me want to start reading " Uncanny X-Men" again. Now mind you, let me pre-face this whole blog by saying that I haven't read any X-men stuff in the last 4-5 years or so, the reason why Is every time I pick up a new Uncanny X-Men arc I am immediately turned off by the writing. I think the last one I read that I enjoyed was X-Force Sex and Violence and that was still not extremely good, but it was tolerable. Anyway my point is when going through these solicits I don't really have any sort of frame of reference. It is mostly just crack ideas and theories. But lets get started.
the first one I'm going to address is this one.

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Now we see that Cyclops' visor has been sliced into four pieces, the most clear indication of Cyclops' demise is that Wolverine has done something very unsavory to Scott. The Caption also says "I Will Not Let Him Divide Us", Now does that mean that Wolverine is finally going to make a stand against Scott? I haven't read much X-Men lately as I said, but from the forums here I have gathered that under fractions run Scott has been a pretty big asshole (correct me if I'm wrong)? Now of course Emma Frost is with Scott so if something happens to Scott wouldn't she defend him?... that brings us to our next Solicit.

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In this one Colossus is putting on Juggernaut's helmet (which can defend against high level telepaths), and the caption reads "I will do what needs to be done". Which to me indicates that Colossus is going to do something he wouldn't normally do like perhaps Kill or Harm a certain Woman with telepathic abilities... hence the Helmet. Maybe when something happens to Cyke this sends Emma into a fit, or Maybe Cyke and Emma were already doing something bad and Wolverine and Colossus take them out.
But as for the latter image. G-Man also wrote an article recently called " Professor X's Secret Agents" his latest Off My Mind. In it he reminds us how underhanded the Professor can be. And Maybe Colossus finds out about his deception and turns on Xavier (although the more I think, about it the more likely the first option is). Also what if Emma and Cyke are actually in the right and go up against the good Professor, Only to be thwarted by Xavier's team.
Well these images certainly raise a lot of questions and interests with me. Maybe one of you out there who know more about what has been going on in the X-Men's lives than me has some better hypothesis. and can explain why I'm guessing wrong or right.

Collecting vs Reading.

I often hear someone say I "collect" comics... this has always rubbed me the wrong way. When I hear the word "collect" I always picture these people digging through bin after bin of back issues, looking for a #1 or a Finale, or a Crossover comic. Then once they find it they wag it home and bag and board it. All the while thinking to themselves "yeah, what a score this is gonna get me some big bucks in a few years". Recently Marvel killed off Johnny Storm, Killing off popular characters is something Marvel has done an absurd amount of lately (but that is another blog, for another time, that may never come because so many people have tackled that mess already). But back to my point Marvel killed Johnny and released the issue in a special poly-bag and such... this didn't bother me, I mean if you are going to kill a character then go big about it. But what was disturbing was the amount of people buying 3,4,5, or even six issues of the same copy. People made trips to multiple stores because some stores had limits on how many you could buy. And the only reason they did this was that they were seeing this as an investment. They bought all of these copies of the book not actually giving a damn about the story or art or all of the hard work that went into it. All the greedy little brain could process was the dollar signs. When people say I collect comics, I also get this dirty image of boxes of comics sitting in their house just sitting their not being enjoyed, just sitting there in dark long box full of forgotten pages.

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So these people that say "yeah I collect comics" I often never take seriously when talking about comics, Because they aren't really fans they are parasites. Like all of the people who flood into comic shops after the last big Superhero Movie. They come in spend a load of money of the latest in-character, Most recently it has been Deadpool for Marvel and Green Lantern for DC. Then the people that do this never show back up until the next cinematic opening so that they can seem "hip". This has always bothered me as a reader of comics. I read comics. I don't collect them. Do I have long boxes of comics? yes. But I have never even thought of selling them. So are you a collector or a reader?

Batman 3 and the up-coming backlash.

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I feel bad for Nolan already... I know some of you will scratch your head at that, but hear me out and let me explain. What Christopher Nolan did with the Dark Knight was cinematic lightning. And as we all know, Lightning rarely strikes twice, The odds of that happening are 1,000,000 to 1. And I'm going to predict what is exactly going to happen with the third Batman movie. It's going to be picked apart, and critiqued to death because of it's amazing predecessor. Everyone who watched Dark Knight will most likely watch the next one. And I can see it now, the fan-boy's pouring in droves out of the theaters in anger, shrieking about how it wasn't as good as Dark Knight. And this will happen regardless of how good the film actually is (im not predicting whether or not it will be a good film) all I'm saying is that even if it is. It will be hard for Nolan to have it live up to the spirit of the Dark Knight. Dark Knight was the perfect storm of success, the right director, the right cast, the right time. Also don't miss quote me, Dark Knight wasn't a perfect film. But it was everything a superhero film should be and more. So just telling everyone, when Batman3 is re-leased and everyone is beating it to death. You can remember reading this humble blog, from the man who has seen into the crystal ball of Gotham.
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