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Cadmus Liafador

Codename: Twilight

Alias: The Twilight Assassin (Public Given), The Godslayer

Age: 23

Birthplace: Vernazza, La Spezia

Height: 5'10

Weight: 175 lbs

Hair Color: Brown bordering on black

Eye Color: Blue

Half-Siblings: Jessica Liafador (Honor Avenger), Zeon Liafador, Chance Liafador, Samuel Liafador

Parents: Marcos Liafador (Deceased), Annabella Nussbaum (Deceased)

Comic Look: Deathstroke

Real-Life Look: Paul Wesley

Combat Look: Varies


The third oldest of the Marcos children, Cadmus was born to Marcos Liafador and a young german singer going by Annabella Nussbaum in Vernazza La Spezia. After Annabella telling Marcos that Cadmus was stillborn she left and vanished off of the map going to Italy. Growing up to not know his father Cadmus spent his early years with his mother and while the two were incredibly close their relationship was always incredibly strained by the fact that Cadmus always wished to know about his father. Annabella soon taught Cadmus the art of music as he grew older, hoping to have him grow up as a normal child with normal childhood wants and dreams. But trouble soon sought after the young mother and her Liafador child, and sect of beings calling themselves The Order Of The Iron Claw persued Cadmus and his mother. Little did Cadmus know that his mother was a former vigilante calling herself, which is what drew Marcos to her in the first place. For several months Annabella moved herself and Cadmus around Italy hoping to dissuade the Iron Claw. But alas even the strength of a mother can end...and she-fearing for her son's life sought out anyone who could help him. For almost a decade Cadmus would journey across the world harnessing his skills and perfecting his powers trying to learn how to properly fight and defend himself. When he was 15 he had finally finished his combat training in the mountains under the mastership of Tzi Schu when he picked up word of his mother. After spending several weeks tracking her he found Annabella under attack by Iron Claw members, though despite his best efforts his mother was captured and held captive for almost a year. Cadmus tracked and stalked the Iron Claw until he found the correct time to launch his own attack, though fueled with a drive of justice he killed no one. This backfired when someone that Cadmus spared killed his mother, ending their bittersweet reunion.

Deciding that sparing the lives of criminals was a mistake Cadmus began to seek out the best of the best to train him. Drug dealing assassins, Pimping mercenaries and the works. Trained to become a lethal killer the young Liafador was trained rigorously for several years by many masters to become a top-notch killer, but there was one constant about his training...None of his masters remained alive after Cadmus completed his training...if they were involved with any horrific dealings such as the sex trade and etc, Cadmus offed them instantly after his training was completed leaving a trail of death and blood in his wake. At the ripe age of 17 Cadmus sought out someone he had recently learned of. Seeking out his older sister Zeon Cadmus pleaded for her to help him, to let him become one of her Cardinals. Before she was the Matriarch...she was Cadmus' finest mentor. Zeon trained him away from prying eyes, no one knowing of their relation, not even Marcos. So after his training with Zeon and his time with the White Cardinals, he bid farewell to his sister and struck out on his own. At the age of 22, Cadmus met and joined the group called the Caste, quickly rising in their ranks, where he would then create the Godslayer, after a year with them Cadmus left the blade with them and set off on his own. Now at the age of 23 Cadmus spends his time as an assassin and vigilante hoping to one day run into the rest of his family members, knowing better than to seek them out due to Zeons wishes. Only a few people know of Cadmus' true relations.

Training Of A Former Cardinal (Courtesy Of Feral Nova)

Hand To Hand Combat-Due to his time with the White Cardinals and his training under his father, Cadmus is a lethal fighter, even without the use of weapons. He has mastered the arts of: Pressure point strikes, Silat, Muay Thai and other weapon-based combat styles.

Pressure Point Strike- in the field of martial arts refers to an area on the human body that may produce significant pain or other effects when manipulated in a specific manner. There are several types of pressure points - each is applied differently and each creates a different effect. "Pain points", for example, use tendons, ligaments, and muscles - the goal is to temporarily immobilize the target, or, at the very least, to distract them. Reflex points produce involuntary movements; for example, causing the hand to release its grip, the knees to buckle, the target to gag, or even for the person to be knocked unconscious. Most pressure points are located on pathways on the nervous system.

  1. Pain- Some pressure points produce pain when struck, pressed, or rubbed, depending on the point itself. These points are also referred to as nerve centers. While the distraction of pain might offer sufficient advantage in a fight or escape, the body also has a pain withdrawal reflex, whereby it reacts to pain by moving away from the source. Martial artists can make use of this reflex with minimal effort.
  2. Blood and blood pressure- The baroreceptors in the carotid artery are pressure-sensitive, supplying the brain with information to control systemic blood pressure. Pressure against this region will send signals that indicate that blood pressure is too high, leading to a lowering of blood pressure.
  3. Break- There are certain areas which are likely to lead to a break if struck effectively, such as the "floating ribs", the philtrum, and the side of the knee.
  4. Hyper-extension- There are joints that, when struck, can be hyper-extended and even torn. The striking of these joints is a technique which can cause permanent damage to one's opponent as well as cause shock damage. There are two types, as follows:
    -Brute force, which, when applied, takes advantage of the vulnerability of the strike point, usually a joint, thereby causing damage.

    -Golgi organ strike, a relatively gentle strike to the Golgi tendon at the back of the elbow, which triggers a reflex that immediately relaxes the tendon, allowing the elbow to bend more easily in the wrong direction. If this is directly followed by a solid strike to the elbow joint, then the elbow can be broken with significantly less effort than it could through brute force.

  5. Concussion- The brain is a sensitive organ which floats in a fluid (cerebrospinal fluid). The fluid itself is a safety mechanism that allows the head to take a substantial impact without resulting in the concussion, although such an impact could still cause permanent brain damage. However, it is possible to deliver a blow using artful techniques in such a way that even these protections can be effectively eliminated, causing disorientation or instantaneous knockout. The most commonly taught technique involves a strike just below the occipital ridge, at the correct angle, in the correct direction. Another well-known point with this effect is the chin or lower jaw, giving rise to the boxing expression a "glass jaw”.

Silat- a collective word for a class of indigenous martial arts from a geo-cultural area of Southeast Asia encompassing most of the Nusantara, the Indonesian Archipelago, the Malay Archipelago and the entirety of the Malay Peninsula. Originally developed in what are now Indonesia, Peninsular Malaysia, south Thailand, and Singapore, it is also traditionally practiced in Brunei, Vietnam and the southern Philippines. The style is typically marked with a lightning quick attack style designed to close on the opponents as quickly as possible, unleash as many attacks as you can within seconds and finish off with a blow to the face, throat or kidney. Silat is not a form of martial arts that focuses on honor and fairness and instead exploits weaknesses and favors fighting dirty. All Cardinals are put through a training regimen that involves building up their pain tolerance to be able to spar with each other.

Muay Thai- It is referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs”; and using eight points of contact the body mimics weapons of war. The hands become the sword and dagger; the shins and forearms were hardened in training to act as armor against blows, and the elbow to fell opponents like a heavy mace or hammer; the legs and knees became the ax and staff. The body operated as one unit. The knees and elbows constantly searching and testing for an opening while grappling and trying to spin an enemy to the ground for the kill.

Shurikenjutsu- the art of throwing Shuriken, or hidden hand blades. Shurikenjutsu was used by the Shinobi in feudal Japan. This technique is also formidable and feared in Chinese Martial Arts and in that part of the world, it's known as the art of Flying Daggers. Hidden, fast and precise... you don't know when the practitioner of this art will strike. A super deadly ability. In martial arts legends, thrown weapons, especially needles can be used to strike pressure points.

Peak Human Agility, Reflexes, Flexibility, Stamina, Strength, Durability-The members of the White Cardinals have trained for years to reach peak human condition. Each member of the Cardinal's does not go into missions until they pass a series of test that pushes the conditions of each man to their limits.

Escapeology- the practice of escaping from restraint or other traps. Escapologists (also classified as escape artists) escape from handcuffs, straitjackets, cages, coffins, steel boxes, barrels, bags, burning buildings, fish-tanks and other perils, often in combination.

Wudang Sword- Uses delicate techniques along with lightning fast movements. Wudang sword goes from slow to fast and soft to hard in an instant. Attacks can be straight-line or circular. Low postures are utilized along with high jumps in the air. It is this combination that makes Wudang Sword one of the most famous and sought-after sword arts in China’s history.The system consists of one sword form with six sections and 132 movements, a two-person fighting form, sword and Daoist fly-whisk combined form, “flying sword” techniques (throwing knives), and sword sparring.

Superpowers And Enhanced Skills

Weapon Generation And Mastery-Through the act of matter manipulation, Cadmus can create, summon, shape, manipulate, control, and use any kind of weapon or armor with perfect skill, whether it may be pre-modern, modern or even futuristic weapons using laser, plasma, antimatter or even more exotic ammunition/attacks. If it is a weapon or could be improvised as one, Cadmus is completely proficient with it.

Adoptive Muscle And Mental Memory- Cadmus is able to copy and mimic any and all movements and actions after seeing it performed once, including acrobatics, martial arts, and other physical stunts. With these skills, Cadmus became capable of learning even more martial art and combat styles. By combining several forms and movements in rhythmic motions instead of using the same thing over Cadmus has become a master of using this power. Though not being able to copy powers, his body is able to adjust to the world allowing him enhanced strength, reflexes, and combat speeds designed to allow him to keep up with any threat.

Superhuman Stamina- Cadmus possesses incredible endurance that is beyond normal human means. He is able to perform non-stop for several days without stopping.

Superhuman Agility- Cadmus'agility, balance, and bodily coordination are heightened to levels greater than any human being. He is able to easily get around on falling debris and objects without losing his balance or footing.

Superhuman Reflexes- His reaction time is enhanced to levels far beyond any normal human being. He is able to easily perceive the movements of bullets, and react to danger and events. His reflexes are enhanced to the point where he can dodge bullets from point-blank range.

Twilight Armor

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Cadmus pieced his armor together with stole equipment and advancements from Military's Technology Divisions around the world, in order to build and constantly upgrade his suit's capabilities. His armor is made of an artificially created metallic compound called Promethium, which is regenerative, very durable, bulletproof, & light-weight. So Cadmus can not only biologically regenerate from injuries at super-speeds, but his Suit is also able to regenerate itself, as well as his equipment which are all made of the Promethium metallic compound. Underneath the Promethium the suit is lined with kevlar to prevent gunshots wounds to Cadmus. The suit also has external plating surrounding the kevlar and Promethium sheeting to protect the Cadmus from extreme environments. It helps prevent point-blank fire, steel arrows, grenades, high-level impacts and intense heat. Fiberglass in the lensing in the eyelids helps Cadmus from debris or bullets in the eye range. Finishing it off the suit is lined with holsters to carry an immense array of firepower and offensive weaponry. It includes sheaths for a sword, grenade holsters lining the chest, knives in the boots and lower back, and a firearm in a hip holster. This doesn't always accommodate for the weapons Cadmus generates himself.

The Godslayer

The Godslayer
The Godslayer

{Crafted in the darkest of nights, under the sky's deepest shadow, Cadmus Liafador created the Godslayer}

History of Creation

At the age of 22 Cadmus Liafador found himself faced with an opponent he couldn't beat with his wit, his strength, or his skill. Confronted by a being who screamed divinity the newly christened Twilight Assassin went up against a god, and he lost. This happened more than once, with his blood calling to rank groups of divine beings who wanted a taste of the Liafador born in Twilight.

After numerous confrontations eventually Cadmus had enough, with the help of his teacher and master Ducran of the Caste the two used a combination of his reality altering abilities and Caste magic to craft a weapon more powerful than can be imagined. With this blade Cadmus was able to easily dispatch of the foes that had gotten in his way before, mythological monsters, Mages of Mystical might and extradimensional beings and beyond all fell to the might of the blade eventually earning the sword it's title and Cadmus the Alias of the same name.

Eventually Cadmus began to realize the weapon was actually drawing off of his life force the more he used it and it was effectively killing him, Ducran attributed this to the fact that he wasn't mentally ready to wield the sword, and the magic of the Caste was backlashing against him. After realizing that this sword was to much power for one person Cadmus asked Ducran to lock away the blade and never let anyone come in contact with it again, not even him, and gave her orders to kill anyone who tried.

But due to the rising threat of his sister Zeon Cadmus knew that if he was to confront her with the rest of his family he would need to be on evenn ground with the others, so with the help of his cousin Catalina the two traveled to the Alps where he once again reclaimed his blade, after slaughtering those responsible for pillaging his fallen home. Now once again one with the Blade Cadmus has once again resumed the responsibility of the Godslayer.