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One Film A Day

Hey guys, to be honest this is a rather mundane blog that I'm doing to talk about a project I suppose I'm doing. See I came to realize something shocking about myself...I tend to read cliff notes and Wiki/IMDB articles and summaries about films I have never seen. So I've decided with some of the free time I have this summer to start a bit of a promise to myself, to watch one movie I have never seen every day for as long as possible, pulling in my resources from a newly made Netflix Account, Various web sites, going to the actual theater, DVDs, and just my ability to get hands on films. I started this a whiles ago and So I'm going to list all the films I watched in this blog (I want to update this regularly) along with a review (Note everything I write becomes obsseviely long, so this is going to be a large blog. Might split it up into parts, I dunno.) . I hope to watch various films from all genres and styles, to get a good understanding of cinema. Suggestions are welcome, It's just I tend to plan each movie a day ahead. So anyways, here we go

May 3rd was The Hunger Games Going into this movie, I had heard a lot of stuff about the novels from various friends who all reccomended it to me, But being the rebel I am, my copy just kinda lays on my bookcase to this day. Anyways, the film truly was something new to the Teen Movie-Half Romance/Half Speculative Fiction genre that has dominated the box office since Harry Potter (Okay maybe that isn't a romance story). The film first of all is a smart one, it takes the approach of having it be almost two and half hours of film (and only about an hour of that is about the Hunger Games themselves) which in a world where kid's (and some teens) attention spans will only let them see something if it's under an hour and a half and is a flashy computer animated cartoon, I have nothing but respect for. The movie itself is very well told story, Jennifer Lawrence did a great job at a somewhat reserved badass protagonist, the Bow Wielding, Katniss Everdeen. Katniss is a character of courage taking her sister's place in the titular event showing what truly being someone's sibling means. Peeta on the other hand was a different character, the male side of the couple that WASN'T Katniss's knight in shining armor, and I liked that. My only real complaints with the film was that JESUS CHRIST WAS THE CAMERAMAN HAVING SEIZURE!? I mean good lord, these fight scenes would make me throw up if I were to see them in Imax, I didn't understand the need for the Shaky-Cam EVERY FRICKING time someone did something! and the other complaint is petty one, I just somewhat felt some of the dialogue in the first thirtiesh minutes of the film were just...Awkward. Maybe it was just me but all the back and forth seemed kinda awkward. Anyways, all together the film made me a fan and I give it a 8/10... Now to get to those books

May 4th was The Grey So THIS was better then I expected, and I expected it to be great. This is a rather gripping tale of Liam Neeson and some other dicks traveling across the Alaskan Wilderness after a plane crash, but soon they realize that all is not good as a large pack of viscous wolves have taken them as invaders, and the men must embark on a journey straight out of Jack London's nightmares. This film was almost an instant classic, as Liam Neeson plays the MacGuyver like Wolf Hunter that struggles to keep the hard and rough men alive in this Lord of the Flies like environment. To be honest, I love Liam Neeson with all my heart...but the guy can only play one of two people. Qui-Gon-Jin, or Liam Neeson. Yes that's right, His character In Taken, The Grey, Somewhat of a Batman Begins, and a few other films, are all basically the same guy. Liam Neeson. Now to the actual film, the writing of the other characters were not amazing, they were all the stereotypes you expected. The Nerdy-ish guy who doesn't know what to do, The critical asshole that tries to ruin everything, same old stuff. What I will give is that they focused on making Liam Neeson a not-mysterious character, with emotion filled flashbacks to his past family life and a former lover of his. Now let's be honest, if you're a action loving male like I happy to be, you probably came exclusively to see Liam Neeson punching wolves in the mouth, right? Well you get just that as the action in this movie (mostly around the men fighting wolves, and a few other miscellaneously eventful scenes), but even in more. I felt it was truly frightful how whenever the wolves came, I really got a bit of a jump scare type thrill from it. The film has this eerie and lonely vibe to it, and I love it for it. I give it a 7.5/10

May 5th was Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Let me start like this, I am not a romantic comedy guy at all. What I will say is that Forgetting Sarah Marshall, or as I refer to it, "That guy from How I met your mother being hilarious". This is something I could of used a month or two ago, when I essentially got replaced (in a MUCH crueler way) in my own relationship. This is the story of a young TV show musician, who after being dumped by the eponymous character, takes a vacation to Hawaii that goes both terribly wrong and terribly right . The whole thing was just a likeable movie, with it's funny bits. The emotion between it's characters are understandable, and reasonable, and the comedy itself is pretty good. Also, one scene that stood out is the self deprecating song Peter plays on the Piano, which only reminded me of myself so much. This is a great film that I can't write a lot about other then it's good for it's genre, at least in my opinion. 7/10

May 6th: S.L.C. Punk! Now THIS movie is my kind of coming of age story. Salt Lake City Punk is a crushingly realistic tale of what it's like to come up an outsider, live an outsider, and question if you can STAY an outsider. For the record just btw, I myself am NOT a Hardcore Punk at all, (I {sometimes} respect the establishment, generally pay what needs to be paid, and I've worn a T-Shirt, Jeans, Sneakers and a brown white plaid jacket that screams "I'M THE UNA-BOMBER") but that isn't to say I don't love the hell out of Rancid, Dead Kennedys and an ass ton of various other bands, It's just I don't sport the image myself. Now I will say this, This movie still got too me despite never living a day on the " punk scene", Which only shows how broad the movie is. The sad sucky part about rebelling in your youth is that you will conform, and that's what this film is about. Steve-O and Heroin Bob, our two main protagonists are the outsiders of outsiders, the only TRUE punks in Salt Lake City as opposed to the Posers, Rednecks, Nazis and various other tribes the two despise. The film has a problem of at points, dissolving down to being interconnected vignettes, which I like said vignettes, but aren't cohesively helping the story (IMO). Overall, for a budget of under a million dollars, this film is GREAT and worked well within it's restraints. I recommend it for anyone wanting a nice look at what it's like to be a Punk, or just an outsider! 6.5/10 (P.S. It's f*cking weird that Jason Segal is in this and Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

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True Brotherhood

(Just a quick little OOC Note before I Begin, Rocky Road to Dublin is on hold for now. Yeah sorry about that but I'll finish it up later. Second thing is that this post is part of a story Arc FALLENprophet has been doing, To catch up I Suggest you read the pages referencing this event in The Beacon and CV General Hospital. The characters besides Cain referenced in this are not mine (All credits go to their respective writers.), And Uhhhh I Guess that's all, So we'll be right back after these commercial messages.)

"Jesus Man...Wake Up. I'm beggin' you, Y'Sonnuvab*tch." The Irishmen was on his knees in the hospital room, His friend, A Fighter Named Alexander was lying comatose inside his hospital bed. The two had known each other for over a year now, They say the heats of war create the bonds of the strongest friendships, In this case this was true as many O time Cain had saved Alexander, And Alexander had saved Cain. He thought back at the bar room brawls they so frequented in their usual hangout, Loners Nightclub. He remembered the firefights that they with both dastardly villains such as Stahl, And true blue flag waving heroes such as Longshot. Men on the run, Misfits that weren't evil enough to go out and attempt to blow up the moon, But not moral enough to try to stop someone from doing something to someone actively. Well at least not Cain...

Alex used to live in The St.Cloud apartments in Martial City, And for a very brief period of time he was a sword carrying Vigilante, Cutting down anyone who dared to make the streets of the Living Playground a worse hell then it was, And still be at Loners by 10 To Clock into his job as Night-Shift bartender. It was rather strange how contrasting it was as Cain around the time Alex was doing something, Was off Killing people for the highest bidder.

Tears ran down the black-clad Irishman's face a bit as he thought more and more about the thought of his friend being lost, Or worse, Stuck here for eternity. Just the notion of it was like a dagger, Piercing through the Natural Born Killer's tough exterior and stabbing into his emotions as the jets of saline continued to pour down his face. His mind was filled with fear for once in his life, His throat ached in pain as he tried to get words out but he couldn't.

The Two were more then just friends, They were also in the same line of business, Cain had fond memories of the days both men were sent letters from the Now Defunct Fox Company, Led by a mercenary from another universe. A Traveler. That was also strangely Alex's prior occupation before this incident.

The duo were not just fellow soldiers and friends, But more important they were Family. Cain grew up with very little family besides his deadbeat father whom he urged to murder from the day he left Cain's household, Leaving nothing but a broken Assault Rifle and an empty bottle of booze. He did have family in the blood sense, But the O'Panell's usually hated each other, Only lending a hand when needed. Alex was in a similar situation, He was raised normally until the awful day he was taken away by the sadistic underground fight bookie known as the Ringleader. Every night he fought in brutal combat with his own bare hands just to get pitiful meals until he was able to make his escape, After the sadist's experimentation on him. The two were very similar, Both soldiers and fighters, But without a country. They were bullets without guns to fire, Rebels without a cause.

The men had a shared love, Not the kind you would get from your average romance between two people with passion, But a special kind of brotherly love. The one that beckoned out in respect for each other's skill in everything they did together.

Cain still sat there for an hour, Praying and yelling out to the dismay of the doctors, It was depressing to see such a man who was known for being determined to do anything and everything in his life laid there, An empty shell of a man. Cain had even formed a very brief truce with his despised an enemy, Longshot whom Cain was a prominent member of his rogues gallery, Just to get his brother to safety. And it all fell apart. His hands ran through his jet black stressed hair as he ran around the room with anger, Punching whatever was in sight. It was all interrupted as the center of the room turned to the heartbeat monitor of Alex, The machine that showed whether or not his fate was to be decided. Cain let out a loud yell of three words he was all too familiar with

"OH MY GOD!?!?!"

Followed by one panged, Tinging sound.



The Rocky Road To Dublin. Part Amháin

48 Hours after the events of The Lost One

"Lemme tell ya' a story, About the rent-house blues.." A Thick Irish Voice said in the Boston Jail, A Man, Garbed in a black T-Shirt, Jeans and a pair of wrecked boots, He was covered in blood, Cuts were across his face, A Rib was broken under his shirt, And a cloth was wrapped over his gut. He had a flesh wound inside it due to one particular archer. The cold windy night was strange, He had been sitting in this cell for about forty eight hours. Forty Eight boring, Restless and Crowded Purgatory-Like hours. He had begun humming this song, Until a man dressed in police uniform came by holding a stack of what some would say where comedically large keys. The man looked up to him and said in his urban accent ""You Mr...O'Panell?" The man in black nodded his head. "Yes, Yes I Am Officer Macmurphy." The Policeman shook his head "Oh Cain, What is this? The fifteenth million f*cking time ya've been ere'?" Cain laughed, Rolling his head. "Ha! SEVENTH Millionth time I've been here. How has Jared been? What about Lisa?" Macmurphy replied "Oh Lisa's okay, She hasn't quite ya' know, Hit puberty and went Nuts....Jared on the other hand.." Cain smirked "Hey, If Slappin' the good book into em' doesn't stop the little heathen, I'd be willin' to scare into em'..." The two both let out a hardy laugh "Alright Cain, Yer free to go." With that the cold keys twisted into the lock, Throwing the door open.

He smelled fresh air..He smelled Freedom. "Thanks! Bags on the left as usual right?" Macmurphy said "Aye, But I'm afraid ya' can't keep the gun-" With that Cain interrupted him, Putting two hundred dollar bills in his front pocket. "....Alright, The guns are the other bag, Hand this ere' to Johnny, And you'll get em' later." Cain smirked. "Alright, Thanks Man." Cain then got up and walked out, Grabbing the duffel bag full of all of his items. He had a deal set up so that "Johnny." would deliver the guns back to his house, And as such Cain dropped the note the police officer gave him to the skeevy delivery boy outside. Cain carried his bags, Was hoping to head home. He had his nephew James, Living with him, And he was a bit worried when he heard the call that his legal guardian "Was in the slammer." as he would say,

His eyes opened up as the bright street lights were new to him at this point as he waltzed through the urban ballroom that was the South Boston streets, He was singing a misheard version of that same song he hummed in his cell not but a few minutes ago. "One Whiskey, One Scotch, And A Beer. Well I Haven't seen my baby since I Dunno when, I've been drinkin' lot'sa Vodka, Jack and Gin. " Cain laughed, Despite being beaten to near death by someone who he thought was insane...He was having a pretty good day. "Gonna get high, Gonna get loose, Need me a triple shot of that sh*t. One Whiskey, One Scotch and one beer. Gonna get sh*tfaced don't ya' have no fear, I'm getting four scotches, Eight Jack Daniels, And twelve Guinness Beers.." Cain laughed as he finally turned to a small house on the left, This is where he had been renting out for the past few weeks. He stepped into find A Young Man, Dark Black Hair resembling Cain's, Sitting on the couch "Hey Uncle, I Heard'ja went downtown...And then you got out of Jail." Cain said somewhat annoyed. "Alright enough with the rape jokes...." Cain then looked to the phone "Did I Get Any calls while I Was gone?" James turned and said "Yeah, Most of em' were bills, But the last one was from some italian guy, He kept on mutterin', Was really excited. Said somethin' about "Shamrock." being spotted or some crap. Sounded like the damn spaghetti eatin' bastard was about to have a heart attack."


Just sh*t F*ckity F*ckity sh*t.

With the last words Cain's thoughts raced, His blood went from a normal calm state to as if it were as swift as a coursing river. As if his blood rocked back and forth, Violently against the rocks and ships that inhabited it, It felt like a never ending fight. His thoughts raced through his mind, As it if were a racetrack, Whoever was there had the strong winds blowing against they're hair. Struggling to keep they're eyes open, They are filled with thrills and adrenaline much like Cain. His heart beat against it's walls at enormous speed, Pounding and Crushing his chest, Hoping for freedom in it's extreme trials.


Cain's body just desperately wanted to move, To do something...To Kill something NO To kill someone. No amount of Vulgarity, Swearing, Cussing, Violence, Frustration, Fornication, Vandalism, Arson, Murdering, Masturbation or Binging could cure this. All of the methods that he had ever done in his entire life to cure stress...Were all of a sudden just that. Activities.

"HOLY MOTHERF*CKING SH*T!!! F*CK, C*NT, ASS RAPE C*CK...DAMMIT!" James let out a quizzical face "What? Uncle, What the hell's wrong." Cain began running around the house, Anger and Excitement at the same time filled him to the brim. "F*CKING SANTA CLAUS BENT MARY MAGDALENE OVER, AND F*CKED HER IN THE ARSE USING A CUCUMBER!! THAT'S WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON!!" Cain quickly let out a primal scream, Veins bulging from his neck and arms. He launched his fist through the window of his home, Smashing a hole into it. He was on his way to another punch when the young man jumped upon his back, Grabbing him by the throat "DAMMIT YOU STUPID MICK, STOP BEFORE YOU BREAK ALL OF MY SH*T!!!' Cain eventually fell down, Near blacked out as his heart suddenly..Gave up on escape. The treacherous blood settled among the wreckage and it seemed as though the race was over, And his emotions crossed the finish line.

He got up, Walking around the room, he began to calm as he had sadistic thoughts of what would happen soon. James asked with a sigh in his breath "Alright, Now mind telling me what exactly was so crazy about that message?" Cain said scratching his admittedly shaggy black hair. "Well..Have ya' ever asked yer mother about yer grandpa?' James said a little hesitant. "Yeah...And then she kinda just started screamin' curse words..Not that much like you? Runs in the family eh?" Cain said dead serious. His eyes like Dark Crows standing out in a corn field. "I Have been lookin' for yer grandfather for almost all my life..That Italian guy, He was my informant..What he said means that yer Grandpa has surfaced up again..." James just stood there, His mouth open and his eyes in shock. "...What...Whatter'a gonna do about it?" Cain laughed, Grabbing an M4A1 Off his gun rack. He loaded it as he walked outside in the moonlight, The pale side illuminating him. His black clothing stood out, As he jammed the magazine in. His assault rifle ready he said. His tone filled with seriousness

"Well Jimmy, I'm going to blow yer dumb grandfather's brain out..."