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All Girls Marvel Team series a possibility? Spread the word!

So if you read the end of Fearless 12, you would see the hints of a team being set up by Valkyrie with 8 other Midgard heroes. Now, recently posted by the creator of the book, Cullen Bunn:

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Followed by:

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So if a series with Carol Danvers, Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, Storm, or any other marvel girls teaming up interests you, SPREAD THE WORD! Tell marvel that you'd like to see this book get made! Cause lord knows it has me excited!


Thunderbolts ENDING and being Rebranded?!

I don't know how I feel about this!

I can confirm that Thunderbolts, the comic starring Marvel supervillains potentially trying to be better people, ends in May.

But in June there is a new comic. Also written by Jeff Parker. With issue number 175. And also issue number 176 – you know, double shipping and all that.

Marvel have asked me not to say what, and hey I’ve revealed enough about their Wondercon plans this last couple of days, so I’ll say fair enough. Let’s just say it won’t be a title you’re unfamiliar with… and just the title will bring with it all sorts of meaning…

Are they going to be erased from time? Will Songbird not even exist? GAAAAAH!!!


Words from Christos Gage about cancelation.

With all this paranoia about Marvel canceling comics, I think Christos Gage has some good words should be helpful.

Sigh. iFanboy has been good to me & they can write what they like (Daniel Day Lewis quote!) But my problem with this: that speculating a book may be canceled tends to make skittish readers stop buying it and retailers stop ordering it. So let me add:

Yes, sales is usually the major factor in cancellations. But the only book canceled that sold more than Avengers Academy was X-23...

...and I think that may be as much about rethinking the strategy of how to handle that character as anything else. (Purely my speculation.)

Look at X-FACTOR, one of the books considered in the "danger zone" by this article. It's been selling at this level for years. YEARS.

If a book is profitable, as X-FACTOR is, and it stays at the same level, canceling it is taking money out of your own pocket.

AVENGERS ACADEMY has been selling at the same level, steadily. Now, what's true is the books on this list can't afford to lose many readers.

So absolutely, if you like the books on the lower end of the Marvel sales charts, PRE-ORDER, and recommend to your friends.

I do think the "where does the axe fall next" mentality has a way of being harmful and a self fulfilling prophecy. So let's not go there.

To be clear I'm not mad at @iFanboy at all. I just wanted to inject a counter-argument before speculation becomes self-fulfilling prophecy.

I speak as one who all too often sees fans on message boards say, "I hear your book's good but I'm afraid it'll get canceled."

I got that a lot when AVENGERS ACADEMY started. "I want to buy it but books with new characters always get canceled"... which I say, if you WANT books with new characters, you HAVE TO BUY THEM! You vote with your $. OK, rant over. Back to work.


Get psyched for Avengers Academy!

If you haven't been buying Avengers Academy, you have been missing out on one of the best treasures that Marvel has to offer! But don't worry! Next month, Avengers Academy is starting a new Status Quo that is a perfect opportunity to jump onto the book with issue 21!

Why should you get excited? Do you like X-23? The Runaways? The Sentinel? Julie Power? Not only will you have this plethora of stars staring and guest staring in the book, but you'll also experience the team living in the West Coast Mansion, with teachers like Hank Pym and Hawkeye! And beyond the simple guest stars, you'll get to know the five new stars that have been capturing the attention of many fans for the past year!

And what is coming your way? How about a murder mystery of an Avenger, that puts all the students as suspects? A confrontation between Magneto and his son Quicksilver? Hank Pym finally meeting his grandson, Runways' Victor? And if that's not enough, how about a 2 issue rumble between the Academy Kids and the Runaways? Julie Power vs. Karolina, Striker vs. Victor, Molly vs. Mettle, Hazmat vs. Nico!

So don't miss out! Try Avengers Academy 21 next month, or give the previous issues a shot! The first six issues may start slow, but the book has been increasingly been getting better and better, with writer Christos Gage constantly listening to fan input! I guarantee, you'll won't be let down!

Avengers Academy 21
Avengers Academy 21
Avengers Academy 24
Avengers Academy 24
Avengers Academy 27
Avengers Academy 27
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Don't miss out!


The song that should end the Runaways movie.

You heard about the Runaways movie that has been pushed for a while now, which has been put on halt for the Avengers film right?

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Well, if the movie does come through, imagine it like this:
Flip open the last issue of issue 18.  Read the ending as they fly out into the night sky.  Then, this song starts,
Admit it!  You'd campaign for this song to be the end credits song!
That is all.
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Academy guessing game!

Here is a preview of some of the characters appearing in Avengers Academy at issue 21.  Can YOU guess who they are? 

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HINT: The girl with Tigra is a new character named White Tiger, so don't worry if you don't know her.

Next Marvel Movie?

According to a report, Disney wants Marvel to produce 2 movies a year after the Avengers.  So far:
2012 - Avengers
2013 - Iron Man 3 and Thor 2
Predicted 2014 - Captain America 2 and ?
So my question is, what do you think the upcoming years of Marvel movies is going to look like?
I'm guessing Dr. Strange will be around in 2014.  So again, what's your predictions?
EDIT: I am leaving out the properties owned by Fox and Sony.  So no Spider-Man Reboot, X-Men Second Class, etc.  I'm talking about movies that Marvel Studios is directly making.

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