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Project 500: Aftershock 1

Caveat Lector I was given the opportunity to write this review for Silkcut's Project 500, and jumped at the chance. I have a special relationship with this series of comics, they marked my induction into serious comic fandom. Before I picked up this volume I had only glossed the surface, the pablum of DC's vast and complicated continuity. But it came to a point where I could avoid the history no more, and so I picked up this volume and studied it over the course of a weekend. And I have been a D...

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wrapping it up 2

In Brief: Hal and Sinestro have a chat with the blue oompa loompas, where some pretty interesting things come up. The rest of the issue feels a bit like the end of a pilot episode for a T.V. show.   The Writing: After the action of the last issue this one represents a cool-down. Last issue was the climax of the story, this is the denoument, where everything gets tied up in a relatively nice package.  While Johns does just about everything well, he seems to be returning to his forte here. This is...

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Rumble in the graveyard 0

  In Brief: Hal, Sinestro and Atrocitus engage in an epic bout of fisticuffs, destroying a fair number of headstones in the process. In the aftermath Hal discovers something new about the Ferris family and has a heart to heart with Sinestro before the both of them get called in to the little blue principal's office.    In keeping with the whole spirit of this series of reviews- writing them based on the merits of the series when we take it on its own terms, and keeping the perspective of a perso...

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Creepy Uncle Hector 0

In Brief: Hector Hammond causes some trouble for Hal and Carrol, who have their respective bacon saved by Sinestro. Then Hal and Sinestro go on a little Atrocitus hunt.   The Writing: This is definitely one of those 'rising action' issues. It has more action than any other previous installment. This has the effect of gearing the reader up for the soon-to-happen conclusion. However, true to John's excellent writing style, the action is never un-motivated. Un-motivated action I would define as gra...

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setting up a tragedy 0

In Brief: Hector Hammond gains big-head powers and becomes an official pain, Atrocitus lurks about doing creepy stuff and Hal meets the greatest Green Lantern.   The Writing: Okay, so remember how last week was this slower, character-based encyclopedia of an issue? Well, we are kind of going along the same path with this one. Not a terrible lot of traditional action in this one. I mean, there are a few good explosions, but mainly this is another one of those issues where we meet great characters...

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An encyclopedia of characters 0

caveat lector- The other reviews that were done on this issue are fantastic, and this is not meant to disprove them in any way. Rather, as is the case with this entire series of reviews, is meant to remind possible Green Lantern initiates as to the quality of this arc as well as die hard comics fans of its timelessness.   In Brief- Hal goes on a trip to Oan bootcamp. Meanwhile back on terra firma Hector and Atrocitus start mucking things up.   The Writing- Okay, so far we have noticed how great ...

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what would you do? 0

In Brief: Trouble is brewing. First at Arden Air when Carol Ferris comes to buy it out, second when Abin Sur has some spaceship problems and the ring finds Hal. From there its pretty much Hal Jordan being human, having fun with a new toy.    Remember Hal's nice, comparatively ordinary life that was so understated in the first issue of this line? Well, hold on to your freakin' hat Mr. Jordan...  The Writing: This is one of my favorite comics of all time, mainly becuase of the writing. Let me expl...

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Representing the target audience 0

What do I mean by the target audience? Explanation- I have never read a Green Lantern title in my life. I have been vaguely aware of Lantern Lore for some time, being primarily a DC reader,  but it was never my forte. Parallax, Abin Sur, Oa, Poozers, these were words and concepts in my periphery. Thus, when I was browsing the local comics cache some weeks ago and saw this little gem among the trade paperbacks I picked it up. The title made it seem like it might be a good place for a Lantern noob...

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thrilla in... outer space 2

In Brief: Superman and Darkseid in a good, old fashioned fist fight... in outer space.   This wraps up the series of reviews on Superman/Batman Supergirl, in my opinion one of the great modern comic sagas. Speaking of this issue as well as the whole arc it is accessible, interesting, smart, beautifully drawn and masterfully written. Great holiday fun for the whole family.    The Writing: Loeb wraps up his final contribution to the Superman/Batman series he helped create in good form. Much like t...

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Batman vs. Darkseid... that is all. 2

 In Brief:  Three simultaneous battles around Apokolips as Batman, Superman, WW and Barda rescue Kara.  And my title lied- actually that is not all. There is so much more to say about this issue, it is kind of overwhelming. But here is a good place to start; concentrate, focus all of your mental energy on dreaming up an amazing comic featuring the superheroes that set the standard for so many in their finest form. While what you dreamed up is epic beyond all description, this issue at least come...

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welcome to the jungle 7

In Brief: With a little drama Superman, Batman and WW enlist the help of Barda to rescue Kara from Darkseid. Then its off to see the wizard.     Part four of the Supergirl saga, this is where things begin in earnest. Up to now, while the story has been interesting and diverse, it has all been a prelude- rising action to the narrative climax. In this issue, when the team steps through that Boom Tube onto Apokolips you get the sense that we are finally coming to some definite conclusions, and the ...

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Take a breather 0

Some fun in the Fortress before Kara, Clark and Bruce hit Metropolis. Also, Darkseid's introduction as the villain of the arc.  What we have here is a comic that slows things down a bit. When you compare it to the first episode in this series (I am talking about the Supergirl series in particular, not the whole Superman/Batman arc) this one moves relatively slowly. However, that is no reason to knock it. If all the episodes were completely action filled and homogenous by the end of the road you ...

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Hi there, Supergirl 6

Here is some honesty- I am not a comics expert. I often struggle with continuity issues, often I will find myself searching this site when I encounter a character I do not know. Thusly, this review will not be from the point of view of someone who knows the DCU inside and out. Rather, I am an informed enthusiast, a life-long fan of both characters if not always an avid collector of their material (though that is changing). So in reading this review keep in mind the author's point of view- enthus...

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