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Another issue, another butt kicking good time! 1

This issue takes place in China Town/Underground, with a very quick setup. Elsa Bloodstone, Misty Knight, and Annabelle/Valkyrie are investigating a monster incident in the area. With a nod to Big Trouble in Little China (Oh, I caught that reference), the gang eventually fights Ninjas and aliens!This issue also introduces, what I believe is another new villain created by Bunn (I could be wrong here) who is a legacy of an older villain. This issue also has a SUPER AWESOME GUEST STAR which I will ...

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Best issue so far! 0

I think this issue might have been the best issue so far. While being introduced to Hippolyta, we get some pretty decent exposition for her coming back to life again. The character interaction is still the best part of the book, and the team is starting to weave together. What is especially good is that there is a great sense of fun dialogue and play going on.Hippolyta of course steals the show, as she constantly butts heads with Valkyrie over Amazonian/Asgardian superiority/inferiority. She’s l...

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Pretty good. 0

This issue has two parts to it. The first part is all about Dani Moonstar making her entrance, and she puts up quite a show as she takes out numerous mercenaries. The action is quick and pretty great. I will say that the one complaint are that some of her poses are a tad bit off.The other half of the issue is Valkyrie confronting the All-Mothers with Annabelle and Misty as company. There is a reveal of a villain, and an appearance of another character.I think this issue was good, though I person...

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My most hyped book of Marvel NOW! 1

*SPOILER FREE!*I feel that it’s time I throw my 2 cents in on what I thought about the issue:Way back before Avengers and X-Men fought over a space chicken, there was a book that followed a book about hammers that fell out of the sky (Long story). To sum up the confusion, Valkyrie was tasked with the goal of finding 8 women of Midgard (or Earth for you mortal folks) and give them the role of Valkyries. This was stated at the end of the book FEAR ITSELF: THE FEARLESS!After reading that page back ...

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Really disappointing 0

I'm a huge Silver Sable fan, and that was enough to get me to buy this issue, but this just flat out was disappointing. Not only was the story cramped enough, but there was barely any room for the moments to breathe. Dr. Strange, Dr. Doom, a wedding, it was too much for an issue that should have been a sendoff for Silver Sable, and her moment was much too brief.I'm conflicted. On one hand, how many characters get send off issues? On the other, this felt horrendously paced. I mean, the book just ...

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Extremely overrated 2

Tell me if you heard this story before:"Two heroes get stranded on an alien planet, and realize that one alien side is in trouble. Another good guy insults the opposing alien race and is interpreted to a duel to the death in a battle arena, and a hero seems to be slain as a cliffhanger."Does this sound familiar? Like every Saturday Morning Cartoon tends to do? Congratulations. You know everything there is about this book.It may seem like I'm being harsh, but the amount of uninspired and downrigh...

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This book features the Science division of the (Real) X-Men (Of UTOPIA). As the team tries to help this company with their floating science facility, things go, of course, wrong.I'm a big fan of Dr. Nemesis, and I gotta say, this was a huge hit for me. He shines with almost every line being hilarious. And not just him, Cyclops trying to act for the PR, Danger getting very pushy, all the cast sings with vibrant personalities.Though I bashed on Wolverine and the X-Men for being too whacky, I feel ...

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Is Aaron on a sugar rush?! 0

This book is features the next step of Wolverine's first day of classes, and things...get really out of control. And I don't mean normal comic book out of control, I mean SERIOUSLY out of control.The GoodIce Man steps it up this issue. Which is good after years of doing nothing. And I guess the art does match the tone of the book.The BadAnd here I come, being the big mean critic.The book is a mess. There is TOO much going on and it's making the book far to zany for me to appreciate. We have a to...

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Decent 0

X-Men Legacy 258The conclusion of this space opera is here.The GoodI will say that this issue packed a lot of tension. The star looming ever closer was very suspenseful and I was genuinely curious how they would get out of this one. Kudos to them.The BadI think the art is just bland here. Muted colors, odd faces and just a confusing lack of unique physiques for the characters kinda made it hard to tell what was happening a lot of the time. That may be my other complaint, I really did not know wh...

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And now for the Controversal opinion 1

Avenging Spider-ManIf you haven't seen the hype for this, then you've done the impressive.The GoodIt was enjoyable. The writing is light and the art is very stylish. Which is what the huge draw of this book is.The BadI'm actually very disappointed because for four bucks, I feel like I got nothing. Remember that free pamphlet you got a while ago about this book? Congratulations, that was half that book. It ends a few pages afterwards. Not only that, but the plot just ends a very little is accompl...

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Enroll at the Academy! 0

Here is an EXCELLENT place for newcomers to get onboard the Avengers Academy franchise!The school has been relocated to the West Coast and the student body has expanded! How will the current kids react? In fact, what's that Dark Cloud in the Horizon?!The GoodGreat introduction for newcomers and continuation for the first class students! You get to know the kids pretty well, see what the premise is about, and are eased into the new setting. There's a scuffle between the Academy kids and Four Well...

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Kind of lacking. 0

The Premise: Three (technically 4, cause there's a one page story) stories that tell about Invisible Woman, Songbird, and Shanna the She-Devil. The Good: The Songbird story seems to be the best of the bunch.  With good artwork and solid narrative, it offers a feel good story.  It gives a good sense of her character in a nutshell.  Compared to the other stories, this is the most quality you will get in this book.The Bad: The other two stories are flops.  The Invisible Woman's fairy tale just came...

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